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Stunning Spring Amaryllis Bulbs from Breck’s Gifts

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Breck’s Gifts.

Are you looking for something easy to grow indoors this spring that will produce the most stunning blooms? I have just the thing! Amaryllis bulbs from Breck’s Gifts make the perfect addition to your home or a special gift for any flower lover.

Amaryllis is So Easy to Grow

When my box of amaryllis bulbs came from Breck’s Gifts, I was so excited. I had always heard how beautiful amaryllis was, and especially how fun it was to watch them grow, but I’ve never tried growing them myself.

Did you think that amaryllis was just for Christmas time? It’s not…they make great spring gifts too.

Marilyn amaryllis bulb from Breck's Gifts

All About My Breck’s Gifts Amaryllis

Amaryllis are big bulbs that produce trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom indoors anywhere from 6-10 weeks after planting.

Depending on the variety, amaryllis blooms can be either single or double flowering.

And they make great gifts for gardeners of any skill.

My favorite part about growing amaryllis was watching their progress each week. It was so fun to follow each step of the growing process.

Amaryllis bulb from Breck's Gifts

The Breck’s Amaryllis Lovers Gifts I Grew This Spring

I loved the fact that my amaryllis bulbs arrived already set in the soil and in decorative pots. How easy is that? I didn’t even have to plant the bulbs! I just added water and sunlight, and watched the show!

Breck’s Gifts offers a variety of amaryllis bulbs to choose from each season, but here are the amazing amaryllis bulbs I grew this spring.

Marilyn amaryllis bulb from Breck's Gifts

Marilyn Amaryllis Duo in Woven Pot

The Marilyn Amaryllis has big, frosty white double blooms that are highlighted with cool chartreuse. A pair of bulbs were planted in a natural woven planter.

These amaryllis bulbs bloomed 45 days after I received them in the mail.

Gervase Amaryllis in Scalloped Green Pot

Intricate veining highlights each vibrant pink, tapered Gervase petal, adding dimension and texture to these huge, trumpet-shaped flowers. Once the blooms are finished for the season, the pistachio green, metal planter with cute flower cutouts and scalloped top can be repurposed.

The Gervase amaryllis bloomed in 66 days.

Amaryllis bulbs growing in the window

Getting Started


I grew my amaryllis bulbs near a well-lit window (east or west exposure is recommended) and away from direct heat sources. 65-70 degree F. temperatures are best.

Rotating the bulb container a couple of times a week helped to prevent the plants from leaning as they started to grow. Once the bulbs started blooming, I staked them to keep them upright.


As soon as I got my bulbs, I watered them moderately with lukewarm water.

Before the buds appear I watered sparingly, keeping the soil slightly moist.

After the buds and leaves appear I gradually watered more, about a few times a week. It’s important not to water too much. You don’t want the soil to be soggy.

Day 10  growing amaryllis bulbs
Day 10

Watch Them Grow!

Did you know that Breck’s Amaryllis Lovers gifts can grow up to an inch a day?

Day 21  growing amaryllis bulbs
Day 21
Day 21  growing amaryllis bulbs
Day 21
Day 33  growing amaryllis bulbs
Day 33
Day 36  growing amaryllis bulbs
Day 36
Day 40  growing amaryllis bulbs
Day 40
Day 40  growing amaryllis bulbs
Day 40
The Marilyn and Gervase amaryllis bulbs

The Marilyn amaryllis took 45 days from the time I received it to bloom. You can see that the Gervase Amaryllis was lagging behind. It would take another 21 days for it to bloom.

Marilyn amaryllis bulb from Breck's blooming
Here's the Gervase amaryllis at day 65!

Here’s the Gervase amaryllis at day 65! I have a good feeling about this…

Here's the Gervase amaryllis at day 65!

And here she is in full bloom! Isn’t it just gorgeous?

Amaryllis Care After It’s Finished Blooming

Amaryllis bulbs are exhausted after they’ve finished blooming. The poor things needed some rest and relaxation after so much work!

I cut the flowering stalk off about an inch or so above the bulb and discarded it, leaving the foliage intact. As the leaves wither, they will provide food to be stored in the bulb for next year’s blooming.

I’m going to repot my amaryllis to a planter that has drainage holes. It’s important not to remove the potting soil from the bulb. The amaryllis needs to be watered when the soil dries and a water-soluble fertilizer once a month should be provided.

Since the threat of frost has already passed here in my gardening zone 8B, I can move my amaryllis to a semi-shaded area outdoors, either on my deck or planted in the garden, and I’ll continue to water and fertilize through the summer.

Next Steps For My Amaryllis to Rebloom

Discontinue fertilizing and reduce watering in the late summer, allowing the foliage to wither. Before the first hard frost in the fall, move the amaryllis back indoors and cut off the dried foliage above the neck of the bulb.

Store the bulb in a cool, darkened area lasting 6-8 weeks. Repot the bulb and move the potted bulb into a warm, well-lit area. Resume watering once growth begins. The bulb will start blooming again in 4-5 weeks.

What do you think? They’re pretty spectacular, aren’t they? You can see for yourself by visiting Breck’s Gifts here. For free shipping in the U.S. use code shiplapandshells.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Breck’s Bulbs.

All opinions are my own.

For more information, Read my full disclosure here.


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    1. I’m so glad you like them, Heidi! They were so much fun to watch as they grew. I actually became obsessed with the entire process.

  1. Kim, I had no idea amaryllis could grow in the spring. I always get them for Christmas and they do last a few months after (multiple blooming times), but I had no idea. That Marilyn duo is quite the stunner. Thanks for sharing. I learned something today!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! My grandma always gave my mom these and now she always gets them in honor of her every year. I will pass this along to her!

  3. Your amaryllis bulbs are beautiful! I love those white ones. They look so pretty indoors don’t they? I really enjoyed growing amaryllis this year too. xoxo

    1. It was so fun to finally grow some this year Stacy! I really enjoyed watching them as they grew. Jeff and I would place bets on when they would finally bloom!

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