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9 Ways to be Prepared For Next Year’s Christmas Season

Are you still trying to recover from the craziness of the holidays? I’m sharing 9 ways that will help you prepare for next year’s Christmas season by starting now.

chicken feeder filled with ornaments

Think back to Halloween. Didn’t it seem like we had plenty of time to prepare for the Christmas season?

Between decorating for the holidays, buying and wrapping presents, baking, holiday parties, and welcoming overnight guests, you can see how time can just fly by.

When talking to people a week or two before Christmas, many seemed to be frustrated, frazzled, panicked and exhausted. They were far from joyous and were even farther from enjoying the holiday season.

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mercury glass bowl with ornaments and greenery

Can you imagine how much time you would have to be present in the holiday festivities and really, REALLY enjoy being with your loved ones?

Time is the biggest advantage you have to getting organized and having time left over to actually enjoy yourself during the holidays!


Christmas décor and stockings on fireplace

9 Ways to be Prepared For Next Year’s Christmas Season

Debrief after the Holidays

We’ve said goodbye to Christmas and now it’s time to make a list of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Make this list BEFORE YOU START doing anything else. It will set you up for your holiday planning going forward.

  • What you spent your time on?
  • How much money did you spend?
  • What worked and didn’t work?
  • Events you want to continue participating in and which you will skip next year.
  • Your holiday theme for next year.
  • Items you need to stock up on for next year.
  • Anything you want to buy for next year after seeing all that Christmas decor inspiration out there?

magnolia and dried orange wreath

Be Smart About Packing Up and Organizing Your Christmas Decor

Store similar items together and label bins and boxes clearly.

I’ve gone one step further this year and boxed up all the ornaments I’ll be using for each specific tree together so it will be that much easier when I decorate next year. It was easy to do because I have already decided on my color themes for next year.

We wrap our smaller copper lights around food cans so they stay untangled and the bigger lights can wrap around a coffee or paint can. Untangling lights will be one less thing we have to do when unpacking the decorations next season.

Christmas tree decorated red and white ornaments

Toss, Donate or Upcycle Any Ornaments You Don’t Use

When packing up your decorations this year, don’t keep hanging onto those items that you haven’t used for more than a year or that are looking tired and worn.

I create 3 piles.

  • Items in good shape that I just don’t use anymore will be donated.
  • Decor that is fading or worn will be tossed.
  • Ornaments I don’t really care for and not sure why I bought them can be upcycled. Think mercury glass!

Be sure to add anything you need to replace to your Christmas Shopping List.

Christmas tree in bright colors

Choose Your Christmas Theme For Next Season

This may be a little harder to do. Your creative juices may need replenishing after the holidays.

But if you can, try to come up with what style and color themes you’d like to try next year to be more prepared for next Christmas.

If you decide now you can get great deals on those ornaments, wreaths, gift wraps, ribbons, and more that are still left in many store inventories.

And as I said already, it will be easier for you to pack up items that will be used together on the same tree or in the same room.

gift wrapping supplies

Buy Christmas Home Decor and Themed Gifts Now For the Great Deals

Retailers need to get rid of their Christmas inventories as soon as possible. This is a great opportunity for you to stock up on holiday decor and gift wrapping supplies for next year while getting a great deal.

Christmas tablescape

Make a Master Christmas List

Create a list of the following…

  • What you need for next year’s holiday decor.
  • People you need to buy gifts for.
  • The inspiration you have found this year on Instagram, Pinterest, and blogs that you’d like to try.
  • Cleaning schedules and guest room items you may need to purchase.
  • Menu for parties and meals you will be hosting.
  • Events you will be hosting or participating in such as cookie exchanges and cocktail parties.

Be sure to cross off the things you have purchased or completed throughout the year so you don’t forget. You can forget a lot in a year.

Note: If you do start buying holiday gifts early, make sure you put them in one area throughout the year so they don’t get lost. Been there, and done that (many times).

Christmas gifts wrapped

Collect Boxes Throughout the Year

If you’re anything like me you will run out of boxes to wrap presents in well before Christmas. Can you imagine being prepared for next Christmas by having a box in the size and shape that you need at the EXACT TIME you need it? Pretty amazing, right?

wrapped Christmas presents

Wrap Your Gifts as You Buy Them

If you’ve already stocked up on your gift wrapping supplies, you should have no problem wrapping each gift you purchase throughout the year.

Imagine the free time this process alone would afford you.

Of course, you can add embellishments closer to the holidays such as dried oranges and fresh greenery.

See 5 Simple Ideas That Will Make Gift Wrapping Fun and Easy HERE.

snowflake ornament on tree

Work on DIY Christmas Projects All Year

I’m sure you have run across an amazing holiday project that you want to try to create for Christmas next year.

Why not start early, when you have a bit of free time available rather than waiting until you are in full holiday frenzy mode? It will be more fun and will most likely look a lot better.

Santa face mug

I hope you have found one or two ideas for preparing for next Christmas worth trying this year. Trust me, it will help you so much and you will not be as stressed during a time when you should be celebrating and enjoying your friends and family.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Let me know what you will be doing this year to take the pressure off the holidays for 2022.

Until next time,

Happy Holiday Planning!


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9 ways to be prepared for next Christmas

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  1. Wow these tips are fantastic Kim! I am definitely going to refer back to this through the year. My favorite tip is debriefing after Christmas, such a fantastic idea!!! Thank you for sharing these tips!

  2. Thank you for the amazing tips and I am going to do it this year; I’ve repacked bins so many times after Christmas but donating items I no longer use is a must do finally!

  3. I definitely need to just take stuff out of my bins to donate before I start packing away the things I used…so many out-of-date decorations squished in the bottom of my bins!!!

  4. I’m using lots of your helpful suggestions this year Kim! I have lots of things to donate and already have an idea of a theme for next Christmas. I’m patting myself on the back feeling like I’m already ahead! ?

  5. Kim, I love the idea of making a list. I am definitely going to do it today. You are absolutely correct about being smart about packing up and organizing your Christmas decorations. We struggle as it is but throwing everything into totes without organizing will be a nightmare for next year. A friend of mine found out the hard way one year. It just makes things so much smoother for the following year. You have lots of great tips here.

  6. Kim
    These are such great ideas. I wish I could decide on next years theme this year but I’m brain dead. Therefore I’ve stored way more than I need for next year. I’ll purge when I pull it out in Sept. wink wink. Lol.

  7. So many great ideas Kim. I love the idea of going through my decorations and donating some then making a list of things I need for next year. Pinning this to remember these great tips! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love your 365 Christmas prep tips for the upcoming holidays. I go out after Christmas to search and buy gift wrap supplies, holiday decor items and potential presents that I think my family and friends will enjoy. This has really kept me from getting overwhelmed during the holidays. I wrap gifts starting in November. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

    1. Thank you so much, Helen. It really does make such a difference in our stress levels during the holidays. And it gives you such a sense of accomplishment throughout the year when you check things off your list.

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