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Random This & That

In the Garden: I seem to form the perfect game plan EVERY SINGLE YEAR. It’s always the same…this will be the year when everything runs smoothly, everything gets done according to plan and my flowers will live happily ever after. And everything DOES go according to plan…at first. But then the plan seems to fall apart.

But that’s ok. It really is. I’m trying not to let those missed deadlines affect me as I have in the past. Rather than stressing out about it, I’m focusing on how it feels to be in the garden or greenhouse, even if it’s for an hour or so. It’s all about garden therapy for sure.

For those of you that are going through the same thing when it comes to meeting your own gardening deadlines, I hope you are all giving yourselves some much-deserved grace and focusing more on the experience rather than meeting your timelines. Gardening is supposed to be fun after all, right?

New Raised Flower Box: Guess what! My sweet, amazing husband built me a new raised flower bed that we added to the garden area in front of the greenhouse. I’ll be adding the flowers this weekend. I’ll be sharing more over on Instagram stories.

Survey: I’ve been thinking more about this weekly wrap-up blog post. I am hearing some great feedback, but I’m hoping you can give me even more regarding the day the email goes out to you. In a perfect world, which day would you want your email delivered? Do you like getting it on Saturdays? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Deals: Anthropologie – extra 40% off all sale items this weekend.

What’s Happening at Shiplap and Shells…


30 bloggers shared their spring homes for the Bloggers Best Spring Home Tours last week. It was so much fun and I got so many great ideas! You can find all the lady’s links to their blogs at the end of my spring home tour.

Yes, Ollie made the cut into the spring home tour blog post.


Our inspiration photo for our monthly Pinterest Challenge was a birdhouse-themed centerpiece which added a unique twist to my spring tablescape.

Coming Up on the Blog:

  • Spring bedroom refresh with you on Monday, along with some other friends, so stay tuned.
  • Trimming ferns in the yard for spring.
  • Kitchen “before and after” pictures will be revealed.

My Favorite Inspiration Around the Web From Last Week…

Michele of Vintage Home Designs shares the most beautiful spring-inspired table, and it’s one of my all-time favorites.

Tammy of Chez Nous shares a chipotle chicken and rice skillet recipe.

More Inspiration…

This perfect vintage thrifted find.

This pasta recipe.

The cutest burlap bunny napkins rings you’ve ever seen.

Focaccia bread art.

A review for gardener lovers.

How to keep pests out of your garden.

This spring DIY wreath.

Another spring birdhouse-themed tablescape.

A great DIY to protect your strawberries.

DIY painted speckled eggs.

In Case You Missed It…

10 Flowers to Plant for a Low- Maintenance Garden

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  1. Kim I totally agree – being out there and renewing your spirit is the thing! Your garden is so beautiful, it renews mine just looking at it! 🙂 I love your weekly wrap up, and Saturday is the perfect day, when I might actually have time to sit down and read it all through! We’re hoping to do more gardening this year. Our tiny city lot shouldn’t be too difficult! 🙂 Thanks so much for all the inspiration, and Ollie too! Happy Sunday!

    1. I’m so glad that gardening is in the plans for you Barbara! And I really appreciate you taking the time to give me feedback. Have a great week my friend.

  2. I always plan my gardening in the spring too and it always goes awry. It’s just the nature of the beast I think. Your home looks fabulous. I especially love the birdhouse.

  3. Love this week’s wrap up! Lots of great inspiration. And I’m so glad we are getting back into the garden. I’m hoping to get mine cleaned up this week!

  4. Thanks for sharing all of your weekly happenings in one place. To answer your question, this weekly wrap-up is a great way to see all of your posts from the past week. If you change that, please keep ups posted on your latest and greatest 🙂

    1. I probably won’t change it Chas, but it just seems like so many bloggers share their wrap-ups on the weekends and I didn’t know if it was too much, Thanks for being here.

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