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Creative Flower Container Ideas For Both Indoors & Out

Do you want your flowers to look even more stunning than they already do? I’ll show you creative and upcycled flower container ideas for both indoors and out.

roses in creative Flower Container

I have a passion for flowers. There is so much more to arranging fresh cut flowers, or planting pretty blooms in the garden. Certainly, half the fun is coming up with creative and upcycled flower container ideas.

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Watering Cans

Grab a vintage watering can from the garden to show off your flowers. Add a mason jar or vase filled with water when your watering can is worn and rotting. As a result, this will help to keep the flowers hydrated.

Anything Galvanized

Using old and rusty galvanized washtubs is a fabulous way to display flowers and herbs.

lavender in a galvanized bucket
summer annual flowers in a galvanized tub

When planting directly into a container, drill drainage holes in the bottom of your galvanized tubs and buckets. Then, add an inch of pea gravel to the bottom to facilitate drainage.

These reclaimed galvanized containers are a stunning focal point in any home or garden.

Tuck your succulents into a repurposed turkey feeder to enjoy a fun and unique display.

roses in a Creative Flower Container

Long stemmed flowers look gorgeous in metal French flower buckets of all colors.

Vintage Garden Treasures

Old shoes and booties are such a sweet option for your garden flowers. They are certainly a unique idea that will make a statement in your garden.

Silver tea pots are one of my very favorite container ideas, and certainly add a special touch.

This antique silver trophy cup displays these blooms so beautifully.

brass vintage cup as a creative flower container for African Violets

You may have a wooden bucket lying around the house. However, look at how a bunch of lilacs bring it back to life.

Tool Boxes and Caddys

Tackle and tool boxes are perfect for showing off your plants and flowers. As a result of adding succulents to this old tool box, it’s now a perfectly repurposed piece.

vintage tool box with faux succulents

Grandpa’s wooden tool caddy is a creative container idea for succulents.

hellebores in a white ceramic pitcher

Kitchen Pitchers and Pots

I love the simplicity of using ceramic pitchers when I am creating a floral arrangement.

These lilacs are stunning in this ironstone pitcher. The white and purple color combination makes a strong impact.

tulips in a vintage enamel pot

Flower frogs and chicken wire are great options to put inside a vintage enamel pots to hold flowers upright.

wine barrels used as a flower container

Outdoor Garden Containers

Whiskey and wine barrels are a fabulous option for the garden. I use them for annuals, evergreen shrubs and herbs.

summer flowers planted in a whiskey barrel
cast iron mounted fountain as a container filled with flowers

This cast-iron wall mounted fountain is a dramatic focal point in the garden.

vintage bike with flower baskets

Add flowers to your vintage bike baskets. Make sure to line the basket with moss and fill with dirt.

doorstep milk box used as a creative flower container

Here I planted summer flowers in a doorstep milk box.

roses in a cast iron mounted fountain as a container filled with flowers

I hope you found some inspiration from these creative flower garden container ideas. There are so many ways to display your gorgeous flowers. Whether they’ve been cut from the garden, or planted in the container, there is no end to the possibilities. Thank you for visiting.


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  1. These are all so gorgeous, Kim, I don’t know which one to pin first 🙂 I love how you have such a great mix of materials and vintage finds. The plants and flowers in each container are so unique too. I just love it all! Hugs, CoCo

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