My Top Viewed Home and Gardening Blog Posts of 2022

Are you ready to see your favorite blog posts of 2022? It was a great year on the blog and today I’m sharing last year’s top 10 posts for both home and garden.

It’s the end of another year and still so hard for me to grasp that 2022 is already over and we’re starting a brand new year.

I always love researching which were your favorite posts from the past year on the blog.

After realizing that the majority of the top posts were about gardening I decided to break them out into the following sections by home and garden posts from last year.

Top blog posts in 2022: handful of strawflowers

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Top blog posts in 2022: spring kitchen

Here are the most-read posts from the previous year for you to enjoy once again. You’ll find that the seasonal home tours were the most popular posts in the home category.

If you’re looking for some home decor inspiration for spring come to take a tour of our spring cottage-style home.

Vintage decor, spring bulbs in pots, and cute little bunnies take over my living room and kitchen for the spring season.

Top blog posts in 2022: fresh fall flowers on table

Aren’t these the most gorgeous fresh fall flowers? They all came from my cut flower garden.

In this post, I shared some autumn-season decorating options that are not only simple but also budget-friendly.

Another great reason for reading this post is that you’ll find home fall decorating ideas that are sure to save you time while transitioning your home to warm and cozy autumn vibes next year.

Top blog posts in 2022: summer living room with dough bowl of green apples

If you’re ready for some simple ways to bring those summer vibes to your home, this is your type of post.

Take a tour of my 1920 beach cottage while picking up new ideas for summer decorating that will not only brighten up your home quickly but are easy to add to your existing decor mix.

Top blog posts in 2022: fall living room tour

Don’t you love this beautiful vintage dough bowl with green apples in it?

There are those really pricey pieces I find myself on the fence about whether I should buy or not. I completely made the right decision on this rustic piece. It’s an investment that I can use every season.

If you’re looking for a better way to decorate your home simply for fall, look no further. This fall fresh seasonal home tour has plenty of cozy cottage-style touches.

Top blog posts in 2022: Christmas living room

It’s not too early to start thinking about decorating for the next Christmas season. In fact, it’s a perfect time for me. I’m already jotting notes down and deciding on color themes after looking at new ideas from other bloggers.

This holiday post has some of the best content for quick and simple Christmas decorating tips and ideas.

Christmas ornaments in vintage wooden crate

Are you a fan of all things antique and vintage like I am? Here I share some wonderful ways to use special vintage finds for Christmas decor.

I love writing blog posts about my vintage and thrifted finds. If you missed this post, be sure you check it out.

Christmas bedroom

What better way to spread holiday cheer than to decorate your bedroom for Christmas?

My decorated bedroom was such a bright spot on my blog last year with the decked-out mantel and twinkle lights.

I also share tips on budget-friendly decor and how to decorate a smaller room with ease here.

Christmas kitchen

If you think about it, it’s amazing that 4 of the 10 best home blog posts of the year happened to be about Christmas decor.

That means that these posts only had a month or two to gain so many views.

This kitchen holiday seasonal tour shares different ways to decorate your kitchen quickly and easily.

Summer kitchen

Here’s another kitchen blog post for 2022 where I decorated this space for fall. Here’s the sunny summer kitchen in my 1920 beach cottage.

If you’re cold and longing for the summer sun and warmth, it’s a great time to take a summer tour to warm up a bit.

Top blog posts in 2022: vintage wooden stool with dried flowers

Sharing thrifted and flea market finds on the blog are always the kind of posts that people love to read.

Here’s a post where I share my many vintage stools around the house and how I use them for decor. You would be surprised by how many ways you can use a vintage stool in your home.

It’s the end of the year and the results are in. It was a great year for seasonal home tours. Vintage posts were another favorite from last year.

Now let’s move on to the garden.

There’s something to be said for gardening ideas, tips, and inspiration.

Whether the beautiful touches of my garden are in my social media posts or on the blog, the most popular posts for 2022 were about gardening, no matter what the season.

Top blog posts in 2022: white with purple center dahlia

The next 2 garden recap posts are both about dahlias and are older posts that were republished in 2022.

It may be a little bit late (or a lot late for some areas) for storing dahlia tubers these coming months but if you haven’t overwintered our dahlias, this is some meaningful content for the coming year.

row of colorful dahlias

Are you new to dahlia plants?

I remember the first time I planted a couple of dahlia tubers from a neighbor and was hooked instantly! Dahlia blooms are one of the greatest things in my garden and the blooms usually last through October in my area, hardiness zone 8b.

The picture you see above was probably the best year for dahlias. Aren’t they just stunning?

Top blog posts in 2022: white cosmos

Within the past couple of years, I’ve published a blog series about how to start a cut flower garden.

I went a step further last year by writing about individual varieties of annuals I grow in the greenhouse. 3 of those cut flowers are in the top 10 blog posts in 2022.

Growing cosmos by seed in the greenhouse was a favorite on the blog and I can see why. It’s one of my favorite annuals that I grow in the garden. And did I happen to mention that they’re very easy to grow as well?

Top blog posts in 2022: café au lait dahlia

Did you know that dividing your dahlia tubers every year has many benefits?

Here I shared my process for dividing tubers and the advantages of splitting these dahlia root clumps annually.

white picket fence garden and birdhouse

Trends are very popular on the blog. Especially when they have to do with the garden.

With the threat of climate change, drought-resistant plants are a trend that I’ll be working on this summer in the garden.

Top blog posts in 2022: fuchsia zinnias

We saw the post about the cosmos, and now we see that learning about growing zinnias by seed is another popular post that did well on the blog in 2022.

If you want an easy way to add beauty and color to your garden and your home, growing zinnias is the way to do it.

greenhouse and cut flower and vegetable garden

I love sharing my seed selection for the cut flower garden every January and apparently, the Shiplap and Shells readers love reading about my choices.

When it comes to the entire gardening process, choosing seeds is my favorite part. I usually start sowing seeds like sweet peas and snapdragons at the end of January.

I always continue growing flowers that I had a great year with and are easy to grow, but I also add a couple of new things into the mix. It’s fun to try a different variety or two each growing season.

coneflowers in pot

I get questions about the garden all the time so I decided to write a post with answers to some of the questions I’m asked.

I’d love to hear if you would like more “Q & A” posts to continue on the blog and how frequently.

Top blog posts in 2022: colorful strawflowers

Strawflowers are another great annual to grow in your cut flower garden and are one of my favorites.

They are such unique flowers and feel papery and dried.

late summer cottage garden

Are you a fan of low-maintenance gardening?

I’ve shared some flowering plant options for you that I’ve found easy to grow.

Low-maintenance perennials are one of the greatest things you can grow if you’re a busy person with little time to garden.

And there you have it…the top blog posts from 2022.

It was fun for me to review posts to see which ones were viewed the most throughout the year. I hope you take some time to look through the ones that interest you.

I’m always looking for new blog content and would love your feedback. Please share the home and garden topics you would like me to write about for 2023. Thank you as always for being here.

Until next time,

Happy New Year!

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