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turquoise cabinet in kitchen

This and That…

Hello! How are you? How was your first week of 2023?

Things seem back to normal over here and I even know what day it is again. Most of the time.

I should have the house back in order by next week. I’m working on organizing and storing all the Christmas decor this weekend.

In case you have some organizing to do of your own, you might want to hold off until January 14th when it’s National Organize Your Home Day.

geraniums overwintering in greenhouse

Let’s Talk Gardening

Today marks the start of the 2023 growing season. I’M READY! How about you?

I’ve checked on the geraniums overwintering in the greenhouse and so far, so good.

I bought 4 varieties of sweet peas to grow in the cut flower garden this year. I’m most likely going to be sowing them the last week of January and I’ll take you through the process.

I’m sharing my 2023 seed selection next week. Have you gotten any seeds yet?

From the feedback I got back last week, it looks like there are plenty of gardening lovers that are ready for some beginning gardening and low-maintenance posts.

Let’s Go Shopping

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From the Blog

daisies in cottage garden

Enjoy Your Favorite Gardening Blog Posts of all Time

Do you have gardening on your mind now that the holiday season is behind us? Today I’m sharing your favorite blog posts from my cottage and cut flower garden to give you the beginning-of-the-year tips and inspiration you may be looking for.

January gardening tips and to dos

January Gardening Tips and To-Dos for the Pacific Northwest Region

You may not think there’s much that needs to be done in the garden this month, but you’ll be surprised to know that there’s plenty of gardening work to do during these cold winter months. Here are some January gardening tips and to-dos in your Pacific Northwest garden.

black-eyed Susans

How to Plan Your Perfect Cut Flower Garden This Season with Efficiency

Are you thinking about starting a cut flower garden, and have no idea where to start? I’ll show you the process I go through when planning my cut flower garden each season.

My Favorite Inspiration Around the Web…

care package

Leslie at My 100-Year-Old Home has the best way to make people feel better. See how she made this Feel Better, Get Better, I Care About you Box for any situation.

This charming countryside villa in Sweden.

This 52 weeks to a simplified & organized home challenge.

bearded irises

My friend Stacy at Bricks ‘n Blooms has 5 reasons why you should grow beautiful bearded irises.

Deep-rooted goals build habits that last.

How to age and style terra cotta pots.

banana bread

Tieghan at Half-Baked Harvest has the most delicious maple banana bread with cinnamon spice butter recipe.

This Marble Falls Home from designer Marie Flanagan.

This beautiful blue and white tablescape.

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to see on the blog! Thank you for being here.

Until next time,

Wishing a week full of joy, kindness, and peace.


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  1. I always love seeing what you’re up to each week, Kim! Thanks so much for all you do to lift and encourage others. I’m so excited about your garden and I can’t wait to see what kind of advice you have for beginners and container gardens. I definitely need help in selecting the right plants and finding the right combinations. What looks pretty in my head is not usually available when I get to the garden center and then I feel totally stuck. Thank you for sharing my home challenge post, I really appreciate it! It helps keep us on track all year! Big hugs, CoCo

  2. Hi Kim, such an inspiration as always! Miss seeing you but looking forward to many more in 2023, best to you my friend:)

  3. It’s so sad to put Christmas away but so nice at the same time! I cant wait to see what seeds you bought this year. I’m so looking forward to the gardening season. It can’t come fast enough! Thanks for sharing my post! xoxo

  4. Hello! Always love your emails, blogs and advice! LOVE the kitchen table and just getting ready to pull the trigger on a Pottery Barn table but wanted to see where yours is from? I’m also ordering the PB seagrass chairs 🙂 Thanks!!

    1. Hi Michelle. Thank you for the kind words. We had the table custom-made by Dutch Crafters. Love those seagrass chairs from PB!

  5. I am new to your blog and love your style! Very similar to mine; colors, simplicity, and lots of farm style and flowers!! I am just ordering seeds since it’s been super cold here in Colorado. I am sooo ready for spring. What Zone are you in? We get very little water. Cannot wait to see your gardens.

    Cheers, Karen

    1. Hi Karen! Thank you so much for being here. And I’m so glad you like the blog. I’m in zone 8b and in the Seattle area so I get a lot of rain. We are very fortunate that we have a well that helps with watering in the summer. I just ordered my last batch of seeds this morning and am so excited to get started soon. Have a great week!

  6. Hi Kim! Your house is looking fresh and clean! Just one day on January 14 to organize my home?? How about Organize Your Home month??!! I know you are excited to get back to gardening! I have a bit longer to wait, haha! I will be cutting back my limelights the end of next month, though! Happy 2023!

  7. I just wanted to say that of all of the blogs that I regularly read, yours is my favorite. Your house and setting are so beautiful! I love hearing about the decorating that you do, trips on your boat, and activities that are going on where you live. What an idyllic setting! Happy New year!!!

    1. I can’t thank you enough for your kind words, Hilary. I’m so happy to hear that you like reading my blog regularly. You’ve made my day. If there is ever anything you would like to see here, please let me know and I’ll do my best. Happy New Year!

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