Welcome to My Beach Cottage Spring Home Tour

Are you looking for some home decor inspiration now that the spring season has finally arrived?

Welcome to my beach cottage spring home tour where I can’t wait to show you what we’ve done to freshen up our spaces for springtime.

I’ve been waiting and waiting, and now spring has finally arrived! That transition from winter to spring is always my favorite time of the year when it comes to home decor.

beach cottage spring home tour living room

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beach cottage spring home tour living room

Every spring feels a little different for me. Last year, I went a little crazy with the bunnies—let’s be real—I went seriously crazy! And do you notice the lack of an area rug?

beach cottage spring home tour living room with puppy on chair

Well, here’s the reason for that. Say hello to puppy Ollie, our 19-week-old Havanese puppy who is still not to be trusted when it comes to potty training.

Now, if I was a true home decor professional, I would have rolled a rug out for picture day, but I know I’m among friends here, right? I’m shooting for an area rug appearance for the fall tour!

beach cottage spring home tour living room

I don’t change my color palette too drastically from year to year, but I will make a couple of changes during the spring season.

The other change usually happens when the lilacs start blooming. This time, I decided on navy blues and neutrals, with greens, for that beachy vibe I’ve been missing for so many months.

beach cottage spring home tour living room

If this is your first time here, I’ll let you in on a little secret…I have a passion for gardening and the outdoors. I think my mood is finally changing the more I see my perennials popping out of the ground.

Garden-inspired home décor is my favorite year-round, and adding natural elements anywhere I can. If you can’t quite enjoy the outdoor spaces yet because of the weather, let’s bring them inside, right?

beach cottage spring home tour living room


I have a huge thing for faux flowers and plants this time of year. It’s all about convenience, and it’s not realistic for me to hop in my car and buy fresh flowers at the store every time I want beautiful blooms.

So this is what I do until my cut flower garden is ready. As for the faux plants, I may hold my own in an outdoor garden, but I don’t do well with live house plants.

I may forget to water them. However, I am proud to say that the ivy above the glass cabinet is alive and well… for now.

beach cottage spring home tour living room

There is such an amazing selection of faux flowers and plants nowadays. And if you buy good quality plants, they will last years. You just have to get over the sticker shock after purchasing a faux flower. They will add up, but again, IT IS SO WORTH IT!

green spritzer bottles and faux plants with wicker basket

First, are you loving these green seltzer bottles I found at a local shop called Details Home and Garden? Talk about making an impact! Add some vintage containers and pots, plants, and a wicker picnic basket, and you’re all set for spring.

faux flowers and greenery

I just bought this rusty vintage container a couple of weeks ago at Saltwater Antique. At first, I thought it was too big for my faux flowers.

However, I used tape across the top of the container to make separate sections to keep the flowers upright.

faux flowers in a hanging basket

This basket pretty much stays hung on this vintage window all year. I change the faux flowers out a couple of times each season.

beach cottage spring home tour living room
beach cottage spring home tour living room

As I said earlier in the post, I went a little too wild with the bunnies last spring, so I thought I would take a step back and regroup. This year is all about the birds, cloches, wicker and rattan, and flowers.

faux flowers
spring bird and wire cloche vignette
beach cottage spring home tour living room

I love vintage books and corbels all year round. The plant spritzers. Glass bottles and plants were added for that garden inspiration for spring.

beach cottage spring home tour living room

We’re heading into the kitchen soon, but I thought I would show you a perspective from the kitchen eating space looking into the living room.

We removed the wall between these two rooms in August 2019 and are so glad we did. Our house is quite small, 1600 square feet, and having an open concept makes this space feel bigger.

The stairs go up to my office and guest bedroom.

beach cottage spring home tour living room

beach cottage spring home tour kitchen

And here’s the kitchen, my favorite room in the house. Mostly because of the water view and what this room looked like when we first saw it.

I’m so glad we looked past what it was and imagined the possibility of what it could be. Almost nine years later, we’ve added all the charm and character it deserves and love our 100-year-old beach house—our forever home.

beach cottage spring home tour kitchen

Regarding the farm table centerpiece, nothing says spring like a bunch of fabulous flowers and fruit. Have you guessed what I’m going to say? If you answered that the lemons and eucalyptus were faux, you would be completely right!

You can see a couple of my spring tablescapes here and here.

beach cottage spring home tour kitchen

It’s time for a forsythia real or faux challenge! One of these pictures shows some forsythias that I forced bloomed indoors. The other bunch is faux.

beach cottage spring home tour kitchen

These in the above picture are the faux flowers. You probably also saw that there was no water in the vase.

beach cottage spring home tour kitchen

Open shelving is always the perfect way to display your spring décor. I am constantly reworking it with different colors. Above, I have the jadeite green colors.

open shelving decor

Here, I’ve changed it a bit and added white ironstone and the new (new to me) vintage silver tray I found at Valley Vintage Market a month ago.

ivy in ironstone pot

Yes, I am so proud of this live ivy house plant that I moved it here from the living room for another photo opportunity.

wicker picnic basket and ironstone
beach cottage spring home tour kitchen

Our island is the perfect place to display some spring flowers, fresh or faux. Here are some fun facts for you. You can’t see the front of this piece, but it’s a vintage dresser.

A few years back, our contractor found this big butcher block at a Dunkin’ Donuts that was going out of business, so we had him add it to the top. Now, it looks like a natural island.

beach cottage spring home tour kitchen

I only wish we wouldn’t have cut off as much so we could have had a bigger overhang and made it more comfortable for stools. We were just too nervous to make it too big because of how small the kitchen was.

Oh well, we still love it. Did you see the pot rack we made above the island?

faux spring flowers
spring flower patterned dishes and bunny

I love these spring plates and dish towels I found at Homegoods.

fresh cut spring flowers in pitcher

I’m constantly changing the flowers and their containers on the island. Here are some examples of the flowers I display in the spring. The bunch above is all from the garden: hellebores, Japanese roses, and quince.

red and yellow tulips in white enamel container

And who can resist tulips from Trader Joe’s? These were from last year, and I placed glass mason jars in this container, which is why they look so straight and perfect.

beach cottage spring home tour kitchen

Until next time,

Happy Spring Decorating!

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  1. Sigh! I would love to stay in a cottage like this, Kim! I’ve never noticed the color of your coffee table before. It’s so lovely. My favorite aspect of your tour is how you bring the outdoors inside with so much lovely greenery and florals. I especially love your basket wreath! Can’t wait to see your garden again this spring. Happy Easter to you and yours!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Crissy. I guess you could call me a flower girl for sure. Have a wonderful week ahead my friend.

  2. I adored your tour! You’ve inspired me to remove my rug in our family room. I think it will look open and CLEAN! Is that weird? LOL. Hoping it won’t be loud. Happy Spring!

    1. Thank you, Cindy! That is funny, isn’t it? We get so used to the way a room looks with an area rug, so cozy. But then when it’s removed, it looks clean.

  3. I just love your green seltzer bottles! Your light over the coffe table is super special too!

    I loved touring your home. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Mary! It looks like Chas wants to come too, we could have a lot of fun! Thank you for the sweet words my friend.

  4. This tour is so pretty! I love all the vintage and your painted pieces of furniture, All of it is layered and styled to perfection. AND that view. ?. I can’t even! Have a great day. XO- MaryJo

  5. I love your home, Kim! It is so inviting and you have so many pretty items to look at. Your quilt cabinet and the view from your kitchen table are my favorites. Your lovely view looks like something out of a magazine! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home!

    1. Thank you, Kim! I don’t think I would have ever thought to put the quilts in this cabinet if we had a bigger house. It was just the only place I could think of to store them. It worked out pretty well though! Happy Spring!

  6. Kim, your home is absolutely breathtaking all decked out for spring. It has me dreaming of sunshine and warmer days ahead! Pinned!

    1. The hellebores are so pretty this time of year. They didn’t last long though. And thank you for the sweet words about my house Jen. I really appreciate it.

  7. The navy and green looks so fresh for Spring in your home, Kim! I always love the vintage textures you incorporate. And oh, your view of the water; I could get used to that! We dream about overlooking some water someday…we do live in the state of 100,000 lakes;) So happy to have another 100 yr old beauty on this tour!

    1. I hope you are able to have a water view someday. It really is such a special gift. I feel the same about all of your gorgeous vintage goodies in your home. Happy Spring my friend.

  8. It’s always such a treat to see how you’ve decorated your home. I love all the green you used this season, it’s so perfectly springy!

  9. Kim I just loved your tour! Don’t tell the others but your house is my favorite. It’s just cottage perfection and you decorate it so well. I love all of your nests and wicker and cloches. Thanks for joining us this week!

    1. Oh Kelly! I would never tell! You are so sweet to say that, and I really appreciate you hosting. Now, if only I could take that green dresser off your hands! Wouldn’t it look cute in my home? If there was only a place to put it.

  10. Kim, your home always makes me smile! I love all your flowers in your home! Your living room is perfectly cozy! And I completely agree about your kitchen window view! It’s so pretty!

  11. Gorgeous Spring tour Kim! Your vintage collections get me every time! I love all the added florals and the detail in every corner! That naughty Ollie ? We were there with Millie not too long ago! Happy Spring Kim!

    1. I only hope he is done being a naughty puppy soon. That silly boy gets so distracted! Thank you for the sweet words, Cindy. It’s been fun joining you for so many great spring blog posts lately.

  12. Kim – I can look at your home all day … everyday! What a great tour … I appreciate the transparency about your faux and fresh flowers and plants. Both look spectacular … I have much better luck with the faux. Ha! That view from your kitchen is stunning … no wonder its your favorite place. I’d spend all my time there stirring pots and staring out the window. Gorgeous. xo

    1. You would think the view out the kitchen window would make me want to be cooking and baking in the kitchen more! And yes, faux is just so much easier. Thank you for all the kind words, my friend.

  13. Kim, I love every detail of your charming beach cottage…and your kitchen! Sigh! It is a pleasure to join you this week! Pinned and sharing on IG! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. Thank you so much, Cecilia! I really appreciate the sweet words. I always love when we do these fun blog hops together. Your home is so beautifully decorated for spring.

  14. Kim, I have such an enormous crush on your home!! That big container was a good score…your flowers look so good in it!! Also, I still can’t find your magazine in NH yet…we are so lame over here!!

    1. That’s so sweet of you Jennifer! I’m so sad you can’t find the magazine. But, Country Home magazine is running the story in May, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find that one! Thank you for visiting!

  15. I so much enjoyed your spring home tour, Kim! I wouldn’t have noticed that you are missing a rug in your living room if you hadn’t pointed it out. Having that sweet puppy is worth not having a rug for a few months. I am amazed at how realistic looking all of your faux florals are. Like you, I love growing plants and flowers outdoors but I’m not keen on tending to plants indoors. The vintage lover in me so much enjoyed admiring your all of the vintage treasures that you’ve used to decorate your home.

    1. Thank you so much, Paula! It’s so funny how much everything feels natural when it comes to gardening outdoors. I am so intimidated by house plants. I don’t know when to water them. And I really don’t want to transplant them when I get them home. I guess that’s why they’re so dry all the time. Oh well. Happy Spring my friend!

  16. What a beautiful spring tour kim! I really enjoyed walking through and seeing all the pretty plants. Can’t wait for gardening season! xoxo

    1. Thank you Stacy! The difference between yours and mine is that yours are real. I’m just not a very good houseplant mom.

  17. Kim! You’re spring home is stunning! I’m glad you didn’t keep all the bunnies out of your Spring decor! I don’t have a single bunny so if you need a new home for a few you can send them my way. ?

    1. That’s so funny Aliya! I had them ALL OVER the place last year. I think it was because, by the time I had finally finished decorating for spring this year, Easter was almost here. I am all about efficiency this year, and obviously at a cost. The year before I only had one, so I went on a bit of a bunny binge! Happy Spring!

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