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Hotel de Haro and formal gardens

This and That…

Happy June!

It’s been a great start to the month. We’re still on the boat, making our way home. We should be at our marina tomorrow.

We’ve gone to a lot of great places around Puget Sound in the last couple of weeks, and we consider Wildflower (our boat) our second home.

Ollie dog resting on the lawn

Our boys (dogs) Jax and Ollie are liking the boat and seem quite comfortable. What they like most is taking fun walks and adventures, smelling all the new smells, and being in close proximity to Mom and Dad at all times.

I will tell you that I am so excited to come home to see the garden and get the summer season going. I can’t believe how many things we already have on the calendar through July. There is so much to look forward to.

Roche Harbor resort view

Roche Harbor will always be one of my favorite locations to stay when boating. There is so much to see. I’m sharing just a few pics here but I’ll try to write a boat trip blog post in the next week or two.

Roche Harbor formal gardens

There’s so much charm and history in this area.

Roche Harbor Company Store

Here’s the store where you can get groceries and even some fishing equipment.

Hotel de Haro hotel and formal gardens with white picket fence and lilac

This is the view of the old hotel and formal gardens.

brick pathway with arbor with goodbye message

I love this brick pathway with the arbor with a goodbye message for those leaving.

We stopped in Coupeville and then stayed the night in Langley. I did a lot of shopping!!! This is seriously the cutest town with flowers and plants everywhere you look.

sailboat in Poulsbo

We’re leaving Poulsbo this morning and have spent two days here. I love shopping for antiques and vintage finds here.

Antique store with patriotic theme

I absolutely love shopping at Saltwater Antiques in Poulsbo.

Not only do they have reasonable prices and the best vintage finds, but Amy and Rebecca are just about the nicest people you could ever meet. Seriously!

vintage home décor at vintage shop

I bought quite a few things here and will share them with you next week.

home décor store with vintage cabinet and yellow accessories

Details Home and Garden is another wonderful store that gives me the best ideas for home decor.

green and cream vintage cabinet with blue home decor

There are so many fun things here!

Gig Harbor lighthouse on the water

Next stop, Gig Harbor for the night, and then home.

I can’t wait to share a tour of my garden with you next week.

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formal garden with peonies

Around the Garden and Greenhouse

Since I’m not home I’ve decided to share some of the pretty garden views from around Puget Sound that we’ve gotten a chance to enjoy.

peonies in the garden

I’ve never seen so many gorgeous peonies blooming at one time.

white and light pink peonies blooming in the garden

These were from the formal gardens in Roche Harbor.

white picket fence and lilacs growing with butterfly

There were at least 3 butterflies enjoying the lilacs here.

red irises

I found these beautiful irises at the San Juan Islands Sculpture Park.

rhododendrons and lavender

These purple plants, rhododendrons and lavender, are so gorgeous together.

red hot poker

These red hot poker plants are growing in the sculpture park in Roche Harbor.


I fell in love with this flower while walking through the Roche Harbor formal gardens. I looked it up and found a bloom called Astrantia. Do you know if that is what this is?

What do you have in the garden happening these days?

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colorful summer dahlias growing in the garden

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sunset vintage bike with basket full of flowers

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dog laying on the window seat with navy blue blanket

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summer kitchen table

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I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to see on the blog! Thank you for being here.

Until next time,

Wishing a week full of joy, kindness, and peace.


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  1. oh you make me miss Washington so much…..there is no place like it anywhere…we finally gave up the idea of going back to Seattle (Queen Ann Hill) and finally sold the family home forevermore. These crazies who are in charge have just ruined a wonderful state. Here in Ca, you can not find the quaint antique stores, the garden shops (here a lot of stuff just burns up in the sun in July and August unless it’s a native plant)
    But I get to relive my youth with you here. Thank You

  2. What a fabulous trip! I love the San Juans, and you got gorgeous photos. So fun that you can take the dogs with you too! I’m sure your garden will be a beautiful homecoming – I can’t wait to see pix of your trip and your foowers. Have a great trip back!

  3. What a blessing to have such an adventure! Can’t wait to see more photos and stories!…and those dog stories too!

  4. So many wonderful things! You could sell this boat trip as a tour – fabulous vintage, fun shops, lots of good food, beautiful sights and maybe a full day out on your boat. (I would pay for the chance to meet your furry boys, too!). It’s been years since I have seen or smelled blooming peonies, bearded irises and lilacs. We had all of them at the house I grew up in. There was a very large bed of irises. Over the years the cross pollination created some amazing varieties!

    1. Thanks for following along Beth. It was quite a trip and the food and shopping is always a lot of fun. Sounds like you had many good memories of your childhood garden.

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