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Have Fun With Faux Flowers and Greenery

Fresh flowers and plants are always my favorite decor choices, but sometimes it’s not an option. You can have a lot of fun with faux flowers and greenery these days. I’ll show you how I’ve used them throughout the house and how realistic they look.

Faux flowers and greenery can be pricey, depending on where you buy them, but worth every penny in my opinion! These faux beauties will last for years, and they do make a huge statement. You get what you pay for.

faux flowers and green vintage container and picnic basket

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faux forsythia flowers and pine cabinet
faux peony flowers in front of a window

I’ve planted 6 peony bushes in my yard over the last 3-4 years. They produce more and more blooms each year, but I still don’t have enough to keep me going all season.

These faux peonies mixed with fresh flowers will get me through the season.

faux cherry blossoms in a rattan vase holder

Nothing says spring more than pretty pink petals like these faux cherry blossoms. They’re sure to brighten up any spot in your home.

faux forsythias

Faux forsythias are my absolute favorite flowers to display around the house! The bright pop of yellow will cheer you up in no time. I have a sweet neighbor who shares her forsythia branches with me every year.

I take these cuttings and force bloom them in the house. But, while I’m waiting for the real thing, these will do just fine!

faux dogwood branches in glass vase and spring decor

Faux dogwood branches fit in with any home decor style, They make a simple, yet beautiful statement.

faux greenery in a metal bucket with botanique flower market sign

I hate to admit it, but I do not have a green thumb when it comes to household plants. I’m always forgetting to water them and move them around all the time.

They’re just an incredible challenge for me. Luckily, there are so many faux greenery options out there!

faux greenery with copper kettle on turquoise cabinet

They give a room such a pop of color.

faux eucalyptus branches in a vintage newspaper holder

I love how eucalyptus looks with other faux flowers, or just by themselves. I even mix them in with fresh flowers for the perfect filler. They also look great in a dough bowl with fruit or made into a wreath.

Faux eucalyptus wreath

I bring my faux eucalyptus out for Christmas decorating and keep them out through spring.

faux greenery in a terra cotta pot

When putting your faux greenery in a container, use your imagination. Terra cotta pots are a perfect look for spring.

faux ficus plant in corner

Use faux trees to liven up any drab corner in your home.

faux grass in a white pitcher, vintage scale and wicker picnic basket

Faux grasses are also a great look for spring.

faux olive branched in kitchen

I love the way faux olive branches look. They’re used in every room but love them most in the kitchen.

faux olive tree wreath hanging on shutters

This faux olive branch wreath looks perfect on my vintage shutters.

faux lemons in a dough bowl with faux eucalyptus

And how about some faux fruit? I use my lemons and green apples all spring and summer, for an added pop of color.

faux green apples in a white bowl on the counter

I hope I have inspired you to have some fun with faux flowers and greenery. Your home will look bright and cheery, even if the outdoors are still a bit gloomy.

If you have any questions or additional suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below. And be sure to share this blog post link with anyone who may find these ideas useful.

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    1. I have bought some at Magnolia, Pier One, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. I have also made the mistake of ordering online, and sometimes I’m not happy with the quality. If you have to order online, which most of us are doing right now, pay attention to the reviews, and check out their return policy! Also, try to wait for a sale, they all have them. They can be expensive! The tree is from quite a while ago, but I know Pottery Barn had them.

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