Saltwater Sounds Weekly Wrap-Up

Welcome to Saltwater Sounds, a weekly collection of ideas, tips, and inspiration. This is where I share all that’s been going on in the world of Shiplap and Shells, what’s to come and the inspiration I have found from other bloggers around the web.

Saltwater Sounds Weekly Wrap-Up

Random This & That

I hope you’ve been enjoying your summer!

I’ve taken some time off to enjoy life, protect the garden from the triple-digit heatwave we experienced here in the Pacific Northwest, and celebrate the 4th of July holiday. It seems like so much has happened in such a short amount of time!

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Saltwater Sounds Weekly Wrap-Up

Since moving here, my favorite day of the year has become the 4th of July. Our community knows how to celebrate in a BIG way. Here you can see my greenhouse all decked out for the holiday.

Saltwater Sounds Weekly Wrap-Up

Each year, we enjoy watching the community parade as it makes its way down our street. Anyone who wants to participate can join in on the fun. There are vintage cars, fire engines, tractors (lots of tractors), floats, and people marching down the street, throwing candy.

Many of my friends and I watch from our deck and the lawn.

Saltwater Sounds Weekly Wrap-Up

We even have a band that plays next door!

Saltwater Sounds Weekly Wrap-Up

Here are some of my friends enjoying the parade in front of our home.

Saltwater Sounds Weekly Wrap-Up

In the Garden

After the record-breaking heat we experienced here (95-110 degrees for 3 days), we’re now back to our cooler, more normal temperatures. They actually seem cooler than normal for July, but I’ll take it. Seriously…I’ll never complain again about the rain either.

Sadly, my garden does not know what is going on with the temperature swing. Some plants like my dahlias and black-eyed Susans haven’t even bloomed yet.

Saltwater Sounds Weekly Wrap-Up

The good news is that most of my plants made it through the heat. A few weren’t happy at the time and have some burnt leaves, but I was pleased with the way the shade clothes I purchased protected the garden.

Saltwater Sounds Weekly Wrap-Up

My snapdragons, daisies, and hydrangeas are the show stoppers these early days of July. The phlox, zinnias, and cosmos are looking good as well. We just have a few more blooms we are waiting for, especially the dahlias.

I’ll be sharing a blog post next week showing you what the garden is looking like at the beginning of July. So much will change in the next couple of weeks.

Saltwater Sounds Weekly Wrap-Up

Have you joined my Gardening Tips & Tricks group on Facebook? If you have, I would love for you to post some of your garden pictures so we can see what’s happening where you live!

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Saltwater Sounds Weekly Wrap-Up

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What’s Happening at Shiplap and Shells…

Saltwater Sounds Weekly Wrap-Up


Do you worry about what a sudden summer heatwave could do to your plants? Here are 9 ways you can protect your garden from extreme heat and the stress it has on your favorite plants.

Saltwater Sounds Weekly Wrap-Up


Are you looking for some simple outdoor tablescape ideas for summer? I’ll share our inspirational picture for this month’s “Pinterest Challenge” with you, and how I used glass bottles, fresh flowers, and candles to create a beautiful summer table.

Coming Up on the Blog:

What’s Blooming in the Early Summer Cottage Garden

How to Attract Hummingbirds and Butterflies to Your Garden

My Favorite Inspiration Around the Web…

Saltwater Sounds Weekly Wrap-Up

My friend Courtney at French Country Cottage creates the most beautiful arrangements using grocery store flowers.

Saltwater Sounds Weekly Wrap-Up

My best gardening buddy, Stacy Ling at Bricks ‘n Blooms gives you a tour of her New Jersey garden in the early summer.

More Inspiration…

The perfect charcuterie board.

Repurposing last year’s Christmas decor.

A beautiful vintage dishware set.

Summer outdoor dining ideas.

A yummy summer salad.

A succulent tablescape.

Really good seasoned pretzels.

A summer cocktail recipe.

In Case You Missed It…

Saltwater Sounds Weekly Wrap-Up


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Enjoy your weekend,


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Saltwater Sounds Weekly Wrap-Up

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  1. It’s always so much fun to see what you’re up to, Kim! I love how your street celebrates the holidays. It looks like such a great time and I can definitely see why you would enjoy it so much. Hope your week has been fabulous and all good things have come your way. I can’t wait to dive into all your links! Hugs, CoCo

  2. Wow what a fun 4th of July celebration. I love community events like that – what fun! Thanks for sharing your garden tips too, what a great read!

  3. I always love reading your posts Kim. You’re so lucky to live in a place where the sense of community is so great and that you celebrate together. Your garden is looking amazing, as always.

  4. Oh KIm, what fun is that parade, and right by your house, what could be more perfect for the Fourth of July! That is perfect and so americana! I am glad you were able to protect your beautiful flowers from the scorching heat. I hope time int the bay kept you cooled down. Thank you so much for the sweet mention of my succulent tablescape! I hope your scorching hot days are behind you!

    1. The bay did keep us cooled down in the evening Chloe. But the sea life was dying and the stench was unbearable. So sad.

  5. Wow – that heat was something wasn’t it?! I’m so glad your plants all made it through. 4th of July looks so fun at your place – I love that parade and band! Hope you’re having a nice cooler week!

    1. I was actually thinking about you, Barbara! I know you were much hotter than I was. I seriously can’t even imagine!

  6. Looks like your 4th of July parade was so fun!!! Your snaps look so good! Now that I have the garden figured out i need to work on better supports for mine next year. The weather here was rough! Those hydrangeas are beyond gorgeous too! Thanks for sharing my garden Kim!!! ?

    1. Thanks, Stacy! The parade was a lot of fun! The snapdragons were the best flower this year. Nothing else is doing as well as last year. I think the 50-degree swing in one week was just a bit much for them. They’re used to somewhere in the middle this time of year.

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