Saltwater Sounds Weekly: A Week of Gardening, Spring Decor, and Boating

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This and That

It’s been an amazing week!

We started out with the most beautiful weather. The sun and warm temperatures motivated me to start getting things done in the garden. I’ve been working off my spring gardening checklist, which I updated and republished this week.

I also worked on spring decorating before we left on a short boat trip. More about that a little later in this post.

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Our trawler, Wildflower in Puget Sound

It felt like a good time to take a boat trip. We packed up “Wildflower” and headed to Bainbridge Island for the first few days.

posing with a frog

We ran into this frog pictured above while walking along the waterfront. It seemed like the perfect photo opportunity.

My dog Jax relaxing on the couch

It was Jax’s birthday yesterday. My sweet boy turned eight years old.

puppy Jax

Above was my sweet boy a few days after we got him as a puppy. This guy has brought me so much joy and love, and I am forever grateful to our friends Jim and Kim for finding him for us. I love being his mama.

The Bremerton Vintage Flea Market entrance

It’s been a while since we visited The Bremerton Vintage Flea Market.

The Bremerton Vintage Flea Market vendor booth

They have so many great vintage finds here.

I’m definitely dating myself but the “Corelle Spring Blossom Dishes with Green Flowered Border” pictured above were our everyday dishes in the seventies.

I thought the vintage “Fire King Milk Glass Tulips” pieces were perfect for spring but completely out of my budget.

spring greenhouse and garden pathway

Around the Garden and Greenhouse

I worked on cleaning up this pathway leading to the greenhouse. Violas replaced the spent fall annuals in the vintage bike basket from last year.

I spy little leaves on the lilac tree to the left of the greenhouse. Lilacs are one of my favorite fragrant flowers in the garden.

It was such a beautiful day so I left the Dutch doors open for some fresh air for the young seedlings.

inside the greenhouse with seedlings

The cut flower seedlings are looking great in the greenhouse!

The many, many varieties of zinnias are looking strong. So are the sweet peas that I just got through pinching not too long ago.

greenhouse and spring patio

Do you agree that the garden looks ten times better in the sun?

yellow daffodils growing in the cut flower garden

Here are the daffodils I planted as cut flowers for this year. They’re looking pretty good, right?

fuchsia tulips starting to bloom in the garden

And I was really surprised to see my tulips in the cut flower garden already starting to bloom!

I can’t wait to share the garden with you next week. I assume it’s changed a lot since we left.


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My Gardening Tool and Product Favorites

cottage living room decorated for spring

Around Our Beach Cottage

I wanted to finish decorating the cottage for spring. We had planned to take a short trip on the boat mid-week, so I worked hard to get all those bunnies out of the bins and in my spring vignettes before we left.

You know, the bunnies that I’ll be putting back in the bins after Easter next week! Good timing, Kim!

wooden bunny on coffee table

The good news is that I was able to take all my pictures and videos of the living room and kitchen before we left for our trip.

cottage kitchen decorated for spring

I’m working on writing a blog post about cottagecore spring decor for your viewing and reading pleasure next week. Fingers crossed that I can get work done between all the shopping, eating, and walking we do on our trip.

What I’m Loving This Week

  • I’m loving how these garden chicken wire cloches look while protecting young plants from all those hungry critters.
  • You can never have too much slug bait for the garden! And this is pet friendly.
  • I’ve been reading the gardening book my friend Stacy at Bricks ‘n Blooms wrote. There are so many great tips!
  • I’m getting so many compliments on this boxy denim pullover from Free People. It is so comfy and cute!
  • My FAVORITE candle fragrance of all time has been restocked for a limited time! Get your Fresh Roasted Coffee candle before it’s gone. I’m not kidding, I bought 14 of these candles when I heard they were being discontinued.

From the Blog

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‘Growing a Cut Flower Garden’ Series

Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive.

My Favorite Inspiration Around the Web This Week

There’s a kitchen island idea here for everyone.

This is the sweetest renovated pink manor house in Portugal.

Need an Easter brunch idea? How about this berry and cream cheese croissant French toast bake?

I absolutely love these dyed Easter eggs with old silk ties!

You’re guaranteed to fall in love with this Atlantic Beach home.

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This lazy girl’s Easter cake with thyme bunny ear cake topper looks amazing!

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Here’s a gardening guide to grow and care for Iceberg Roses.


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Wishing a wonderful week ahead,

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time on your trip. Happy belated birthday to your sweet boy Jax. He is just too precious.

    Happy Easter, Kim!

  2. Every time I see that huge basket you have, I drool! I absolutely LOVE it! You have a lovely blog…fun to read and see you home. Thank you!

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