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Create a Warm Winter Space by Adding Flowers and Greenery to Your Home Décor

Are you tired of the winter blues and need some help with your home decor options? I’ll share some of the ways you can create a warm winter space and brighten up your home decor this winter with flowers and greenery.

Create a  Bright and Warm Winter Space by Adding Flowers and Greenery: winter flowers and greenery roses in a vintage green container

It can be somewhat challenging to decorate for the winter season, especially right after the festive and bright home decor from the holiday season.

But you’ll be surprised by how much you can bring your home to life just by adding in some flowers and lush greenery to the mix.

Winter Botanicals and Gardens Blog Hop

I’m joining some talented ladies for a Winter Botanicals and Gardens Blog Hop, hosted by Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home. I know you will find so many great ideas and hope you’ll visit all of the wonderful blogs. All blogger links are listed at the bottom of this post.

If you’ve just come over from Debra of Common Ground, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. Debra is one of my favorite bloggers and I’m sure you were inspired by her winter botanical tabletop.

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Create a  Bright and Warm Winter Space by Adding Flowers and Greenery: winter flowers and greenery pink roses on a farm table

I LOVE bringing the outdoors inside my home no matter what the season.

My home decor is still winter neutral. I’m not going full-on spring yet. The birds and bunnies continue to be packed away inside their “spring” totes.

But I’m adding more floral bouquets and fresh winter greenery, both fresh and faux, to brighten up my winter home during the coldest months of the year.

winter flowers and greenery bright colored floral arrangement on bedroom table

Fresh Cut Flower Bouquets

You don’t have to wait until spring to bring beautiful flowers into your home. I went on a mission the other day to find some fresh flowers for a Valentine’s Day tablescape.

My local florist offered the most beautiful mix of tulips, roses, snapdragons, and eucalyptus.

winter flowers and greenery bright colored floral arrangement on bedroom table

Just adding a bouquet of beautiful flowers and fresh greenery adds the pop of color needed to chase away the winter blues. Am I right?

Create a  Bright and Warm Winter Space by Adding Flowers and Greenery: pink roses in galvanized bucket on coffee table


These blooms were the most gorgeous fresh-cut roses.

They were so beautiful that I spent an entire day taking pictures of the flowers in different containers. Don’t these pink beauties look fabulous in this vintage galvanized bucket?

Pink roses and candlelight in bedroom

I personally enjoy pink and white roses much more than the typical red roses for Valentine’s Day.

Create a  Bright and Warm Winter Space by Adding Flowers and Greenery: yellow and red tulips


Tulips are one of the most popular fresh-cut flowers during the winter and spring months and are more inexpensive than other flower varieties.

yellow and red tulips in sink

I bought these at the store but have been growing tulip bulbs in the cut flower garden raised beds for the past couple of years.

Now I can have tulips even when I can’t make it to the store.

Create a  Bright and Warm Winter Space by Adding Flowers and Greenery: yellow and red tulips in kitchen

Are you wondering how these tulips are standing so straight? Three water-filled mason jars were placed inside this vintage enamel pot to do the trick.

glass jars of tulips on mantel

Here are the flowers I bought for my Valentine’s Day table.

pink, white and red tulips

White, red, and pink…I’m loving this color combo. It doesn’t have to take much effort to spruce up your mantel and add a little cheer to your space during the winter season.

From the Winter Garden

I’ll admit, there isn’t much to choose from in my garden when it comes to cutting fresh flowers for a winter flower arrangement in the winter months.

But there are a few flower and greenery options you may want to consider growing in your garden in the winter for a fresh floral arrangement whenever you want.

floral arrangement on kitchen island

Hellebores or Lenten Roses are a gorgeous bloom to add to your home in the winter. I have several different colors growing in my garden this time of year.

This gorgeous arrangement is from last year and also has some Quince that I was force blooming and some yellow Japanese roses growing in my backyard.

Create a  Bright and Warm Winter Space by Adding Flowers and Greenery

Forcing Blooms From Spring Flowering Branches

You can enjoy a spring preview of flowering branches by cutting off branches of spring-flowering trees such as forsythia and pussy willow. Forcing branches to bloom early brings the bright colors inside and helps relieve those winter blahs.

winter flowers and greenery forsythia on kitchen table

Forsythia is my favorite flower to force bloom. There’s nothing better than that bright yellow color, and it only takes a couple of weeks to bloom after you’ve cut and added them to a water-filled vase.

Create a  Bright and Warm Winter Space by Adding Flowers and Greenery: cyclamen

Potted Indoor Plants That Bloom Through the Winter

Cyclamen plants are one of my favorite blooming live plants and are perfect for tucking into winter vignettes for a pop of color.


Here’s a tip I just learned. Don’t toss the plant once it stops blooming and loses its leaves. Water it every once in a while during its dormancy. As soon as the cool temperatures return in fall, the plant will come back to life after regular watering.

Create a  Bright and Warm Winter Space by Adding Flowers and Greenery: African violets

African violets are one of the easier flowering plants to grow, mostly because they adjust well to drier indoor air.

They like a sunny location, but the south-facing window will most likely be too hot for them.

winter flowers and greenery faux eucalyptus in a vintage newspaper holder

Fabulous Faux Greenery & Artificial Flowers for the Winter

I depend on faux flower arrangements and types of greenery to get me through the winter months when there’s a short supply of the real thing.

A winter faux greenery and flower option can be expensive when starting out, but so worth the investment in my opinion. If you spend more money on a better quality option, they will last for years and look very real.

winter flowers and greenery yellow vintage toolbox with faux succulents

Adding faux succulents to this rusty vintage toolbox is perfect for winter.

Create a  Bright and Warm Winter Space by Adding Flowers and Greenery

Indoor faux plants fit right into any season’s home decor. It’s not always that easy to find plants and lush greenery so this is a great option.

I rely on artificial plants, especially because I don’t have a green thumb when it comes to indoor houseplants. I think it’s because I forget to water them and move them around too much.

winter flowers and greenery faux olive branches in a white pitcher

The faux eucalyptus and olive branch options are so pretty, but it’s important to get better-quality stems. They can tend to look really fake when you buy the more inexpensive versions.

Create a  Bright and Warm Winter Space by Adding Flowers and Greenery: faux forsythia in basket

I’ve had these forsythia branches for years and they still look just as beautiful as when I bought them several years ago.

Norfolk pine

Transitioning from Christmas to Winter

You can keep those bare Christmas trees and garlands displayed for the first part of the winter season.

This Norfolk Island pine tree looked beautiful in my living room for all of January last year.

Create a  Bright and Warm Winter Space by Adding Flowers and Greenery

Small trees and bottle brush trees look great with some pine cones. Evergreen branches and fresh greenery are still considered perfectly good early winter decor in my opinion.

Create a  Bright and Warm Winter Space by Adding Flowers and Greenery: roses in Farmers Market container

I hope you’ve taken away an idea or two when it comes to creating a warm space and brightening up your winter home decor with greenery and flowers.

The Winter Botanicals and Gardens Blog Hop continues with Christy of Our Southern Home where you’ll find some beautiful winter floral arrangements.

You can find links to all the blog hop below! Be sure to visit them all.

Until next time,

Happy Decorating!

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Create a  Bright and Warm Winter Space by Adding Flowers and Greenery

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  1. Happy Monday! I’m so ready for spring as well. I have only one thing left that looks like winter in our home and it’s on the mantel. The weather man said we’d actually feel like winter next week so I guess it will stay for at least 2 more weeks but after that, I’ll be on to spring! Great ideas for energizing my surroundings. Love all the buckets of flowers. I need to get to the store (before/if we get a storm). I’ll need all that happiness because the gloom and rain really get to me. Hope you have a great week. Loved and pinned this post.

  2. You have so many beautiful options here. Roses and tulips are my absolute favourites. Where I live we grow hellebores and cyclamen outside in the winter. I was really excited this year to see my hellebores have self seeded. I’m waiting until they are a little bigger to transplant them. These are all such beautiful ideas. Personally, I love faux flowers as well as cut flowers to buy in New Zealand are really expensive. Thanks for sharing this. It’s given me some good ideas.

  3. Wow this post is full of so much eye candy! I love every single photo and all the tips you shared for decorating with fresh and faux flowers. Can I fly out to the PNW and stare out your nook window????

    Faux flowers have come a long way! I used to be adamantly opposed to them, but now they look so real and save so much time and effort. Insta-color any time of year! I am always on a mission to find the most realistic looking ones on the market. As you mentioned, they can be more expensive but so worth it! I ended up paying only $8 for that amaryllis bouquet at the consignment shop but I saw a similar one for over $100, so it obviously pays to check the thrift shops too. Pottery Barn has some gorgeous faux florals and plants. I watch the clearance sales and snatch then up when they are out of season.

    Thank you so much for joining the hop!

    1. I would love for you to hang out with me at my kitchen table. We could have a lot of fun! I am really lucky to have an amazing local home decor shop with the most real looking faux flowers. But you’re right, Pottery Barn has good options too. If you had asked me years ago, I would have laughed at the thought of having “fake” flowers in my home.
      Thank you for allowing me to join the hop. It’s been so much fun!

  4. Love you post Kim! Like you I’m trying to be patient with winter but so ready to move on to spring. I think I just need to add more flower arrangements like yours to get me through these cold months. Maybe I’ll start with soft colored roses in a bucket like yours, so simple and elegant! Pinning to several boards!

  5. SO many gorgeous blooms, Kim! I love your mantel. It is always a pleasure to tour with you! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. Oh Cecilia! I feel the same way about hopping with you my friend. Thank you for the sweet words. Have a great weekend.

  6. OKay, now I’m really ready for Spring!! your flowers are amazing, Kim. and you have such a knack for getting them in wonderful vintage containers. Wonderful photos as always, Kim. Those roses are just gorgeous, and I imagine the fragrance is also. It looks so springy there. We still have February and half of March with snow and cold temps, boohoo. Thankyou for the sweet compliment, xo!

    1. Thank you for all the kind words Debra. You had the most beautiful pictures on your post as well. Bottom line, I am ready to say goodbye to winter and start playing in the garden!

  7. I’m with you Kim on the indoor live and faux greens and florals. The fresh flowers you just got are gorgeous and I love those beautiful vintage roses! They all look perfect in your home. I’m so ready for spring! xoxo

    1. Thank you Stacy. Just wish I could bring in more houseplants. Maybe I’ll try it again, slowly. Can’t wait for spring.

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