A Favorite For Antique and Vintage Finds in the South Puget Sound

Do you love shopping for antique and vintage finds as much as I do? Let me take you on a tour of one of my favorite shops in the South Puget Sound, Saltwater Antiques, and show you what I took home on the last shopping trip.

Saltwater Antiques for antique and vintage finds

Welcome to Saltwater Antiques, located in Poulsbo, Washington. Previously known as Saltwater Vintage, this store is one of my favorites to find antiques and vintage goodies in the South Puget Sound for so many reasons.

First of all the owner, Amy is the sweetest person. She always makes you feel so welcome when you walk through her doors. You can even order a latte and a treat while you shop!

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antique and vintage finds

Here’s the view when you first walk into Saltwater Antiques.

Do you see that turquoise vintage glider? I have my eye on that piece. I just don’t know where to put it in my yard.

antique and vintage finds

There’s a variety of antique and vintage furniture pieces throughout the store, including dressers, tables, and hutches.

antique and vintage finds

How cute is this piece? Unfortunately, I have limited space in my 1,600 square foot home. So even though I love the entire shopping experience and inspiration Saltwater Antiques offers, I can’t always buy EVERYTHING I like.

antique and vintage finds

Antique and Vintage Shopping is Always Better With Friends

Do you have one of those friends you shop with that literally picks up the same thing you’re looking at…at the same time? That would be my friend Lori in the picture above. I always have to be on my game when I shop with her.

She found a few things I would have loved to purchase but at least I can go visit them at her house.

vintage mailbox used as a flower container

How cute is this idea for a flower container? It’s a vintage mailbox.

vintage Sparklets water bottle holder

This vintage Sparkletts water bottle cooler sparked a lot of memories from when I was a kid.

antique and vintage finds

So much vintage goodness in these pictures!

dried hydrangeas in vintage sink
brown transferware

Here are some brown transferware pieces perfect for fall and Thanksgiving dinner.

barrel and picnic basket

There is plenty of antique and vintage eye candy like these crates, barrels, wire baskets, and picnic baskets through Saltwater Antiques.

vintage shutter

I’ve had a lot of luck finding vintage shutters here and have bought about 5 of them throughout the years. I only wish I could have brought this one home too but I couldn’t think of a single space I have left to put it.

vintage shutters

Here are my two newest (to me) vintage shutters I took home with me for $25 each. They are still sitting in my carport waiting for a new home in the house. They’re shorter than the other shutters I have in my house but they are SO HEAVY!

vintage metal sign

This sweet vintage metal sign came home with me. I’ll probably hang it over my bed but I haven’t decided yet. I can’t wait to show you where I end up hanging it.

vintage wire basket

I know it’s hard to see, but this cute wire basket wasn’t at the shop when we originally went shopping. Miraculously it showed up when we came back to pick up our things. The fact that it was only $36 and that it was my favorite beachy color, I decided to add this to my other antique and vintage finds for the day.

antique and vintage finds in the back of the car

Here are some of the antique and vintage finds my friends and I took home.

I hope you had fun touring Saltwater Antiques with me. If you are ever in the Poulsbo area, visit this amazing store. Tell Amy I sent you!

More Antique and Vintage Finds

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  1. Saltwater is my favorite thrift store, ever! I have not gone since we sold the sailboat. I need to go visit, they always have such great finds!

  2. Love that Hometown Florist sign! The antique shop is a treasure. I would get into lots of trouble if I shopped there! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m so glad you liked it, Carol. I am so excited to hang up my sign and share it. It was a little more than I wanted to pay but still so worth it. I haven’t seen anything like that around.

  3. That is a trunk full of goodness!! I’m crushing on those wire baskets!! I l love shops like this…the kind where you walk through it once then have to go back through again because you always miss something the first time!

    1. Me too! And I ALWAYS miss something the first time around because I’m trying to pick up things before my friend gets them! We are so competitive, but it’s a lot of fun!

  4. Iknow what you mean about space being at a premium. How cool is that water bottle!! I want that! What a cool shop!!!

    1. That would be a great plant stand, wouldn’t it!? I’m thinking about getting it if it’s still there the next time I stop by.

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