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This and That…

Happy Sunday and thank you for being here on the blog.

The good news is that we’re currently in Athens, Greece, and are having the best time.

The really bad news is that the strong winds prevented us from going to Santorini. This was the place I wanted to go to the most so it hurt my heart a little bit.

This is where we’ve been so far…

  • Venice, Italy
  • Olympia. Greece
  • Ephesus, Turkey
  • Thessalonika, Greece
  • Mykonos, Greece
  • Athens, Greece

Next week we’re going to go to Zakynthos, Greece, Naples, Capri and Positano, Italy.

Our internet has been very spotty so I don’t have a lot of pics for you this week. The ones I do have are from our first stop in Greece, Olympia.

We toured the ruins from the site of the first ancient Olympic games.

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What’s Happening at Shiplap and Shells…

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My Favorite Inspiration Around the Web…

Unfortunately, I won’t be sharing any inspiring accounts with you this week because of officially being on vacation. Thanks for understanding!

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I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment and let me know what you’d like to see on the blog! Thank you for being here.

Until next time,

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a happy new week,

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  1. Kim, when my daughter went to Greece she couldn’t go to Santorini because of high winds too. Must be somewhat common? Your trip sounds just amazing. Makes me want to book a flight to Europe. Again, thank you for sharing your visit to Bella Terra. You are always welcomed here anytime!

  2. What a wonderful trip and such beautiful pictures – you look so cute! Reading this takes me back to our wonderful
    visit to Istanbul and a cruise through the Greek Islands. Enjoy!

  3. Fabulous opening photo! Your orange top…. Love it! I’ll let you know ahead of time when I need to borrow it. Think of it as the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Top”. What a shame about Santorini. However, it gives you a reason to go back!
    It amuses me when I read your words “Is there anything you would like to see on my blog?” My mind says “What do you know about flowers?” I’m one of those people who read the plant tag – how much sun, how much water, how far to plant it from another one – cross my fingers and hope for the best. This time, a little idea popped into my head! I know you are busy – maybe this could be a once a month thing… show us your town. On a nice day for picture taking you could go to some of your favorite cafe’s, shops, other people’s gardens, window boxes, etc. that have pretty flowers. You could give a short description about the place and what types of flowers we are looking at. That’s it. That’s my idea. Continue to enjoy your blissful vacation!

  4. Kim,
    I’m so envious of your trip. It looks amazing. We absolutely loved Positano Italy! The Amafi coast was breathtaking but I so glad I took motion sickness medicine for that drive. Lol. Can’t wait to see more photos.

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