Saltwater Sounds Weekly: Bundling Up in Seattle

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This and That

I try to start my weekly post with something besides the weather, but it looks like many of us are extra chilly this weekend.

For those of you dealing with the extreme cold temperatures, how are you holding up? I hope you’re able to stay safe and snug despite what’s happening outside your home.

We rarely dip into the twenties in this area, but when we get down to 18°F, that certainly gets our attention. I won’t complain about how cold it is though. I know it’s quite balmy compared to the below-freezing temperatures many of you are experiencing.

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This summer garden picture will hopefully make you smile for all the flowers to come.

I’m worried about leaving my dahlia tubers in the ground. I usually don’t have to think about them tucked away for the winter with a layer of mulch. Our winters are mild, but it’s hard to say how they will fare this season.

All I can do is wait and see. Fingers crossed.

This is the part of gardening that used to stress me out a lot more than it does now. But I’m finally starting to learn after 11 years that this is part of the process, learning to live with the things you can’t control.

Here are a couple of pictures from the last night of our boat trip in Gig Harbor. They were just too pretty to file away. The boat above was just across from where we were staying. It is so beautiful in the evening.

I was told that the boat doesn’t run so they have turned it into an Airbnb.

This is how close we were to Anthony’s Restaurant from the boat.

The first picture of this post was from the sidewalk next to Anthony’s, looking back at our boat. Isn’t she beautiful among all the lights?

Around the Garden and Greenhouse

I couldn’t resist sharing another summer picture of the garden and greenhouse. We all need a little perking up after this crazy winter week.

My plan last week was to start the sweet pea seeds but that quickly changed.

It was just too cold to start them in the greenhouse, even with the heater running. So I will start them, along with the snapdragons and yarrow, when things warm up again next week.

We may see highs in the 50s. Let’s see how my garden feels about a 30-degree fluctuation. Should be interesting.

Here’s the seed-sowing schedule for the rest of the month:

  • Next week: sweet peas, snapdragons, yarrow
  • 21-27: chocolate lace Dara

I’m also going to try to start more geraniums from the plants that are overwintering in the greenhouse.

And of course, I’m behind schedule with my cut flower garden plan. I’m hoping to have that finalized by the end of next week. I’ll share it with you then.

We’ve been bringing in the hummingbird feeder every few hours to keep their food from freezing. It’s been so interesting to see how fast they come to eat after we put it back out.

What a great reminder to make sure these amazing pollinators are being fed through the winter.

In other news, the moles are still wreaking havoc in my garden spaces. I’m past being annoyed at this point. Thank you for letting me vent once again about the moles.

My Gardening Tool and Product Favorites

Around Our Beach Cottage

In between planning this year’s garden, and working on my 2024 content creation on the blog, I have been spending a lot of time going through closets and cupboards and deciding which things I don’t need anymore.

Seriously, how many vintage copper tea kettles does one girl need?

I’m feeling really good about making more space and organizing my home for a fresh start. Remember what they say…you have to make a mess to clean up a mess. That’s at least the reminder I give my husband every day while I continue this cleansing and organizing tour I seem to be on.

I have been wanting to paint my bright pink sofa table for a few years now. And I can’t take it anymore. I painted it a pale blue yesterday. Love it!

What I’m Loving This Week

From the Blog

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My Favorite Inspiration Around the Web This Week

I can’t wait to try this perfect winter dinner before the end of the month. It’s quick, easy, and looks delicious!

I’m loving these tips for decorating a cozy winter bedroom retreat on a budget.

Learn how to grow paperwhites indoors and use them in your winter decor.

I didn’t realize how easy it is to make a seashell shadow box.

You can make these bronze bumble bee napkin rings too.

This Jenny Martin Design project is gorgeous.

Check out these no-sew kitchen cafe curtains.

Here are 5 easy Valentine wreaths with DIY paper roses & Dollar Tree frames.

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to see on the blog! Thank you for being here.

Until next time,

Wishing a wonderful week ahead,

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  1. I THOUGHT ALL HUMMINGBIRDS WENT SOUTH FOR THE WINTER? So surprised to see your feeder with a hummer on it.

  2. We love the recipes from the Half Baked Harvest book also! Your posts are always so informative, fun, and inspiring!
    Since we recently moved north at the end of March to Port Townsend, we have found your gardening information even more helpful! I have one question: Can you tell me what type of heater you use in your adorable green house? We just build a greenhouse, and my husband is not yet convinced that he needs one (He does). He knows all about your amazing garden, and agrees you really know your stuff!



    1. Hi Jane,
      Thank you for your kind words. Port Townsend is one of my favorite places to visit, especially by boat. We love going to Fort Warden with the dogs. I hope you can convince your husband that a heater is a must! At least if you’re going to grow flowers and veggies before the last frost. The ceiling mounted heater we bought many years ago is no longer available but here’s one that looked similar: . And here’s the affiliate link for the thermostat we have: . Hope that helps! Thank you so much for reaching out!

  3. Kim
    I’m so blown away by your images. You are so sweet to share my Valentines Wreaths. Have the best week.

  4. I don’t see a problem with multiple copper tea pots, Said a vintage copper collector. I hope you are staying warm during this winter storm.

    1. Love it Renae! I couldn’t agree more! I’m happy to see the temps getting warmer, but I could do without the rain. I know the weather has been worse for you than here. Hope you have been keeping warm.

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