Cherished Christmas Vintage Decorations for a Classic Holiday

Do you have a love for classic Christmas decorations? The Christmas season is filled with holiday traditions and nostalgia. One of the best ways to capture that classic charm is by decorating your home with cherished vintage decor.

These timeless pieces not only infuse your space with a sense of history but also bring back the magic and holiday cheer of years past. In this blog post, we’ll look at a list of must-have vintage Christmas decorations that are sure to give your home a fabulous and festive vibe.

vintage classic Christmas decorations in an antique shop

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The Red Plantation store with Christmas decor

How Reproductions Differ from Authentic Vintage Decor

Vintage decor and reproduction pieces both offer unique aesthetic qualities, but they differ in several key ways. Understanding these differences can help you make informed choices when decorating your home.

Vintage Decor Pros

  • Genuine, old items with a history
  • Often boasts superior craftsmanship
  • Made from era-appropriate materials
  • Can have significant value and collectibility
  • Offers a unique character
vintage classic Christmas decorations

Reproduction Pros

  • More customizable
  • Readily available through retailers and online

Mixing vintage-inspired reproductions with authentic Christmas vintage holiday decorations can look amazing together.

white Christmas tree with vintage and reproduction ornaments

My Vintage Christmas Decor Top Picks

Here is a list of vintage Christmas decoration must-haves to give your home the perfect amount of holiday spirit this season.

Vintage Ornaments Bring Nostalgia to Life

Let’s start with the heart of your holiday decor – the Christmas tree. Decorating it with vintage ornaments is the perfect way to add nostalgia to your living room.

vintage classic Christmas decorations: vintage ornaments

If you really want a true retro feel, add some icicles to your Christmas tree.

bright colored vintage Christmas ornaments in a pedestal bowl

Vintage ornaments don’t have to only be put on a Christmas tree. Add these old fashioned Christmas decorations to any bowl for an added pop of color and charm.

From glass ornaments passed down through generations to Shiny-Brite classic ornaments found at an estate sale, take a chance on these old-fashioned traditional decorations.


farm table and plaid blanket draped over dining chair

Embrace the Winter Holidays with Vintage Plaid Blankets

It’s all about getting warm and comfy this time of year.


Cozy plaid blankets draped over sofas and chairs, or used as tree skirts create a warm and inviting space and are the perfect old-fashioned Christmas decor.

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vintage classic Christmas decorations: Santa mugs

Sipping With Vintage Santa Mugs

Spread some holiday cheer by sipping hot cocoa or mulled wine from a vintage Santa mug. You’ll feel like a kid again as you celebrate the joyous holiday season.

Santa mug with greenery and red berries

Vintage Santa mugs are hands down my favorite vintage Christmas decorations for the kitchen. There are so many choices out there. I’m always trying to find the best deal possible and there are some out there.

Don’t forget to keep reproductions in mind when it comes to buying mugs. You can build a fabulous Santa collection by mixing together old and new.


vintage classic Christmas decorations: tablescape with poinsettia, garland, ornaments, pomegranates and red and white transferware

Vintage Dinnerware That Sets the Scene

Serve your holiday feast on vintage dinnerware that tells a story and adds a touch of class to your dining table. As you can see, our Traditional red and white Mason Vista transferware brings festive cheer to the Christmas table.

red and white Vista Mason cup with cream bottle brush tree

Use your vintage cups to display mini trees and bottle brush trees during the holiday season.


vintage classic Christmas decorations: collection of nutcrackers

Vintage Nutcrackers in a Season of Tradition

When my daughter was a little girl, she thought nutcrackers were the best Christmas decorations of all. She loved the different looks and sizes available.

Nutcracker figurines standing guard are a traditional symbol of good luck during the holiday season. Place them on your mantel or tabletop for a touch of holiday magic.


vintage classic Christmas decorations stone crock and mini tree

Vintage Stoneware Crocks for the Chrismas Season

Vintage crocks are perfect for displaying festive greenery, like holly branches or mini Christmas trees, adding a rustic and nostalgic holiday touch to your decor.

faux Norfolk pine inside a vintage stone crock

Place vintage crocks strategically throughout your space. Welcome your guests by placing one by your front door filled with birch logs, miniature Christmas trees, or holiday-themed ornaments.

For an extra cozy touch, wrap fairy lights around the crock.


vintage classic Christmas decorations: mini tree decorated with ornaments and lights

Galvanized Buckets and Tubs for Timeless Charm

Use rusty galvanized containers as charming and versatile holiday decor pieces. Fill them with a small Christmas tree, logs, or pinecones.

vintage galvanized bucket filled with seasonal greenery and flowers.

Transform these vintage pieces by adding seasonal greenery and flowers, or even poinsettias for a rustic centerpiece.


vintage cookie cutters in a glass jar

When you think of traditional decorations, you probably wouldn’t think of cookie cutters. But they can be repurposed in creative ways to add a nostalgic and whimsical touch to your Christmas decor.

Fill a glass jar or bowl with vintage cookie cutters for interest in your kitchen. These classic shapes make a great DIY wreath project as well.

Another great idea is to use them as unique ornaments for your Christmas tree by threading a ribbon or twine through the holes in the cookie cutters and hanging them alongside your traditional ornaments.

Another idea is to tie a cookie cutter onto the top of a wrapped gift as a charming and personalized gift tag.


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vintage classic Christmas decorations: black and white vintage sled on porch

Vintage Sleds for Both Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Place a vintage sled on your front porch or by your entryway, accessorized with a festive wreath, evergreen branches, ice skates, or even a winter scarf to create a welcoming and vintage-inspired outdoor display.

Bring on the Christmas spirit by leaning a vintage sled against a wall or fireplace, adding a cozy holiday throw blanket and a string of twinkling lights for some wintery charm.

Antique store with wooden vintage sled and galvanized bucket

Use your sled as a unique tabletop decoration like the one seen at an antique store above.


yellow vintage sled with white ice skates and greenery

Ice Skates and Snowshoes – Winter Classics

Vintage ice skates and snowshoes can be wonderfully repurposed to add a nostalgic and outdoorsy flair to your Christmas decor.

Hang vintage ice skates by your front door, trimmed with a festive wreath or a bundle of evergreen branches, to welcome guests with a touch of wintery charm.

Another creative idea is to fill vintage ice skates with greenery, such as pine branches or poinsettias, and place them on your front porch or along a staircase for a rustic and festive touch.


vintage classic Christmas decorations: snowshoes used as decor

You can also use vintage snowshoes as wall decor, either hanging them individually or as a pair, and embellishing them with twinkling lights or faux snow.


vintage classic Christmas decorations Christmas tablescape

Vintage Brass Candle Holders to Light Up Your Decor

Vintage brass candle holders can add a touch of elegance and warmth to your Christmas decor.

Add tapered candles in the holders and arrange them as a centerpiece on your dining table for a classic and inviting ambiance during holiday gatherings.

You can also place them on your mantel or sideboard, paired with seasonal greenery, such as holly branches or pinecones, to create a timeless display. Consider mixing and matching different styles and heights of vintage brass candle holders for an eclectic yet refined look.


bottle brush trees in yellow and green cabinet

Vintage Bottle Brush Trees in Holiday Decor

Vintage bottle brush trees can add a whimsical and nostalgic touch to your Christmas decor. Arrange them in a decorative tray or on a tabletop, creating a miniature vintage Christmas forest.

bottle brush trees

Place the bottle brush trees alongside vintage ornaments, miniature deer figurines, or other retro holiday decor pieces. You can also sprinkle faux snow or place them in small, vintage-inspired ceramic containers for a delightful snowy scene.


vintage classic Christmas decorations: silver accessories

Vintage Silver Accessories That Dazzle

Incorporate silver candleholders, trays, or decorative ornaments into your holiday display. Silver trays can hold a collection of glass cloches or festive silver bells, creating a memorable holiday vignette.

Decorate your dining table with silver candlesticks and sparkling silver charger plates for a glamorous and festive tablescape.


vintage silverware and cup

You can also repurpose old silverware as part of DIY wreaths or garlands, adding a rustic and vintage element to your seasonal decorations. Or you can keep it simple and show off the silverware in a container.

Hang silver ornaments on your Christmas tree to reflect the warm glow of Christmas lights and add a shimmering accent to your decorations.


glass dome with Santa figurines

The Timeless Charm of Glass Cloches

Place these charming glass domes over small holiday scenes, such as miniature Christmas trees, nativity scenes, or festive figurines, creating enchanting and protected displays.

You can also use them as unique table centerpieces, allowing the cloches to showcase delicate ornaments, snow globes, or even LED candles, casting a warm and intimate glow.


vintage classic Christmas decorations" glass cloche with red and white Mason Vista bowls inside

Display vintage plates and bowls under glass cloches for a unique take on a traditional centerpiece.

7Up green wooden crate for Christmas decor

Decorating with Vintage Wooden Crates

Stack these weathered crates to create unique shelving for your festive displays, whether it’s holding holiday greenery, wrapped gifts, or vintage ornaments.

Add a touch of old-world charm by draping twinkling fairy lights or a garland of pinecones and holly across the crates. You can also repurpose them as a rustic backdrop for your indoor or outdoor nativity scenes or as a unique base for your Christmas tree.

vintage wooden crate and silver and blue Christmas ornaments inside with greenery

What happens if your Christmas ornaments don’t all fit on the tree? Fill a vintage wooden crate with them and some greenery for the perfect holiday decor.


wooden dough bowl with cream crocheted ornaments and flocked branches

Vintage Dough Bowls are the Perfect Holiday Accent

Fill your rustic wooden dough bowls with an assortment of colorful ornaments, pinecones, greenery, or festive potpourri for a charming holiday centerpiece.

You can also use them as unique vessels for displaying a collection of scented candles, creating a cozy and fragrant space for the holidays.

vintage classic Christmas decorations: wooden dough bowl filled with pine cones, greenery, and ornaments

A dough bowl filled with pinecones, ornaments, or even wrapped gifts adds a personal and festive touch to your home.


copper canisters and white vintage scale with Santa mugs

Copper Accessories Ages to Perfection

Incorporating vintage copper accessories into your Christmas decor can add a rich and timeless element to your holiday setting.

Hang antique copper ornaments on your Christmas tree or display them in clusters to catch the warm glow of holiday lights.

Place vintage copper candleholders on your dining table or mantel to create an elegant and inviting ambiance. You can also use copper trays or bowls to hold decorative pinecones or small seasonal arrangements.


vintage classic Christmas decorations: kitchen open shelving vintage ideas

Make a Statement With Vintage Kitchen Accessories

Vintage mixing bowls can hold colorful ornaments and cookie cutters or be filled with holiday treats as a charming centerpiece.

Rustic rolling pins and breadboards, just like grandma used to have in her kitchen, look great displayed in a wicker basket on a kitchen counter.


vintage classic Christmas decorations: white vintage scale with a bowl of greenery and berries on top

Old-fashioned kitchen scales can be used to display miniature Christmas village scenes or as a base for a bowl filled with holiday greenery and berries.

These vintage kitchen accessories infuse your Christmas decor with a cozy and homely vibe, celebrating the warmth of the holiday season and the cherished traditions of the kitchen.


vintage classic Christmas decorations: Christmas vintage tablescape

By embracing these classic vintage decorations, you’ll be transported to a time when the holiday season was all about tradition, warmth, and the magic of Christmas.

Whether you find these vintage items at an antique shop, flea markets, or even through an Etsy shop, they’ll help to create a festive mood that captures the true essence of the season.

So, get ready to create a home filled with cherished memories and the unmistakable charm of a classic Christmas decoration. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, after all!

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Until next time,

Happy Holiday Decorating!

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Christmas vintage decorations for a classic holiday

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