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How to Warm up Your Fall Table Using Pumpkins and Mums

Are you looking for warm and welcoming tablescape ideas for the autumn season? I’ll show you how I warmed up this fall table using pumpkins and mums to create a cozy place to gather and entertain.

My favorite time to create seasonal tablescapes is during the autumn months.

It’s a time of nesting and creating warm and cozy spaces in our homes. I can’t wait to share one of my favorite fall tablescapes with you today.

fall table using pumpkins and mums

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Fall table with pumpkins and mums

My favorite way to bring the feeling of fall indoors is to use plenty of outdoor elements when creating a tablescape. For this particular autumn table, I used pumpkins, mums, and a little moss.

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Fall table with pumpkins and mums

The great thing about bringing outdoor elements into your home is that it’s so EASY! The colors are gorgeous this time of year. I love the warmth these seasonal pumpkins and mums bring to this fall tablescape.

What are some of your favorite outdoor elements this time of year?

Fall table with pumpkins and mums

Let’s be real.

I did go a little crazy for these pumpkins when I took my pictures.

It could have been the passion I have for pumpkins that made me do it. Of course, I will take a large pumpkin or two off the table when it comes time for dinner. I promise!

Fall table with pumpkins and mums

Starting a small pumpkin patch last fall was such a big accomplishment for me, The white and green pumpkins you see here were from my garden.

orange mums

I love the warm-colored mums I chose for my warm and cozy fall tablescape. They play off the white pumpkins perfectly.

orange mums and white pumpkins

A great way to hide the plant containers was to add moss in between the pumpkins and mums.

Fall table with pumpkins and mums

One of my favorite fall accessories and an essential part of my autumn decor is copper. My copper mugs are a staple for all of my fall and winter holiday tablescapes.

terra cotta pot with moss and white pumpkin

Here’s a fun little fall display for each place setting with a white mini pumpkin and some moss in a terra cotta pot.

The white plates, table runner, and plaid cloth napkins are from Home Goods.

fall centerpiece

Candles add the warmth and ambiance I’m always looking for when creating a fall tablescape.

Fall table with pumpkins and mums

Hopefully, I’ve offered an idea or two on how to create a fall table using pumpkins and mums for a warm and cozy vibe that you can use.

If you have any questions or additional suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below. And be sure to share this blog post link with anyone who may find these gardening tips useful.

Until next time,

Happy Fall Decorating!

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Fall table with pumpkins and mums

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  1. Hi my friend! Every time I stop by your blog I am so inspired. I just love the way you have brought the outside in to your fall table. Beauty in the simplicity…pumpkins and mums two of my faves. Love!

  2. Your table is just breath taking Kim. The mix of the colors you chose and the textures are the perfect combination.
    I love that you grew your own pumpkins too. I would love to do this, but I think it takes a lot of space. I would love to ear more about your growing experience sometime.

  3. Kim your pumpkins and mums are perfect! I love the little pumpkins topiaries at each seat…so clever! The cozy corner table has me dreaming of a window seat in my home!

  4. Love, love, love this gorgeous tablescape Kim and just added it to my Fall boards too. All the pumpkins are super cute and I love the way you added the pop of color with the mums too. Each layer of texture is amazing and really makes it all feel cozy. You did such a great job on everything! Hugs, CoCo

  5. I love this cozy table dressed for fall , November is such a beautiful month I don’t like to
    rush over November on my way to Christmas.
    I know many who are starting to get their Christmas decorating going I think they miss the bounty of
    fall and Thanksgiving.
    Of course this makes me far behind when it comes to getting decorations up for Christmas!
    I so enjoy your beautiful blog Kim

    1. I know what you mean Alexis. It’s that fine line. I have always decorated for Christmas on Black Friday. But I may go a little early this year by transitioning first, without going full on Christmas. My mind changes daily!

  6. Hi Kim – I recently found you and am loving every post! My dream is a tiny cottage on a lake, and I savor every detail of your adorable home. I love it when I see shiplapandshells in my inbox! It’s like opening a present! Although I don’t often comment, please know how very much I appreciate all you do! xoxo

    1. That is just the nicest comment Peg. Thank you for making my day. I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to let me know.

  7. Your table setting is beautiful! It’s Fall back an hour tonight, so you get an extra hour of sleep – yeah! We use to own a house in Home that we sold three years ago to buy a home in Hawaii. I’ve seen your home and your garden is incredible! We live in Olalla, so we are very close to your home. The leaves are so vivid red and yellow this Fall. Love this time of year!

    1. You are practically my neighbor! Olalla is so close. And yes, I did mess that up. And my mom always taught me to use the “fall back and spring ahead” rule. I don’t know what I was thinking, but thank you for setting me straight. I always love getting an extra hour added to my life, at least for just a little bit.

    1. Thank you Carol. We added the window seat to the room just a few years ago and it has made such a big difference.

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