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spring greenhouse pathway

This and That

It’s National Gardening Day! Let’s celebrate, flower friend!

April 14th is a special day to encourage gardeners and would-be gardeners to pick up a shovel, plant some seeds, and kick off a year of homegrown beauty.

Sunnycrest nursery
Sunnycrest Nursery

Visit your local nursery or garden center today, or if the weather is in your favor, put those gardening gloves on and get out in the garden and enjoy!

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annual flowers at the garden center

I was off to a great start last week. One of my favorite things to do is shop for flowers and that’s just what I did on Monday.

I went home with an SUV full of summer annuals and can’t wait to plant them in containers, hanging baskets, and window boxes around the garden.

tulips in the raised bed garden in front of the greenhouse

This is the last tulip picture I’ll share with you this year. It shows my tulips at their best.

harvested bright tulips

It was time to harvest them to make room for the cut flower seedlings that will be transplanted next week. I called all my local friends and neighbors to come and get what they could carry home.

The raised beds in the cut flower garden are now empty and waiting for new seedlings.

dahlia tuber clumps on tarp

We dug up and divided half of the dahlia tubers in the garden. Hopefully, we’ll finish the job next Tuesday.

dahlia tuber clusters

There was good news and some bad news as well.

Most of the tuber clumps fared well through the winter, even after several days of 18°F temps. I was really worried because that just never happens here.

But there’s an area in the garden that is always wet with standing water. Almost every tuber buried in that space had rotted. Needless to say, I won’t be planting dahlias in this space anymore.

white washed pots and flower frogs

This was a great weekend for gardening, but sadly, I woke up sick yesterday and had no energy to do anything in the garden. So, I’ll be celebrating Gardening Day in spirit.

I hope this is a short cold because we plan to go on our annual “girl’s weekend” trip to Palm Springs. Fingers crossed.


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  1. Great flower shopping! I enjoy reading your blog because you live in the PNW. I live in Woodinville and am going to Flower World tomorrow! I think it is finally warm enough to plant annuals.

    1. I love meeting a fellow PNWer! I bought more plants at Costco the other day. Now the goal is to try and plant them all. I hope you had a great time buying plants at Flower World!

  2. Kim
    You work so hard and your garden is amazing. I would have had a hard time harvesting those tulips. I wish I lived close by to take advantage of your generosity. Have the best Sunday.

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