My Sensational Summer Shopping Spree for Vintage and Much More

Do you love hunting for the perfect vintage piece or do you just like to venture out in hopes of spotting an amazing find? I actually do a little bit of both. Come along as I show you the shops I visited and the treasures I found on my summer shopping spree for vintage and so much more.

vintage shopping at Saltwater Antiques
Saltwater Antiques

My Summer Shopping Spree

Summer has been all about the vintage shopping sprees for me this year.

I’ve really had good luck finding some great things at pretty reasonable prices.

Today I’m going to share the shops I visited this summer and the treasures I found.

Some places were all about thrifting and getting the best deals, while others were fun to shop, get inspiration, and pay more than I wanted to.

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Thrifting for Vintage

There were 2 places where I found some killer deals.

vintage shopping at The Bremerton Vintage Flea


The first thrifting stop was the Bremerton Vintage Flea Market. This is, and will always be, one of my favorite places to shop for vintage because there are always great deals to be had.

I love the vendors at this flea market as well. They’re open every Saturday from 10-4.

Here are a few vintage items that caught my attention.

vintage shopping at The Bremerton Vintage Flea

Are you looking for a special vintage sign?

This vendor has you covered.

I really loved Bob’s Big Boy. I remember eating there as a kid when I lived in Southern California. If only I had a place for these fun things!

Someone reading this must have a special spot for Mr. Peanut!

vintage shopping at The Bremerton Vintage Flea

This is a vendor that I always seem to buy something from.

vintage shopping at The Bremerton Vintage Flea

If you are looking to add a bowl or two to your Pyrex collection this vendor pretty much has it all.

I only have a few Pyrex pieces but these are too expensive for my budget. It’s still so much fun to look at all of the pieces though. I love all the bright and beautiful colors.

We had the avocado and white Spring Blossom Corningware growing up. Too bad my mom got rid of the set.

vintage shopping at The Bremerton Vintage Flea

I’ve definitely bought my fair share of vintage glass bottles from this booth.

copper vintage pieces

It’s always a treat when I find vintage copper pieces when shopping, especially when they’re priced to sell.

pewter goblets

As far as pewter goes, I have only purchased a pitcher but I found some really great vintage pieces like these goblets, plates, gravy boat, and a candlestick.

vintage shopping at The Bremerton Vintage Flea

Silver vintage pieces are always something I’m interested in. I got a great deal on the silverware, cups and teapot.

vintage shopping at The Bremerton Vintage Flea

I also found an ice bucket and some silver trays.

vintage green glasses

Last but not least, I took home this green glassware for future tablescapes. I’ve been looking for glasses in this color for quite a while.

vintage shopping at The Port Orchard Antique Mall


Next up is the Olde Central Antique Mall in Port Orchard. I found a few things here but I really had to search for them.

vintage shopping at The Port Orchard Antique Mall

They had plenty of Desert Rose vintage dishes available.

vintage dollhouse

Did you have a doll house like this growing up?

I always wished I had one but it just wasn’t in the cards.


Do I need any more baskets? Well…no. But they were on sale for $5 and $7. I couldn’t pass them up.

vintage shopping at The Port Orchard Antique Mall

I’m using this blue and white vintage piece for faux plants that will hang on the wall. I only paid $7.50 for it.

Shopping for Vintage

I think we can all agree that thrifting for vintage and antiques is the most fun! We all want a great deal, right?

But there aren’t many places to go thrifting in my area. So a lot of times I end up paying more for things that you would find less expensive at an estate sale or thrift store.

These stores have so many beautiful things and are just fun for getting a lot of decor ideas.

vintage shopping at Saltwater Antiques


I love going to Poulsbo, WA. every chance I get. And this is one of the reasons why.

Saltwater Antiques never fails to disappoint. I find so many vintage goodies to take home on every trip.

Here are some unique vintage items that are always fun to look at.

vintage shopping at Saltwater Antiques

They have wonderful vintage and antique furniture pieces for sale.

vintage shopping at Saltwater Antiques

A lot of times I find the perfect piece but know I won’t be able to fit it into my house. So I have to go with smaller vintage treasures.

vintage shopping at Saltwater Antiques


I absolutely love my new orange rusty vintage stool with rollers. Because I have bad knees and can’t squat or get up and down off the floor very easily, stools like this are perfect for me when painting or cleaning near the floor.

I’m loving the color of this wire basket and I just need to find its new home.

vintage shopping at Josephine's Mercantile


This is one of my favorite shops in Port Orchard, WA. I get so many ideas at Josephine’s Mercantile. It’s a really large space with so many wonderful antique and vintage pieces.

vintage shopping at Josephine's Mercantile

Whether you’re looking for an antique piece of furniture or a vintage ironstone pitcher, they have it all.

vintage shopping at Josephine's Mercantile

One of the things I love most about this shop is the way they display their items that are for sale. It really does give you great ideas and inspiration to take back home with you.

I have a thing for vintage wicker but do not have the room to bring some home with me. I loved the wicker sofa table and round table and took about 15 minutes to decide if I could find a place for them.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t.

But I did take home the cute white round wooden table to use for a nightstand in my bedroom.

vintage shopping at Josephine's Mercantile
vintage shopping at Josephine's Mercantile
vintage shopping at Josephine's Mercantile

Mid-century modern anyone?

There are plenty of vintage goodies to take home with you.

Here are even more examples of the pieces I wanted to take home with me but didn’t have the space. These are such unique vintage pieces.

vintage shopping at Designs Home and Gardens


If you are a regular on my blog then you have seen me share my shopping trips at Details Home and Garden before.

vintage shopping at Designs Home and Gardens

This is such a great shopping experience and there are some really unique pieces that are brought in quite regularly.

The owner does a remarkable job merchandising his vintage inventory. Every time I visit the shop looks completely different with fresh and new merchandise.

vintage shopping at Designs Home and Gardens

I love all the coastal elements that are here. They even had a coastal-themed tree here last Christmas.

vintage shopping at Designs Home and Gardens

In addition to the vintage pieces, Details carries other things as well such as candles, dish and glassware, cards, books and so much more.

vintage shopping at Designs Home and Gardens

Their selection of live plants and planters is incredible.

rod iron vintage table with glass top

I was really on a true mission for good deals on my summer vintage shopping spree so I only found one thing that I took home this time.

I am loving this vintage iron table with a glass top and have already used it on my deck and also in my living room.

antique car in Revival


This was a fun first-time visit to Revival PNW.

There isn’t much vintage here other than the pieces that are on display but it was still a fun place to look around.

shopping in Revival

I hope you enjoyed my summer shopping spree for vintage and more. I really have had the best time finding more fun antiques and vintage goodies for my home.

Leave me a comment below and let me know if there was a store you really liked here.

Until next time,

Happy Vintage Shopping!

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  1. LOVED IT ALL!!! The shops where sooo well done it would take me hours and days to go through! I would have bought everything you bought, and more! The best thing about finding good buys is that you can always gift a piece and friends and family love having something that reminds them even more of YOU! Congrats on boat completion ! I’m sure that wait was a hard one! Happy sailing!

  2. I can’t believe you found so many fabulous goodies, Kim! I am so excited for you. I literally stopped to virtually shop each space because there were so many fun things and displays to look at. Can’t wait to see where your stuff ends up. I love everything you brought home! Hugs, CoCo

  3. Hello!
    My name is Machele Cave, I have the booths with the white wicker and round table at Josephine’s! Thank you for featuring them and for your business!
    I was wondering if you could tag me to the blog post along with Josephine’s? 🙂
    My fb and ig is:

    Thanks for writing a blog that shows some wonderful shops!

    1. Of course, I will Machele. I LOVE your booth and really love my new white round table. Thank you for reaching out!

  4. You found osme cool stuff!! I love the desert rose dinnerware and that cute little bed is perfect for a garden! When I come visit I want to shop with you!

  5. I was hoping you said you got the green glasses & I love that giant Mr. Peanut…you have great stuff over there!! I didn’t have a dollhouse either, Kim!!!!

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