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How to Create a Garden Party Easter Tablescape on a Budget

Looking for some new table decorating ideas for Easter this year? I’ve created an Easter “garden party” themed tablescape that not only looks amazing but can be accomplished on any budget.

Easter garden party tablescape

6 Easter Tablescapes to Inspire You

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be planning an Easter tablescape after months of a wet and gloomy winter.

I am joining 5 other bloggers today to give you the best tips and ideas for creating a beautiful tablescape for Easter. A special thank you to my friend Pasha of Pashia is Home for hosting this blog hop.

If you’re coming from Kim of Cottage in the Mitten, welcome! Didn’t you love her simple yet beautiful blue and pink Easter table?

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Easter garden party tablescape

My Easter “Garden Party” Table

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I am a flower girl.

Most of my seasonal tablescapes are garden-inspired and this Easter’s table will be no different. I’ve basically created a garden party on a budget.

yellow violas

Bring on the Spring Blooms Without Breaking the Bank

When buying plants for my garden-inspired Easter tablescape, I spent a little over $15.00.

I bought a 6 pack of pretty yellow violas for under $5.00.

yellow primroses

When Costco gets their primroses in every February I get so excited. I snagged a 15 pack for $12.99. And let me tell you, they go a long way!

Each primrose pot is about $.87 which is right in line with my budget.

daffodil bulbs in white urn and moss

I bought 3 pots of daffodil bulbs which I had hoped would be blooming by now. But I settled for greenery rather than the daffodil blooms.

Easter garden party tablescape

I paid $3.00 for each pot of bulbs but you could plant your own bulbs in pots for next year and save even more money.

Easter garden party tablescape

Creating a Easter Garden Party Table with Pots of Spring Flowers

I pulled some terra cotta and decorative pots from the greenhouse to use for my Easter table. Some of the containers were a little deep for these flowering plants so I stuffed a paper towel or two at the bottom to compensate.

Spanish moss
reindeer moss

To fill in the gaps, I added reindeer and Spanish moss for a more finished look. I bought both packs for less than $20 last year and reused the moss again for this season.

  • Shop Reindeer Moss HERE.
  • Shop Natural Spanish Moss HERE.
terracotta pots
yellow primroses and violas
yellow violas and primroses in pots

Here you can see the Easter garden party blooming pots for the table.


Easter garden party tablescape

Garden-Inspired EasterTable Setting

HomeGoods always has a great selection of items at a good price when it comes to finding place settings for my tablescape,

Easter garden party tablescape
place setting with floral dishes

I bought these floral dishes, the white plates underneath, the placemats, and cloth napkins all at HomeGoods for a great price.

Unfortunately, I don’t have price specifics on most of the place-setting items because I bought them a year or two ago. I did however find some comparable options for you.



Easter table place setting

The green dishes were from the Pioneer Collection and were found at Walmart.


decorative nest with eggs

Spring decor is never complete without a nest of eggs or two.

Etsy seems to have the best prices. You can get a better deal by buying the nests in a pack. I found a pack of 6 for $11.50.

Click HERE for a link to nests with eggs at Etsy.

Easter garden party tablescape

Easter garden party tablescape

Ceramic bunnies are usually easy to find and are a perfect spring home decor item. However, when looking for some links to share, I’m noticing that many stores are sold out or the prices are extremely high.

yellow flowers with pots
yellow violas and daffodil

I hope you were able to find some new table decorating ideas for this Easter? I’m looking forward to hosting my Easter “garden party” and will definitely enjoy the beautiful flowers and greenery surrounding us.

Easter garden party tablescape

Next up is Pasha of Pasha at Home with a how-to for the perfect Easter tablescape. I know you will absolutely love it.

And don’t forget to visit all the other talented bloggers to see what they have created for this Easter. The links are listed below.

Until next time,

Happy Easter Table Creating!


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a garden party Easter tablescape on a budget

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  1. I have not once, never ever ever thought to buy real potted plants to use inside. That seems so small minded to me. Now I’m anxious to get to my local gardening center! Love your table. It’s so happy and vibrant. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration. Fun hop!

  2. Kim I love all of the flowers and pots you added to your gorgeous garden party table. And that view, wow! I think this year I will be spending Easter with you and soaking up all your beauty and knowledge. So fun hopping with you and loved all of your tips! I can’t wait to see those daffodils bloom!

  3. Kim! I absolutely LOVE your garden party Easter table! We have garden parties outside in the Summer all the time and as soon as I saw yours I knew it would steal my heart! I love how you made a table that feels like you’re sitting in the garden. TRUTH…inn Ohio during the beginning of March all I want is to go outside to the garden. (I actually was out there walking around last week talking to my rose bushes, lavender, and lilacs. But don’t anyone. My husband says I’m crazy for talking to my plants haha!!)

    1. Thank you, Aliya! I don’t think you’re crazy at all. I always talk to my plants. I only wish we could eat outside but I’ll try to be patient. I always love hopping with you. Happy spring my friend.

  4. Your floral display is spectacular as usual! The primroses are so pretty. The place settings are perfect Easter and I love those placemats! Such an honor hopping with you today! Happy Easter, Kim! ??

    1. Thank you, Kim! I love hopping with you as well. I am always so happy when the pansies and primroses are available. It warms my heart. Happy spring sweet friend.

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