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Creating a Timeless Tabletop for Every Season With Fabulous Thrifted Vintage Finds

Do you love finding the most perfect thrifted pieces for your home as much as I do? Let me show you all the fabulous vintage finds I have collected throughout the years and use for a timeless tabletop no matter what the season.

vintage tabletop decor tea set and lilacs

When it comes to finding thrifted vintage, my favorite pieces to shop for are the ones I can use on my kitchen tabletop.

I do seem to forget that my 1600-square-foot house has VERY LITTLE storage space for my vintage dishes and glassware. But I always seem to find a way to create more room for them.

vintage tabletop decor

Take a look at some of the timeless tabletop vintage pieces I have found to create a timeless tabletop for every season.

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ironstone collection in black glass door cabinet

Thrifted Vintage Tabletop Finds for Every Season

Dishes and Glassware


When it comes to setting a table or displaying dishware on my open shelves, ironstone is my very favorite vintage find.

lemons in a scalloped ironstone bowl

I’m embarrassed to say that I had a garage sale 9 years ago and pretty much gave away a set of ironstone dishes, not realizing how amazing they really were.

I was just trying to get rid of things I didn’t use much. I don’t think I will ever get over that mistake.

scalloped ironstone dish and cover

My ongoing vintage shopping list when going thrifting is picking ironstone pieces that are more unique.

I’m a huge fan of ironstone with scalloped details.

red and white vintage transferware


This red and white set is the first of my ongoing transferware collection. They are perfect for Valentine’s Day and Christmas tablescapes.

I’m now on the hunt for both blue and white dishes and brown and white transferware. I just haven’t found anything offered at the right price yet.

Vintage desert rose dishes spring tablescape


There is so much beautiful vintage dishware out there for the perfect tablescape but this Desert Rose collection is one of my favorites because of the color scheme.

Desert Rose vintage dishes and bowls

How pretty are the pink and greens together?

I only have the dinner plates and bowls in the Desert Rose collection but am on an active hunt for more pieces.

CLICK HERE for the tablescape blog post.

ironstone tea pots and vintage cup and saucer with lilacs on the table


I fell in love with these cups and saucers the minute I laid eyes on them. How beautiful is the color?

Now I’m on the hunt for some floral vintage cups and saucers.

vintage glass jars with flowers on table

Tabletop Decor


Tabletop centerpieces created with glass jars and bottles are so pretty. And it’s very easy to find them for very little cost at any thrift store.

red and yellow tulips in white enamelware pot


It is so easy to make any type of flower look great in an enamelware pot.

Here I added chicken wire at the bottom of the pot to keep these spring tulips upright.


Vintage chicken feeders are a perfect piece of decor for your tabletop centerpiece. You can literally add anything to a rustic feeder like this to finish off your gorgeous table.

silver trophy cup vintage tabletop decor


Add a plant like this African violet to a vintage silver trophy cup on any table.

vintage tabletop decor


Actually, any vintage cup will do.

pewter pitcher with hellebores


When it comes to vintage pewter and silver pitchers to hold fresh and faux flowers, as well as greenery, you can’t ask for a more perfect combination.

vintage tabletop decor and forsythia

Vintage pitchers are my weakness. I always seem to bring one home after every thrift store or antique mall visit.


I use a thrifted galvanized bucket on my tabletop every season.

When filling the bucket with fresh flowers, I first add water-filled mason jars so my beautiful blooms stay hydrated. The jars also keep the flowers standing upright.

vintage tabletop decor with lilacs


How about pulling out a vintage quilt to use as a tablecloth?

This one is actually from my childhood and is one of my favorites.

vintage glass cabinet with quilts and blankets

I look for vintage quilts every time I’m at a thrift store to use as a tablecloth.

Coca-Cola red wooden crate and 4th of July tabletop


Vintage wooden crates are another great way to show off flowers and seasonal decor on your tabletop. This Coca-Cola crate is patriotic perfection for this 4th of July tablescape.

What vintage pieces do you like using on your tabletop? I’d love to hear how you use your collections when creating a centerpiece and place setting.

Make sure to leave a comment below.

Until next time,

Happy thrifting!

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  1. I love all of the beautiful ideas you shared, Kim. You have such a gorgeous collection of vintage pieces.

  2. Looks like we need to go shopping together, Kim, I loved everything you shared! I don’t know what it is about ironstone and transferware but they’re both getting harder and harder to find at reasonable prices. It’s like they’ve gone sky high lately. That doesn’t stop me from being on the hunt though. After all, you just never know what you’re going to find! As always loving and pinning your fabulous idea. Big hugs, CoCo

    1. Thank you so much for being here CoCo. I think that people like me that used to sell ironstone at garage sales are now becoming educated on how terrific they are to collect!

  3. HaHa, we have similar addictions. I have so much tabletop, and even living in a very large home I have part of the garage filled up. I bought the Desert Rose dishes from Ebay, they remind me of a very dear family friend from the 60’s who had a whole set. As always, your garden is looking wonderful and love looking out at the water. We are a little short on water here in Colorado, though we do have nice mountain views. The water is so soothing. Nice ideas here, thanks.

    1. I can’t tell you how much your comments mean to me, Jillian. Isn’t it amazing how much a vintage piece can remind us of a past event or someone from the past? I think that’s why I love these special pieces.

  4. I look forward to reading your blog every week. I just love how you put things together in a simple way that make me want to come in and sit awhile. Love it !!

  5. Kim i love all of your vintage table decor ideas and all of those pitchers!!!! That gray cabinet is gorgeous too btw! xoxo

    1. Thank you, Rachel. Every time I use my desert rose dishes I think of you and your beautiful green and pink spring themes.

  6. Always beautiful!! I laughed out loud when you said that you can’t stop bringing home pitchers…oh my gosh, me too…I swear they are multiplying!! It’s almost like I have amnesia when I’m shopping and forget how many I have until I get back home and can’t fit them in the cabinet because there are so many!! Enjoy your Satuday!!

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