Saltwater Sounds Weekly: Happy Halloween

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Somehow October is just about over. I’m not quite sure how that happened. I think my mind is still in September.

And along with the end of the month came the cold temperatures. I saw frost on the car windshield and the lawn Saturday morning.

It usually doesn’t get this cold for another month so it was a bit of a surprise.

I make a closet switch two times a year. I spent the day Friday bringing the boots, scarves, and sweaters out of my storage bins, to replace the summer dresses, linen pants, and sandals.

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Trunk or Treat

Friday evening was the community Trunk or Treat event.

We love passing out candy to the kiddos. My hubby and I realized that we are getting old. We didn’t recognize half of the costumes, probably because we don’t partake in video games.

What happened to the Raggedy Anns and Minnie Mouses? Or Cinderella?

There were quite a few members from the swat team, some Supermen, and several Wednesday Adams’.

It was such a cold night so I didn’t take the time to dress up this year. I took the easy way out and put on some ears, a bow tie, and a tail to become a “cool cat”.

I always love dressing up as a witch. It’s so easy and no one can figure out who I am with the dark hair.

I love this witch hat with the spiders and black veil. My skeleton in the car wore it this year.

And then there was the year when I channeled Marilyn Monroe.

Here are some of my friends and volunteers at Trunk or Treat.

Happy Birthday Katie

Happy heavenly birthday to my daughter, Katie, who would have been 32 yesterday.

I miss her every day.


I’ve been painting again.

I just painted the former yellow dresser in this space. I’m not sure what to call it… it’s a hallway/ pantry area.

If I wasn’t a blogger I would wait to decorate for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving but I am. So I’ll start slowly next week. This picture is from last year.

When do you decorate? Do you have a theme for this year? I’m still trying to decide.


Even though it was cold the past few days, it has been sunny and gorgeous!

Here are a few pics of my fall patio.

I had great intentions of bringing out the firepit and creating a seating area, but life got in the way yet again. It was more important to get the bulbs planted and the geraniums in the greenhouse in case it froze.

With the possibility of freezing temperatures, we harvested the rest of my dahlias on Friday. It’s always hard to say goodbye and know that it will be another 8 months until I see my gorgeous dahlias again.

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Here’s some gorgeous inspiration. I’m in love with this house.

This French Country pantry makeover is just the inspiration I needed.

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This fall styling workshop looks like the best time!

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Until next time,

Wishing a wonderful week ahead,

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  1. Katie was beautiful, just like her mama. I am sorry for what I know you are going through. Shiplap and Seashells is so well done. I thoroughly enjoy it! Beautiful garden and home. Great pictures and articles. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Kim, Happy heavenly birthday to your daughter. She is beautiful and looks like you. Your trunk for trick or treating is so fabulous and you truly are a “cool cat”. Thank you so much for sharing my post on the Fall Styling Workshop. You are truly the best. Hugs on this chilly Sunday.

  3. I love the trunk or treat idea. Is it a community event? So creative. We used to do something similar hunting for fresh Christmas trees at a farm when we lived in Connecticut👍🏻

  4. Well, I am thrilled to have found your blog! I loved what I’ve read and so much fun! Love your garden and those dahlias are beautiful. The frost arrived here in Minnesota this week, so at some point I need to clean up my garden beds. Look forward to reading more!

  5. You are absolutely adorable! I love your costumes. Your Katy looked just like you. Hugs and blessings to you, my friend.

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