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greenhouse and garden in the winter

This and That

Happy Superbowl Sunday!

Are you a football fan? Or maybe you just like the Superbowl party and commercials? Or are you doing something completely different today?

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Valentine's Day table

It’s going to be a busy week. Another holiday is almost here. Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday, with Easter close behind this year on March 31st. It seems really early, doesn’t it?

We have made it a rule to stay home on Valentine’s Day or we celebrate on another day when there aren’t as many crowds.

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day, or maybe Galentine’s Day? If so, how do you celebrate?

Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle

I had two girlfriends who had birthdays that needed celebrating. What better way than to have an afternoon tea party?

Fairmont Olympic Hotel bar in Seattle

Eight of us went to the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle to have afternoon tea last Sunday. I had never been, so it was a great experience, especially seeing the amazing architecture.

Opened in 1924, Fairmont Olympic Hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Fairmont Hotel tea service

The scones were my favorite!

Fairmont Hotel tea service desserts

And of course, the desserts were incredible!

wedding flowers

As we walked out to get our car, I caught a gentleman taking this floral arrangement from a wedding that took place the night before. Of course, I had to take a picture of the gorgeous flowers.

winter garden and dog

Around the Garden and Greenhouse

The garden has started waking up and I am so happy! So many spring-blooming bulbs are popping out of the ground.

daffodils growing in the raised bed cut flower garden

Here is the raised bed filled with daffodils in the cut flower garden. You can start to see the blooms turning yellow. It won’t be long now.

February raised beds full of tulips

Here is one of the raised beds of tulips. I don’t remember them being this far along in February of last year.

Because of the sunny Saturday, we had yesterday, I was able to get deer repellent sprayed on all the tulips so the deer wouldn’t be tempted to snack on them.

purple crocuses growing in the garden

The first blooming crocuses are an even more beautiful shade of purple this week. The hyacinths have even started popping out of the ground.

fuchsia hellebores growing in the garden

The hellebores are looking gorgeous in the garden. I love this color.

I have to tell you, being in the garden yesterday inspired me. I am getting so excited to be playing in the dirt again and cleaning things up after the long, and extra cold winter season.

winter outdoor ferns

I wanted to share this picture of one of my evergreen ferns.

Do you see how brown many of the fronds are? Well, I will be cutting my outdoor ferns back in just a few weeks so new fronds will grow back in their place.

If you want to read more about the process, you can read my blog post How to Cut Back Outdoor Garden Evergreen Ferns in the Garden.

My Gardening Tool and Product Favorites

The sweet peas are sprouting in the greenhouse after a week.

I have also sown yarrow, chocolate lace flowers, and strawflowers. This is one of my favorite parts about gardening and I can’t wait to keep you updated.

a beginner's guide to planning a cut flower garden

Do you want to download my eBook on Planning a Cut Flower Garden? You can get it here.

cottage style kitchen

Around Our Beach Cottage

I decided not to decorate for Valentine’s Day this year. It just felt rushed this year. I know I need to get those bunnies out soon for Easter.

cottage style kitchen

I’ve been focusing on making things cozy around here, especially on those rainy days. I love candle season. Antique Candle Co. has the best deep winter collection.

What I’m Loving This Week

From the Blog

Don’t you love how spring-flowering bulbs bring color and life back to the garden after a cold winter season? This guide will take you through the essential steps to grow and care for your spring bulb flowers, rewarding you with a gorgeous growing season… CONTINUE READING.

Are your outdoor ferns looking old and tired? This post will guide you through the best practices for cutting back outdoor evergreen ferns for the new season…CONTINUE READING.

Did you know that splitting perennial plants in your garden keeps them healthy and can save you money too? This guide will show you the process of dividing perennials, the right timing, and the benefits it brings to your garden…CONTINUE READING.

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Wishing a wonderful week ahead,

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  1. What a nice time you must have had with your girlfriends at that lovely tea! It looked beautiful! My husband and I are stay at home for Valentine’s Day people too! Your garden is looking like it is going to be ready to start blooming with beautiful colors in no time at all!

  2. Kim, I cannot believe your tulips are coming in….mine are still dormant as it has been unusually cold here. The hyacinths are peeking out, but no tulips yet. And my jonquils and daffodils are just now coming up…Go figure. Also I didn’t know about trimming evergreen fern. I know I have ferns here just not sure what kind. Will look tomorrow. That afternoon tea is so civilized. How nice. I’m not a football fan-just spent the weekend painting my art room!

  3. Kim
    Your tea party looks so fun. I’m gathering with girlfriends on Tuesday for a Galentines lunch. So fun. Thank you for sharing my Easter Eggs. You are the best.

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