Saltwater Sounds Weekly: Transitioning to Mid-Fall

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 greenhouse decorated for fall


The leaves are starting to finally fall here in the Seattle area. And my fall garden is looking tired.

The dahlias, asters, and mums are looking a bit mushy from the rain. Early fall is over.

This coming week is when we start seeing a real change in the weather. It’s like flipping a switch. As for the temperatures, the sixties will turn into fifties and we will get more rain.

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skeleton Halloween decoration

Are you getting ready for Halloween?

We don’t get any trick-or-treaters here but the community does put on a great “Trunk-or-Treat” on Friday. From what I’ve heard, there are over 500 kiddos who participate.

We’re looking forward to decorating the back of our SUV and passing out candy. It’s so much fun to see all the cute costumes.

And yes, Skella (pictured above) will be coming with us.

pumpkins in the greenhouse

A Busy Week in the Garden

There’s still a lot to do this coming week in the garden. Here’s what I have planned:

  • The remaining cut flowers from summer will be removed and replaced with spring-blooming bulbs.
  • In order to overwinter the geraniums we will pull them from their containers and transplant them into individual pots in the greenhouse.
  • More annual seeds will be harvested and saved for next year’s cut flower garden.
  • We will start mulching fallen leaves and start adding layers to the garden beds for winter protection.
cottage kitchen decorated for fall

The Nesting Season

This is also the week when I start changing gears and focusing more on the inside of our home.

I’m trying to tackle some projects on my never-ending to-do list before the holidays. Painting is always at the top of the list.

grey kitchen island

I decided to paint my kitchen island a dark gray through the winter and then perhaps brighten it up in the spring with one of the colors many of you have suggested.

I am working on organizing my office/studio and will share that space with you next week. I don’t think I’ve ever shown it before.

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Christmas decorations in a store

Christmas Decor is in Full Force

It doesn’t matter what store I shop these days, Christmas decor is out and dominating the floor space.

In many stores, their fall items are 30-40% off. And there isn’t much of it left.

I took these pictures at a local store called The Garden Room in Gig Harbor. And let me tell you…they do Christmas like no one else around here.

Neutral Christmas decorations in a store

Even if you’re not ready to decorate for the holiday season, you may want to at least think about shopping for your favorite decor items before they sell out.

I remember trying to buy some things after Thanksgiving last year and they were already gone.

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pink dahlia

3-Week Dahlia Mini Course

My gardening friend Jennifer at The Flowering Farmhouse is offering a 3-week dahlia mini course which starts on Monday, October 23rd.

Here’s what the 3-week dahlia mini-course will cover:

  • 3 Modules: Digging, Dividing, and Storing Dahlia Tubers
  • Live Q&A Sessions: After Each Module (Yes, we’ll connect in our Private Facebook Group!)
  • Course Starts Monday, October 23rd, 2023

Jennifer will take you through the ins and outs of winter dahlia care. From perfecting the art of digging them up, and making the call on when to divide, to ensuring they’re snug as a bug in storage.


silver and blue ornaments in vintage wooden crate with greenery

Simple Ideas for Christmas Decorating on a Budget

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open shelving in kitchen with vintage decor collections

Add Warmth for Fall With Vintage Copper Kitchen Accessories

Embrace the cozy fall season by mixing some warm vintage copper kitchen accessories with your fall home decor. In this post, I’ll share the timeless charm of copper and how these accessories can elevate your autumnal ambiance…CONTINUE READING.


This is the most charming cottage kitchen.

You can make this fall DIY rustic wreath in less than 15 minutes.

If you want your home to smell amazing, here’s an easy Christmas simmer pot recipe for a cozy holiday.

Check out these antiquing secrets on how to find the best deals and avoid fakes.

I’m loving these ideas for Thanksgiving table cloth decoration and table decor.

You’re definitely going to want to try this gluten-free sourdough starter banana bread recipe.

Here’s a guide to harvesting zinnia seeds so you have more to grow next year.

See how these 3 beautiful holiday tablescapes were created with one set of China.

These spiced pumpkin shortbread cookies sound so delicious.

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to see on the blog! Thank you for being here.

Until next time,

Wishing a wonderful week ahead,

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Saltwater Sounds graphic with fall greenhouse

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  1. Love the new grey paint, it looks fabulous, it really grounds the room. I am a big fan of dark/charcoal/black additions to rooms. Many designers feel the same way. That Christmas store display is very inviting.

  2. Happy Sunday, Kim! I hope to get to enjoy some fall weather a bit longer before the chilly rain settles in. Our weather has been all over the place lately. We’re expecting mid 80’s tomorrow and forecasted to only have highs in the 50’s by next weekend.

    Thank you for sharing my holiday simmer pot recipe. I hope your readers enjoy it as much as I do!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing our Dahlia Mini Course today! We’re so excited to kick off the course on Monday, October 23rd at 10am PST. Looking forward to helping gardeners properly dig, divide, and store their dahlias over winter!

  4. Happy Fall Kim! Looks like you have many projects to keep you busy. I’ll be looking forward to your holiday decorating updates. By the way, I finally made it to Details in Poulsbo last week. What a great shop!

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