Saltwater Sounds Weekly: The Holidays are in Full Force

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This and That

Am I the only one who feels like December is already becoming a blur?

It’s the month where the events of an entire year are all packed into just a few weeks. And you can never say no, because they are just too much fun!

And here’s a perfect example of one.

We were on the Gig Harbor dock for last night’s lighted boat parade. I am sharing some pics now but will tell you all about my party on the boat and show you the actual parade views from our boat next week.

People go all out for this boat parade!

We added strings of colorful lights and a blow-up frosty with his 2 penguin friends. So we were in the game but not like these boats.

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I couldn’t help myself. This seemed like the perfect photo opportunity for Jax and Ollie!

They, on the other hand, were not feeling it. I don’t think they’re smiling.

Here’s a picture of the Downtown Gig Harbor Christmas tree. The picture doesn’t do justice to this spectacular tree. It is so stunning in person.

What I loved about this most was the reflection in the water.

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My Favorite Inspiration Around the Web This Week

The 2023 Christmas cookie box of my dreams.

If you’re looking for ways to display Christmas cards, you’ve got to check this post out.

I’m loving these Christmas candle centerpiece ideas.

How to make beautiful fluffy Christmas bows in 5 easy steps.

This is such a cute DIY decoration for Christmas.

If you’re looking for a Christmas cocktail, this looks amazing.

Create a sparkling seaglass Christmas tree with this DIY project.

This recipe for creamy French baked eggs sounds delicious.

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  1. A boat parade!? How sweet! So wish I lived there!! I’d love to see this. So beautiful and what a great time.

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