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21 Quick and Simple Cottage Christmas Decor Ideas to Try

Do you get overwhelmed when you start thinking about winter decor ideas? I’ll show you 21 quick and simple cottage Christmas decor ideas to help put you in the holiday spirit and get you started on decorating for the winter holidays.

There seems to be a difference of opinion when it comes to the timing of putting out your holiday decorations. I grew up thinking that you were not allowed to decorate for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving.

I never questioned it. That’s what my mom did, and that’s what her mom did.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: living room decorated for the holidays

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cottage kitchen and living room decorated for Christmas

But something happened to make me question my entire life’s winter holiday decorating philosophy. I was introduced to the world of blogging and social media. And everything I ever thought I knew went right out the door.

I felt like a serious slacker. There were these influencers (I didn’t know what an influencer was at the time) who were putting up their Christmas trees, and it wasn’t even Halloween yet.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: living room

When Should You Decorate for Christmas?

When do you decorate for Christmas? I no longer have a strict rule about this. I go with the flow and make decisions on timing depending on what’s going on in my life. Sometimes I wait until right before Thanksgiving. Other years I start decorating for Christmas the first week in November.

Don’t worry about what other people are doing. You have permission to be your own decision-maker when it comes to winter holiday decorating.

Don’t you feel better? I know I do!

cottage kitchen with Christmas tree and plaid blanket

What is Cozy Cottage Style?

Cottage-style home decor brings both charm and warmth to any space. When it comes to cottage Christmas decorating, there are no rules. I’m all about the relaxed and comfy vibe of this style of home decor.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: ornaments in a vintage chicken feeder

Simplicity and rustic elements are key components. Natural materials, such as wood, burlap, and pinecones, take center stage, adding to the rustic charm of the setting.

The ease of Cottage Christmas decor includes simple wreaths, homemade ornaments, and cozy blankets.

traditional Christmas decorations in bedroom

21 Simple Cottage Christmas Decorations for Every Room

I’m so excited about what the holiday season has to offer.

Whether it’s listening to Christmas music, watching the glow of twinkle lights, or smelling cookies baking in the oven, there’s so much to look forward to.

But sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed when thinking about all that goes into the winter holidays.

So let me make it a little easier on you. I’ll take the load off of the Christmas decor stress with these 21 quick and simple ideas to start decorating for the winter holidays.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: vintage items on the open shelves in kitchen

1. Christmas Cottage Decor for Open Shelves

Starting your holiday decorating is as easy as adding greenery, pinecones, and jars full of candy canes, marshmallows, and hot cocoa mix to your shelves for a festive touch.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: open shelving with Christmas decorations

The open shelving in my kitchen is my favorite space to play with. And because I am a little crazy about Christmas, I’ll most likely change out the shelves a few times during the season.

Cottage Christmas decor can include vintage collections such as Santa mugs and ironstone dishware that look great displayed on my shelves.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: mini Christmas tree

2. Add Festive Mini Christmas Trees

This is a no-brainer for me when it comes to winter holiday decorating. “MINI” is a word we use a lot around our 1600-square-foot home. And these smaller Christmas trees are no exception.

mini white flocked Christmas tree on bedroom nightstand

You can basically find a small tree in every room in my cozy cottage once I finish Christmas decorating.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas:: Small Christmas tree with ornaments

I place Christmas trees in baskets, crocks, galvanized buckets…the list goes on and on. Some have only twinkle lights. Others are filled with Christmas ornaments. Some are just beautifully bare.

Antique Candle Co. candles

3. Light Holiday Scented Candles

Candles put me in such a good mood! I’m talking lots of candles! I have my Antique Candle Co. candles lit ALL the time.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: in bedroom

4. Display Garlands for Cottage Christmas Decorating

Whether you put up faux or fresh green garland, this is a decor item staple when it comes to cottage-style winter holiday decorating. It makes any room look festive and fabulous.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: with garlands and natural elements on farm table inkitchen

The garland shown above is a bay leaf garland that was purchased at Pottery Barn years ago and is no longer available. Eucalyptus, magnolia leaves, or evergreen garlands are all perfect choices for cottage Christmas decor.

Winter holiday decorating kitchen

I always love wrapping garland around our pot rack for a little extra Christmas spirit.

adding greenery to a vintage Christmas vignette

5. Add Natural Greenery to Anything

This is my favorite way to decorate for Christmas. You can pretty much take a walk outside with your clippers and find a bundle of fresh greenery.

Living in the Pacific Northwest makes it very easy to gather greenery for cottage Christmas decor.

Of course, if you don’t have fresh greenery available or you want it to last throughout the entire winter season, you can go with an artificial greenery option.

gray pendant lights with greenery wrapped around

Faux branches and stems look so realistic nowadays. The greenery wrapped around the pendant lights in my kitchen is actually faux mini wreath napkin holders.

Christmas decorative pillow

6. Use Holiday Pillows for Cozy Cottage Christmas Decor

Bring out the decorative Christmas pillows for some added cozy winter decor.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: cream dog on leather couch and Christmas tree pillow

I usually keep my pile of pillows more on the neutral side when winter holiday decorating, mixing in a few holiday pillows here and there.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: Christmas table setting with plaid napkin and greenery

7. Pick Up Some Pretty Plaids for the Holidays

Add some pretty plaids to the holiday decor mix for a pop of color and interest.

Whether you find your plaids from cloth napkins, ornaments, or throws, they are a truly traditional cottage Christmas decor favorite.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: traditional colored plaid blanket over chair at farmhouse table

If you want to decorate with a more neutral color palette for Christmas, you can easily find plaids with creams, grays, and tans.

fresh magnolia wreath with dried oranges

8. Hang a Cottagecore Christmas Wreath

Another easy way to decorate for Christmas is to hang a wreath on a wall, on the front door, above a fireplace mantel, or on a mirror. There are so many different possibilities when it comes to a wreath during the holidays.

Whether you make a DIY wreath or buy one at your favorite store, wreaths are a holiday decor favorite.

You can see the fresh magnolia wreath with dried oranges I made a couple of years ago for the winter holidays in the picture above.

Go festive and fabulous or choose a simple wreath. How about some rustic jingle bells to get you in the mood? Or a more basic version with eucalyptus, olive branch, or boxwood.

You can even add a pop of color with a wreath full of red berries.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: cottage kitchen

Putting a wreath on a range hood in the kitchen is a great idea to add some holiday cheer.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: neutral  decor in living room

9. Wooden Dough Bowls for the Win

No matter what season you’re in wooden dough bowls are the perfect way to display your favorite home decor.

wooden dough bowl filled with Christmas ornaments and greenery

Fill a bowl with Christmas ornaments, greener, and some pine cones for a simple and easy holiday vignette.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: reindeer head with cream plaid scarf

10. Display Rustic Reindeer Christmas Decor

For a rustic cottage holiday vibe, bring on the reindeer decor.

I love my reindeer head and have had so many compliments, especially after I dressed her up with a scarf. Sadly, I don’t remember where I found her.

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Cottage Christmas decor ideas :small decorated Christmas tree, holiday tree farm sign and vintage sled with black ice skates

11. Dress Up Your Vintage Sled

Bring in your vintage sled and dress it up with greenery, ice skates, or even a plaid scarf.

Vintage yellow sled with greenery and white ice skates

These cottage Christmas decor items make a big statement and are so easy to add to the holiday mix.

white cake plate with village under glass cloche and greenery

12. Create a Christmas Masterpiece with Glass Cloches

Whether you create a village with faux snow, fill it with Christmas ornaments, or place dishes or bowls inside, glass cloches are a festive way to decorate for the winter holidays.

red and white vintage bowls under glass cloche and bell wreath around it

Go one step further and place a wreath in the center of the glass cloche for even more interest.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: vintage books and bright ornaments

13. Show Off a Christmas Vintage Vignette

If you visit my blog regularly you know that I am a big-time vintage lover. I never really appreciated vintage decor until we moved into our 1920 home. Now it seems like a natural fit.

Our living room coffee table is always decorated with vintage books, ornaments, and candlesticks.

Christmas kitchen vignette with vintage scale and Santa mugs

Whether it’s a vintage scale, wicker picnic basket, ironstone, or copper accessories, I love displaying my favorite finds from flea markets and thrift stores.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: Christmas vignette

Show them off on shelves, the dining room table, and kitchen countertops during the Christmas and winter holidays.

small Christmas tree with decorations

14. Fill Your Creative Containers for the Holidays

A galvanized bucket is such a fun way to show off greenery, seasonal flowers, and even smaller Christmas trees.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: small faux Christmas tree in an oversized hanging basket

Place your favorite small Christmas tree inside an oversized basket hanging on the wall for a creative look.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: red pine ridge canister with faux tree inside and silver accessories

15. Silver Accessories and Mercury Glass for a Classic Look

Bring out the vintage silver trays, bowls, trophy cups, and silverware for the holidays.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: silver accessories and greenery

Silver accessories make such a beautiful statement and are the perfect cottage Christmas decor.

mercury glass bowl with ornaments and greenery

Mercury glass bowls, candle holders, and ornaments give your holiday vignettes a classic and timeless feel.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: bottle brush trees on black shelf

16. Bottle Brush Trees Make a Big Statement

Little things can make a big statement.

vintage Santa mug  with white bottle brush tree

I love the look of several small bottle brush trees displayed together. Add them to Christmas villages or add just one to a small container or Santa mug.

fireplace mantel with garland, candles, ornaments and twinkle lights

17. Hang Your Stockings with Care

Dress up your Christmas stockings with ribbon, greenery, and even bells.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: cream knit and ticking stockings hanging

Berries and dried oranges are another great addition to your stockings.

joy stocking holder with stocking hanging on a cabinet

Christmas stockings don’t have to be hung from a fireplace. Be creative when using them as cottage Christmas decor.

winter seasonal greenery, berries and flowers in vintage galvanized bucket

18. Bring the Outdoors Inside with Natural Elements

Creating a simple centerpiece of seasonal greenery and flowers for the kitchen table is a perfect choice when it comes to bringing natural elements from the outdoors inside.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: fresh rosemary in a mason jar filled with water

It can be as easy as cutting rosemary from the garden and adding it to a mason jar filled with water. Not only does it look pretty in the kitchen but your space will smell amazing.

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pomegranates and nuts with greenery

19. Use Seasonal Fruit and Nuts as Kitchen Decor

Displaying pomegranates and nuts in a bowl is one of the easiest ways to decorate your home for the holidays.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: dried oranges ties to fresh greenery and pine cones

Dried oranges are another great way to spruce up any area for Christmas.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: Christmas centerpiece with ornaments, greenery, pomegranates and dried oranges

And when you use them both for a traditional Christmas tablescape, you have a charming centerpiece.

Christmas ornaments in a vintage wooden crate

20. Thinking of Ornaments as Christmas Decor

There is so much more you can do with your ornaments other than hanging them from your Christmas tree.

I tend to take my extra Christmas ornaments that are left from the tree trimming and place them in wooden dough bowls and vintage wood crates.

You can also hang them from chandeliers and use them to decorate your wrapped gifts for the season.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: twinkle lights and garland

21. Brighten Up Your Festive Mood with Twinkle Lights

Spreading fairy lights around your home will give your space an ambiance full of warmth and whimsy during this Christmas holiday season.

We may have cold weather on the outside but twinkle lights will make the inside of your home cozy and warm.

Cottage Christmas decor ideas: Santa mug and candy canes on kitchen shelving

I hope you’ve found some of these cottage Christmas decor ideas inspiring. They are simple ways to bring warmth, charm, and coziness to any space in your home.

If you have any questions or additional suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below. And be sure to share this blog post link with anyone who may enjoy holiday decor ideas.

Until next time,

Happy Decorating!

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Cottage Christmas home decor ideas

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  1. Well, Kim, if I wasn’t already in the Christmas mood, I sure would be after reading this! I love all of your tips and realize there are a few more little things I could be adding to my home for the holidays! Time to finish up my decorating and move onto baking Christmas cookies!!

  2. I love how you decorate with all the little touches of greenery and mini trees! just so simple and cozy!
    I have greenery in my yard but how is the best way to keep them fresh for a while?
    thanks for sharing

  3. I love how you decorate for Christmas! simple and using what you have! I love using fresh greenery and I have it all around my home to get. But do you have a suggestion of how to keep it fresh and not to dry out so fast?
    thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas?

  4. These ideas are all so amazing, Kim! I have THE hardest time trying to decide when to put up Christmas. We usually do it early because we’re out of town for Thanksgiving but when to post it on IG is like a totally different ball of wax. Love that you’re doing your own thing each year and going with what feels right and festive. Big hugs, CoCo PS: Sharing your magnolia wreath on Friday!

  5. So many great tips, it’s hard to know even where to start! I just got my floors resurfaced in preparation for the holidays, so the natural next step is to decorate for the occasion! I absolutely loved your tip of repurposing ornaments, and also having plenty of fresh greenery around the house. Can’t wait to get started!

  6. Christmas decorations are so perfect for your cottage. I’m thinking of moving to the PNW & you decorate my house for me! LOL
    I love everything you’ve done here.

  7. Oh Kim, your home looks so lovely with the addition of some holiday cheer! Thanks for sharing it at Celebrate Your Story! Link Party. You’ve been featured this week 🙂

  8. Kim,
    Do you have a whole bunch of small tree’s or do you have a large tree combined with small ones as well.

    1. Hi there!
      My house is super small so I only have a bunch of little trees throughout the house. I was able to get a bigger faux tree in a corner in the living room this year after moving a cabinet into the hall. Yay me!

    2. What a great blog post! Keeping things simple, really helps to reduce the stress of the holidays. ????

  9. Hi Kim! You have inspired me to get things going at The Bradford House!! Love the idea of pop a little extra greenery here and there!!

  10. LOVE this post! I’ve been bringing in a few things that are Christmasy and adding them to my Thanksgiving decor, but Thanksgiving will be just the two of us so I’m about ready to head into some Holly Jolly time.

    1. Thank you Debra! It’s just the two of us this year too. I think it will take me a full week to decorate. I am so slow.

  11. I’m with you; we need some additional Christmas Cheer this year. Decorating our tree this weekend. Lots of neighbors already have their exterior Christmas lights up. Bring on the Holly Jolly!

  12. If banks for sharing. Keep the simple, natural cheer coming.

    Give us more info on the little trees, please.
    How tall is the one in the sugar bowl?
    How.do you get the sprigs to stand erect?
    Do you keep the real, tiny ones in water?

  13. Beautiful! Because of you, I’ve been decorating with more pillows, in fact for Halloween I did sew some spiderweb silip covers (covered some other pillows). This way, after Halloween we just took them off and will use the slip covers next Halloween.

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