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Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts of 2021

Another year has come and gone and I can’t wait to share the top 10 favorite blog posts from 2021. Let’s see what you loved the most here this past year on the Shiplap and Shells blog.

At the beginning of the year, I always love going back to see what blog posts were your favorites from the year before.

Most of the time the results are not a surprise. But now and then I’m surprised. there’s a post that was either liked more than I would have expected or even more often, there was a post that I was excited about where you just didn’t feel the love as I did.

late summer cottage garden

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spring greenhouse and cottage garden view

Here are the 10 favorite blog posts of 2021. I hope you remember most of them.

Do you love spending time outdoors on those sunny spring days? I’ll show you just how I am spending my days in my coastal cottage garden and outdoor spring spaces.

summer cottage style living room

Are you looking for summer décor ideas and inspiration for your home? Welcome to my summer home tour with plenty of coastal cottage touches and beautiful blooms for the season.

Vintage Christmas tree and décor

It’s that magical time of year when everything in our home comes alive. The Christmas trees are trimmed and the twinkle lights are shining.

My vintage-inspired cottage is ready for the holidays so let’s go for a Christmas home tour.

sweet peas

Have you dreamed of having a garden full of good old-fashioned sweet pea flowers? I’ll share my tips on sowing sweet pea seeds indoors, transplanting them into the garden, and caring for these beautiful blooms throughout their growing season.

view of 100 year old beach house and dahlias

Welcome to my new blog series, “Celebrating Our 100-Year-Old Beach House”. Here is my first post, you can find out more about what first attracted us to this sweet, old home, and why we call it our “forever” home.

geraniums in greenhouse

Not only are geraniums easy to maintain and grow, but they are also simple to propagate. Today I’m sharing some gardening tips to help you start your own geranium plants from healthy stem cuttings.

cottage style spring living room

Are you looking for some home decor inspiration now that the spring season has finally arrived? Welcome to my beach cottage spring home tour.

vintage window cabinet project

Are you looking for a way to repurpose an old chippy window? In this post, I’ll share how I repurposed a vintage window into a cabinet in one afternoon.

summer cottage garden and water view

It’s amazing how much my seasonal garden can change from month to month. Come take a look as I take you on a tour of my cottage garden year in review. There’s so much to see as the garden changes throughout the year.

cherry tree in bloom

Are you longing for the spring season, and all the fabulous flowers that come with it? Today I’ll show you how easy it is to force flowering branches to bloom indoors so you can enjoy an “early breath of spring.”

Do you remember any of these posts? Which post is your favorite?

If you have any questions or additional suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below. And be sure to share this blog post link with anyone who may find these gardening tips useful.

Until next time,

Happy New Year!

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  1. Here I am looking at your beautiful pictures and wishing for spring in February!
    We just got 6 in of new snow here in Denver
    Much needed !
    You made my day with the beauty of your ideas

    From Denver

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