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Warm Winter Home Décor Ideas With a Touch of Coastal Styling

Looking for creative ideas on how to decorate your home during the winter months? I’ll show you some simple ideas for adding a coastal look to your seasonal decor while keeping the cozy warmth of a traditional winter space.

The Christmas decorations and tree ornaments are packed away and the holiday season is officially over. For many, the time of year between the winter holidays and the start of spring can be challenging. Our creativity can become a bit drained.

coastal cottage living room winter décor

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coastal seashells in a white bowl

I decorate the same after Christmas year after year.

Some bare Christmas trees, evergreen garlands, and wreaths are left out through January. I also mix pine cones into every winter vignette.

But every once in a while, I need a little extra something mixed in, a little pick-me-up during this very gloomy and rainy time in the Pacific Northwest.

Today I’m going to show you how I livened up my winter spaces by mixing in some coastal decor.

coastal cottage living room winter décor

It’s no secret that I’ve always decorated my beach house with a coastal cottage style every summer. But I put away the sea shells, vintage wooden oars, and anything else that has a beachy feel during the other three seasons.

Is there a rule that says I can’t enjoy the coastal elements and beachy ambiance when it’s cold and gloomy? This decorating style seems like the perfect way to perk me up during these long winter months.

Because of the time of year, I try not to overdo it with the nautical accents. The goal is to be somewhat subtle in my approach.

coastal cottage living room winter décor

First, let’s talk winter decor. From chunky knit throw blankets to natural materials, adding layers of texture to create a cozy winter vibe is a must.

Add wicker baskets to your coastal-inspired winter home for texture. I purchased an oversized basket last fall that I absolutely love and have wicker picnic baskets in a few places sitting in my living room.

I not only created a cozy winter space but tried to embrace a coastal style at the same time. My vision was to try to mix in hints of coastal charm while keeping it warm and inviting during the colder months of the year.

2 dogs sitting on window seat watching the view

My vintage wooden oars add coastal cottage charm to our living room.

coastal cottage living room winter décor

When it comes to creating a coastal-style winter home, choosing the right colors is essential.

patterned gray and cream flower pillow and chunky knit throw blanket

I chose coastal colors such as blues, grays, and neutral tones for my color palette this season. These cool tones will bring a subtle hint of coastal vibes while still embracing the cozy winter feel I’m looking for.

Using layers of texture like a cozy throw, throw pillows, and rugs with these coastal colors adds depth to any space. They give that extra touch of coziness that’s perfect for chilly days and gives you a warm feeling.

black cabinet with white ironstone overlooking the kitchen

I added glass vases on top of this cabinet for a charming coastal feel.

decorative winter pillows on window seat

Soft lighting is a great way to bring coastal vibes into your winter home decor.

We bought these swing arm wall lamps this month for both our boat and the window seat space.

coastal cottage living room winter décor in the candlelight

Whether you opt for coastal-inspired table lamps, wall scones, or candles, warm and inviting light can create a cozy atmosphere in any room in the house.

You can also add texture to your lighting. Materials like bamboo or rattan will give you that extra hint of beachy charm.

wicker lampshade with seashell base and vintage books

I love this very simple lamp base I bought at Target. Adding seashells inside the glass and buying a wicker lamp shade from HomeGoods changes the entire look of the lamp.

winter décor coastal vignette
seashells in a bowl

Coastal living is about embracing the beauty of nature. Decorate a winter vignette with natural elements like seashells, driftwood, sea glass, and starfish for an extra coastal touch.

Bowls of sea shells throughout the room are simple touches that make a big impact when decorating with a coastal style.

driftwood and turquoise planter with greenery

Not only do these seaside home decor items look great on their own, but they also provide texture and depth when used together.

I found this piece of driftwood along our beach last summer.

starfish and shells with driftwood

Here are some great examples of embracing nature and creating the perfect coastal winter haven in your home:

  • Dried flowers
  • fresh flowers and greenery
  • branches
  • faux plants and flowers
  • houseplants
large hanging basket of forsythia branches starting to bloom

When I started taking pictures for this post I had dried eucalyptus in the oversized basket hanging on the wall. But a friend clipped some forsythia branches from her garden and I added those instead. They should be blooming by next week.

Read more about how to force flowering branches to bloom in my blog post.

Another great idea is to mix both winter and coastal elements. Use items from Christmas like fresh or faux evergreen garlands or a pine tree. Decorate them with starfish or sand dollars.

glass jar with seashells and starfish

With the right winter decor combination, you’ll have everything you need to make your coastal home living space both cozy and inviting.

Coastal-inspired elements, cool colors, cozy textures, and warm lighting are perfect additions. You can add a personal touch like using a diffuser with essential oils to fill your home with a beautiful scent.

And let’s not forget my favorite vanilla bean candles.

coastal cottage living room winter décor

So layer up your cozy living room with coastal style this winter season and enjoy all the warmth it brings into the season.

I hope these cozy winter decor ideas with a mix of coastal styles have inspired you to try something a little different this season.

If you have any questions or additional suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below. And be sure to share this blog post link with anyone who may find these winter coastal decor ideas useful.

Until next time,

Happy Winter Decorating!

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winter home décor with a touch of coastal charm

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  1. Dearest Kim,
    I absolutely love the picture of you with your Fur Baby, it’s adorable. I am still taking down Christmas decorations. I got a late start putting up the decorations and now I am late in taking them down.

    I think we should all try to have a year of limited judgement of people. It will be hard but so rewarding if we succeed. The Bible says “ Judge not, least ye be judged”. That’s good thing.
    Blessings to you and your readers,

  2. Hi there! I just love your website!! While having been a teacher, my other passion is interior design and you “knock it out of the park” Kim with your design!!

    I love the huge wooden bowl on the coffee table of your winter page! How do I purchase that?

    I look forward to more of your design points and presentation!!

    Cheers to you and a blessed Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Ginny!
      What a wonderful compliment you have given me. I really appreciate you following along on the blog. The vintage wooden dough bowl is one of my favorites and I try to use it throughout the year. I purchased it in Poulsbo at The Red Plantation. Now that I have your email, if I see something similar online I will send you the link. Have a great week ahead.

  3. Oh, Kim. everything is just gorgeous. I love the way you used coastal accents to add a bit of warmth for the winter. It definitely has me dreaming of sunnier days ahead! I’m going to share a photo and link to your home tour in my recap post on Saturday. I think my readers will enjoy visiting your beautiful home as much as I always do.


    1. Thank you so much, Jen. I really appreciate it. It’s funny how much the seashells and driftwood make me happy during the dreariest of days.

  4. Living in the Midwest “Coastal and Winter” have never entered my thought bubble for after Christmas! It’s all gorgeous and I love visiting your cottage no matter the season. Always cozy and comfy and full of natural inspiration. You have such a beautiful view to the water, and seeing green outside in the middle of January is so amazing. It’s brown and gray here… everywhere! Happy January, Kim!!

    1. I will say that I’m happy we can see green when we look outdoors. Rain day after day will do that for sure. Happy January to you my friend. Thank you for the kind words Debra.

  5. Kim it’s absolutley perfect! I want to curl up in your window seats and sip tea watching the sound. How cozy! I definitely think a few coastal touches are fitting for your cozy winter cottage. Love all the wicker and textiles you used.

    The move we are making right this spring isn’t our last. We plan to retire at Wrightsville Beach in six year so I am loving these ideas for subtle coastal decor. Knowing that we were going to be moving from our current house in the not too distant future makes it eaiser to move into our new one. I am excited about the move but it’s bitter sweet. The house was built in 1926 so it’s almost a century home too.

    Everything looks beautiful and inviting. Happy winter!

      1. You will love living at the beach when you retire Amber. And I have a feeling you will have coastal decor year-round as well. Thank you for hosting my friend. And for the sweet compliments.

  6. Wow, I love the way you mixed in coastal with winter decor! It’s all so cozy and welcoming and looks so natural in your beautiful home! You are always an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your creative ideas!

    1. Thank you, Shelley. It seemed like a crazy idea at the time but I actually like the seashells and driftwood hanging around in the winter months.

  7. I’ll loving your approach to winter decorating this year Kim. I was thinking the other day about how to incorporate coastal accents into my winter decor, and you have answered all of those questions. Beautiful photos and inspiration!

  8. Your home is so charming and so inviting. I lived in the N/w for years and love all the wonderful coastal vibes from that area. I lived in the central mountains, but loved to visit the coast often. Your home is filled with all the charm and decor that I learned to love so much from that area and your water views are to die for.

  9. Your home is beautiful. I lice in Ohio but my bedroom is a coastal theme so I appreciate the inspiration. Your white chairs, did they come with the slipcover or did you buy the slipcover for the chair? I need those! Where did you get them?

    1. Thank you so much, Renee. The chairs did come with slipcovers originally and we just had new ones custom-made a few years ago. The originals lasted over 20 years. We got them at Quatrine Home.

  10. I’ve never even put coastal and winter together in my small mind but wowza, I love it! Your home is so unique and beautiful. You amaze me with all of your creative ideas and your place oozes warm winter coziness. I seriously ooh and ahh each time I see it. Happy winter Kim!

  11. Your home is stunning! I love every inch of it. I love the beachy elements. So pretty! My cousin and I have a vintage shopping trip planned from Portland to Seattle the first week of February. Do you have any favorite spots to find fun vintage decor? Hugs to you.

    1. Thank you so much, Renae. You are going to have so much fun on your trip. I don’t know too many places in Seattle or Portland. But I love Poulsbo and Tacoma, WA, and Astoria, OR. There’s also a great architectural salvage place in Tacoma. DM me on IG and I’ll give you more specifics when you are closer to your trip.

  12. Oh my word Kim you totally nailed the cozy coastal winter vibe. I feel like I need to fly out so we can get some green tea or maybe even a chai latte and hang. I love all the layers of texture you added throughout and how you used your shell collections as well. I think so many people will be able to relate to this because why pick up shells at the beach when you’re on vacation if you’re going to leave them in a box 9 months out of the year. Thanks for the extra dose of inspiration sweet friend. Hugs, CoCo

  13. Everything is so pretty Kim. I really love the large basket in the corner. When the forced branches bloom it will look even more amazing. Happy winter! XO- MaryJo

  14. Kim,
    I loved all your coastal touches for winter decorating. I’ve pinned almost every image to work on my beach cottage decor. Thanks for being an inspiration.

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