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Wildflower boat

This and That…

Happy Sunday and a very Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I hope you’re enjoying an extended weekend.

And of course, Memorial Day is tomorrow. It’s a day that we honor those who lost their lives while defending our country for our freedoms.

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Our Puget Sound Boating Trip

We’re enjoying our boat trip and are currently in Deer Harbor for the first time. We’ll be heading over to Roche Harbor tomorrow for a couple of days.

This is Day 8 on our Puget Sound boat trip and we are having the best time. Here are some highlights from this past week.

Longbranch Marina

This is our boat’s home. Here’s the Longbranch Marina as we leave for our trip.

Port of Edmonds Marina

Edmonds, WA.

We arrived at the Port of Edmonds marina the same day later in the afternoon.

Downtown Edmonds center

Walking up the hill to Downtown Edmonds was not as bad as I thought it would be with my new knee. This is such a cute shopping and dining area.

Rusty Pelican Cafe

Luckily, we made it for lunch before the Rusty Pelican Cafe closed for the day.

Rusty Pelican Café

They serve breakfast all day (they close at 3:00) which we always love to eat no matter what time it is. The food was delicious and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Edmonds.

Downtown LaConner shopping

La Conner, WA.

We always love going to La Conner by boat. It’s such a charming town.

These are some of the buildings that are on the main street next to the waterfront.

Downtown LaConner shopping

It was a really slow day in town which means that we had the entire town to ourselves.

Downtown LaConner shopping

I found some great jewelry at a shop that was really affordable.

owner of the Handmade LaConner store, Robyn

Of course, I went to my favorite shop in town, Handmade La Conner. I finally met the owner, Robyn. I love their natural moisturizers, lotions, masks, and scrubs, and stocked up.

Nasty Jack's antique store

Nasty Jack’s is an antique store that has a lot of furniture pieces and some smaller vintage items.

LaConner Church

I saw something really odd in the window of this building. Can you see what it is?

LaConner church window with brick fireplace

The brick chimney is right in front of the window.

coffee shop in LaConner

Now we’re heading up the street away from the water to go have dinner.

I took a picture of this coffee shop because I thought it was so cute from the outside. I know I’ve gone there before but I can’t remember much about the inside or the coffee.

Coa Mexican restaurant

Here’s where we went to dinner. It’s a Mexican restaurant called Coa. I have to tell you that my husband and I LOVED our meal. We shared a burrito and it was amazing!


When we ordered a margarita, we did not expect this! It took me an hour to drink mine.

Waterside LaConner Boardwalk

The next morning we walked from our boat along the waterside of La Conner on the boardwalk.

Rainbow Bridge LaConner

Here’s a picture of the Rainbow Bridge. We actually boated under it on our way to the marina.

colorful butterfly yard art

There’s plenty of festive and colorful garden art along the waterfront.

dogs and I posing with dog statue

Jax and Ollie posed with “Dirty Biter”, a statue on the La Conner Channel.

This mostly feral dog was loved (and fed) by dozens of people in town. When Biter was killed in a dogfight in 1982, people thought so much of his memory that they had this statue of him erected on the La Conner Channel.

Nell Thorn LaConner restaurant patio area with flower containers

Here’s the back patio of Nell Thorn, another restaurant that we have gone to and really liked the food.

I love the flower containers they have as a private border.

boat on the water

Indian Cove, Shaw Island

We really love anchoring in relaxing, calm spots and Indian Cove never disappoints.

Indian Cove with boat and kayaks

You can see our boat in the water in the distance. We kayaked over to the sandy beach to play with the dogs.

dogs running on the sandy beach

They love playing ball in the water. Jax (black dog) swims after the ball and when he gets back to shore, Ollie wrestles his brother for it after doing all the work.

black and white dog on sandy beach

The boys got baths after we got back to the boat.

deformed trees on the sandy beach

There was a lot of driftwood and deformed, dead trees on the sandy beach.

deformed tree on the sandy beach

Look at the shape of this one.

I’ll share more of our boating adventures next week. We’ll be in Friday Harbor, Roche Harbor (my favorite), and much more.

Around the Garden and Greenhouse

I took a ton of pictures of the garden before we left so I’ll share them with you next week.

summer décor in cottage living room

Around Our Cottage

I’m currently editing the pictures I took of the living room and kitchen after decorating for summer. I can’t wait to share them with you soon.

Here’s a sneak peek.

My Favorite Finds and Deals This Week

Jasmine Peony candle and room spray

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It’s time to stock up on your favorite fragrances.

BugHut Jump into spring kit

BugHut Garden Products

I am loving these products for my garden and can’t wait to show you how they’re helping my garden thrive.

You can sample all of these garden products in the “Jump Into Spring” kit you see here.

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My Favorite Inspiration Around the Web This Week

This fabulous Greek chicken orzo salad.

This summer tour with garden rooms and beautiful outdoor spaces.

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This fabulous French Country summer bucket list.

Thrift store finds for the garden.

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to see on the blog! Thank you for being here.

Until next time,

Wishing a week full of joy, kindness, and peace.

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  1. I so enjoyed your sharing this trip! What a very sweet boat trip. Puget Sound is so pretty and I’ve always wanted to visit but my husband typically trends towards the Caribbean unfortunately for me.
    I’ve often wondered how dogs do on long boat trips with no grass to go potty on? My older dog can sometimes have nightly urgent needs to go outside…culprit eating mushrooms or mowed grass on our walks. I bet the dogs enjoy these trips as much as you do:0)
    Can’t wait to see more! The wonderful shops!

  2. Oh, this reminds me so much of our travels on the sailboat. I just know you are having a wonderful time. Jax and Ollie certainly look like they are having a great time along the way. This would have been my dream! I always dreamed of cruising the great loop. I look forward to hearing more about your nautical adventures. I can image all of the sights and sounds and smells while you adventure along.

  3. Thank you for showing off our beautiful area. Love La Conner. In fact our retirement group will be going there for our June lunch get together.

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