Thrifting for Architectural Salvage Treasures for Home and Garden DIY Projects

Don’t you just love it when you find the perfect materials for a DIY project at a great price? Let me show you all the fun architectural salvage treasures I found while thrifting for some home and garden DIY projects.

vintage truck door

Now that it’s fall and the weather is changing, I’m starting to take on some home and garden DIY projects.

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Architectural salvage we found when thrifting

I remembered a place in Tacoma, WA where we found several of our French doors during our home renovations. We decided to go thrifting one morning at Earthwise Architectural Salvage to see what goodies they had in stock.

vintage lockers

Let’s Take a Look Around

I didn’t come here for lockers, but I always love seeing them while thrifting. If only I could find some space to take some home.

vintage school desks

And how cute are these vintage desks? If you know me, you know that turquoise one caught my eye! The price was $75.

vintage theater seats

I’ve always wanted to have some theater chairs. This was a set of 6 for $250, but some of the seats were in really bad shape.

doors and architectural salvage we found when thrifting

Earthwise has both vintage and new doors, windows, lighting, hardware, and lumber.

Their architectural salvage antiques include stained glass, wrought iron, pillars, posts, and columns. There’s so much history here.

doors and architectural salvage we found when thrifting
columns and posts architectural salvage we found when thrifting
vintage bathtubs

I’ve never seen so many bathtubs in one place. It’s always fun to see gardens that have vintage tubs filled with gorgeous flowers. Now that’s what I call the perfect kind of yard art.

corrugated metal architectural salvage we found when thrifting

I would love to take on a project using corrugated metal roofing. These pieces were $4.00/ft.

sixties slide out stove and glass oven

How many of you are old enough to remember the TV show “Bewitched”? Memories came flooding back when I saw this sixties Frigidaire pull-out stove and glass oven doors that opened upwards.

lighting architectural salvage we found when thrifting

There were so many light fixtures and door hardware. Sadly, there were no real deals to be had. The thrifty finds were outdoors…where we found what we needed for some of our upcoming DIY projects.

architectural salvage we found when thrifting

cottage style living room

DIY Mirror Project

When we bought our vintage cabinet with the copper countertop, my very special friend Candice gifted me a mirror of hers that she had stored in her garage.

I loved how open and light the mirror made this space feel, but the trim around it wasn’t wide enough or the right color for what we already had going on in the living room.

It just didn’t flow with the rest of the decor.

reclaimed wood architectural salvage we found when thrifting

When we went thrifting for architectural salvage, we didn’t think we would find a piece of reclaimed wood as perfect as this to replace the mirror trim.

reclaimed wood architectural salvage we found when thrifting

We paid $10 for the piece of wood. It had some burn marks on the back and some cracks but I loved the rustic feel of it.

loading up the truck with thrifted finds

It was almost too big to transport it home, but it was meant to be.

new reclaimed wood trimmed mirror

And here it is…the finished project.

I’m seriously in love. It’s a pretty nice mirror for $10, wouldn’t you say?

picket fencing architectural salvage we found when thrifting

For the Garden

I’ve been looking for picket fencing for quite a while now and found these. I bought one fence for $18.00. I was really happy about that.

architectural salvage we found when thrifting

Did you find anything you liked? I will definitely be coming here more often when I’m thrifting for architectural salvage. The pricing was a mixed bag but there were some good deals to be had. And they do negotiate.

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Thrifting for architectural salvage

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  1. I love that we have so many great thrifting places around! I have been trying to be good since we are going to move, but have a list of things I want to find to take with me. I just won’t tell Frank! LOL!

    1. Isn’t it so much fun? We don’t seem to have the deals that other places around the country have, but I do find something now and then. Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow Kim!!! What a cool spot! I love the old barn beams and those tubs!!! That picket fence is a steal too! And that mirror looks amazing!!!

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