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Welcome to Saltwater Soundsa collection of ideas, tips, and inspiration. This is where I share all that’s been happening in the world of Shiplap and Shells, what’s to come and the inspiration I have found from other bloggers around the web.

This and That…

Thank you for being here. In case I haven’t said it lately… I really, really appreciate you visiting the blog.

It’s the last Sunday of the month and I for one am very happy that we’re finally heading into March. We’re that much closer to spring.

My Sweet Lucy Girl

I had to say goodbye to my sweet Lucy this week.

She was 15 years old, so I knew it was coming but that never makes it easier.

She was starting to have many issues and the vet confirmed she had cancer and Cushing’s disease so I knew I didn’t want Lucy to suffer.

The house seems so different without her. It will take some time to get used to the new normal.

I put together a little tribute on Instagram and TikTok which actually made me feel better. It was a little like therapy. A lot of memories came flooding back, I even smiled a bit.

Lucy’s favorite things to do were…

  • sleep
  • sunbathe
  • kayak
  • eat
  • explore in the garden

She refused to swim and hated having to go potty out in the rain. She loved her brothers and will be missed. So much.

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The Greenhouse

I FINALLY sowed the snapdragon and yarrow seeds last week. Nothing has germinated yet.

I’ll be sowing all the other flower seeds in another 7 days or so. Then the greenhouse will be nice and full.

The sweet peas look great!

The geraniums are all starting to bloom and have really started growing again. I’ll start more cuttings this week.

The Garden in the Last Week of February

The crocuses and snowdrop spring bulbs are blooming. And the daylilies are really growing quickly now.

The primroses are back.

And here are the tulips in the cutting garden.

I just sprayed a deer repellent yesterday before the rain started again.

It’s been below freezing all week so I still haven’t planted the primroses, hellebore, heather, and pansies I bought weeks ago. They’re sitting in my carport right now waiting for warmer weather this coming week.

What’s Happening at Shiplap and Shells…

Here are last week’s blog posts and all that’s been happening at Shiplap and Shells.

Laundry Room Refresh – 10 Years of Before and Afters

I’ve refreshed my laundry room a number of times in the last 10 years. This post not only shows you the latest refresh I just finished but also the many changes that have been made to this space and all the “before and after” views throughout the process.

6 Early Spring Decorating Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

Are you looking for decorating ideas for early spring? I joined some blogging friends to share 6 spring home decor ideas that are sure to inspire and give you great tips to freshen up your home for the coming season.

How to Style a Simple Spring Vignette – Pinterest Challenge

February’s Pinterest Challenge was all about styling a spring table. Check out how I put my own spin on the inspiration photo.

Spring Candles from Antique Candle Co.

Did you know that you can buy a sample pack of candles?

This is always a great idea when you want to try several fragrances before committing to just one or two.

A sample pack is also a wonderful way to share a spring gift with a friend. I’m going to put little baskets together for my good friends to bring in the spring season with a candle, a small plant, and some other little goodies.

To see all the candles available for spring, click HERE.

And these succulents would be another great addition to my spring gift baskets. I found these at Costco. A 4-pack was $12.99.

Coming Your Way:

My new vintage area rug

March to-dos in the garden

Garden checklist for 2022

What would you like to see on my blog? Please leave me a comment and let me know.

My Favorite Inspiration Around the Web…

Jenn from the Everyday Farmhouse has created the sweetest wooden craft eggs that you will love! I really want to make these.

My sweet friend Mary from Life at Bella Terra shares all there is to know about one of my favorite plants, lavender.

My friend Michele from Vintage Home Designs has created the most amazing rustic Italian party. I am truly inspired.

Astrid from The Nordroom shares this little black shack, a beachfront cottage in Australia.

My good friend Rachel of The Ponds farmhouse is the queen of DIYs in my opinion. And she blew me away with this project where she paints flour sack napkins.

More Inspiration

Country Lane Farmhouse

These baked chocolate fudge glazed doughnuts.

Table decorations for an Italian dinner party.

All about green.

Mossy and woodsy spring inspiration.

These one-pan meal ideas.

This DIY realistic artificial plant.

How to pick the best upholstery fabric.

This yummy brownie lava cake recipe.

An Oldie But a Goodie

Small Bedroom Retreat Ideas for Spring

I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment and let me know what you’d like to see on the blog! Thank you for being here. It means the world.

Until next time,

Have a great week!

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  1. Kim, I’m so sorry for your loss. Our furbabies are never with us long enough. Our doxie is a year and a half and they have such sweet personalities.

  2. So sorry for the loss of your sweet Lucy, Kim. I know you will miss her. Your garden is starting to bloom and your laundry room looks so great!


  3. I’m so sorry about Lucy, Kim – sending lots of love your way! Love all your wonderful posts and your Sunday recap. It warms my heart to see those beautiful green shoots in your greenhouse – spring must be on its way! Take care my friend, and Happy Almost March!

  4. O IAM so sorry about you losing Lucy. She’s adorable. Our beloved pets just don’t live long enough. I ve always had dogs and love them. I have two Goldens one. One is 11. One is 5. I do believe we will have them in Heaven. The Bible talks about animals in Heaven. My heart goes out to you and my prayers.

    1. Oh, Linda, I have to believe that we will all be reunited with our sweet pets. I now have 2 childhood dogs and 3 of my own that I look forward to seeing again. I love the idea of Charlie, Mandy, and Lucy all playing together once again. Goldens are such great dogs. Charlie was a yellow lab, another great breed. Have a good week and thank you for your kind message.

  5. I am so sorry about Lucy. I watched your tribute to her on Instagram. I cried remembering also my dear dachshund mix Tempo Sally that I was so fortunate to have for 16 years. The only time they break our heart is when they leave us. Hugs to you as Lucy begins her new journey on the other side.

    1. That is so true Chris. That is the only time they break our hearts. They are such a loyal and loving breed and it was such a blessing to have her here as long as I did. I’m so happy to hear that you got to love your sweet pup for 16 years. Thank you for reaching out, it really meant a lot. Hugs.

  6. Kim , I’m so very sorry about Lucy. I know how much our fur babies mean to us

    I worry about Peanut but the vet says he’s not.

    Waiting time worrying doesn’t seem to be a great plan.

    I cherish every second with her and her brother.

    Sending virtual hugs. I’ll be thinking of you

    1. Thank you so much for reaching out Cindy. We really did enjoy every single day with her as I know you are with your two. Sending hugs right back sweet friend.

  7. kIm,
    I have tears again as I read your blog today. Thanks for sharing my napkins. I can’t wait to make more. They are so easy. Thinking of you and praying you are doing ok. It’s so hard.

    1. Thank you, Rachel. You are such a sweet friend. And I really want to make those napkins! They’re just the cutest things.

  8. I’m so sorry about your sweet Lucy. IT seems she lived a wonderful life and knew she was loved. Our furbabies are a special part of our hearts.

    1. Thank you, Margaret. I’d like to think we made each other equally happy. She will be missed but so happy to have such great memories.

  9. Kim, our pets are like our shadows and I am so sorry Lucy is no longer with you. Someone once told me that dogs have shorter lives so we can love many of them during our lifetime. It doesn’t make it any easier though. Sending big hugs to you. And thank you for the lavender shout-out. Really enjoy your Sunday post!

    1. Thanks so much, Mary. That is such a great way to look at it. I often wondered why they didn’t get to live longer. Hugs right back sweet friend.

  10. I’m so sorry to hear about your sweet dog. She had such a pretty face! I have two aging dogs and I can definitely relate.
    I wanted to let you know that I love your posts. Your house is so adorable! I was first introduced to your blog last year, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to sign up for regular posts because I love your style. Living right on the water as you do sounds like a dream.

    1. You have made my day Hilary. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate and love hearing that you like my blog enough to subscribe AND STAY with me, following along every week. Give your sweet pups an extra big hug for me tonight. Have a great week and thanks again for the love.

  11. So sorry for your loss. Lucy was such a special girl and I know how much you’ll miss her. The both of you are in my heart.

  12. Awe kim I”m so sorry about Lucy – what a long life she lived. I love that cute ballerina outfit on her. xoxoxoxo Thanks so much for sharing my table this week. Big hugs from NJ! xo

    1. Thank you, Stacy. She wore that at our wedding on the deck 9 years ago. I’d like to think that it was her idea, but I don’t think she appreciated it. But she loved me so much that she allowed me to dress her up occasionally.

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