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31 Charming Vintage and Antique Garden Decor Ideas

Looking for ways to add some charm and character to your outdoor spaces? I’ll show you how easy it is to bring life to your garden with 31 vintage garden decor ideas.

What I love the most about finding the right vintage piece for my garden is that every piece tells a story…a really great story! It’s such a great way to add personality and charm to your garden space by incorporating vintage decor items from flea markets, estate sales, antique shops, and thrift stores.

Whether it’s an old chair or a galvanized bucket, these vintage pieces are so much fun to mix with your garden flowers and plants.

vintage garden decor: greenhouse pathway with vintage bike

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patina vintage galvanized tub with herbs

Garden antiques such as planters and containers can instantly add timeless charm and are a great addition to your outdoor space.

Look for vintage ceramic pots, garden urns, or flea market finds like rusty wheelbarrows that can be repurposed as unique plant containers.

vintage garden decor: vintage galvanized tub with flowers

I can’t even begin to tell you how many vintage galvanized pails, buckets, and tubs I own. They’re not only in my cottage and cut flower gardens, but also throughout the inside of my home.


galvanized bucket with seedlings

There are so many different ways you can use and style them. Not only do I use them as containers for my annual flowers, but they’re great for when I want to add flowers or vegetables to my cutting garden.

vintage garden decor: vintage container with plants
vintage enamel basin and stand

How amazing is this enamel basin stand? It’s one of my favorite flea market finds and I’ve found the perfect place for it in my cottage garden.

I also have a few enamel pots that I use for flowers as well.


vintage garden decor whiskey barrel with flowers

Most of my barrels are half-sized and are seen all around the garden spaces. Their rustic appearance makes these containers a great way to add charm to your flower garden.

This whiskey barrel pictured above is my favorite though. It’s the only full-sized one I have found that was a great deal. The other ones I’ve found in the past have been too expensive.


vintage chicken feeder with plants

If you’re looking for a vintage chicken feeder, you can usually find one. The issue I’ve had in the past is that they can be really beaten up or expensive.

But they make such a great plant container, don’t they? You can afford to be picky and wait until you find the perfect one.


vintage garden decor: hanging vintage fountain with flowers

Wall fountains are such a great vintage find, especially if you can find a deal.

We have this one always filled with seasonal flowers and greenery and it makes quite a statement in the garden.

vintage rusty iron planter with lavender

When shopping for vintage garden decor, iron planter boxes are a must, and are also easy to find, but the deals can be few and far between.

Here I have placed flower containers in it, but I really like the way the lavender looks inside the coconut planter liners.

These antique treasures can have detailed designs and weathered patinas that will fill your garden with a sense of nostalgia.

They’re perfect for showcasing your favorite flowers or garden plants, adding a touch of timeless charm that’ll make your garden come alive.


vintage garden decor: vintage birdbath in cottage garden

Explore estate sales, yard sales, and flea markets for enchanting vintage garden ornaments.

These ornamental pieces, such as weathered garden statues, charming bird baths, or whimsical garden gnomes, can be placed throughout your garden to add character and visual interest.

These charming and classic pieces bring both a beautiful focal point and a touch of nature to your outdoor space.

With their timeless design and weathered charm, vintage birdbaths create a welcoming oasis for our feathered friends.


vintage garden angel

Don’t we all need a rusty, imperfect garden angel in our garden? I don’t think there’s anything else to say.

vintage rust and green wheelbarrow

When I spot the perfect rusty garden vintage find, it brightens up my day.

Whether it’s a deal on an old bike, a perfectly wonderful chippy gate, or a vintage watering can for $5.00, it’s always a reason to celebrate!

vintage garden decor: vintage bike with flowers in basket

I get more compliments on the 2 vintage bikes in the cottage garden than anything else. They make such a statement and are definitely a conversation starter.

They love them even more when I tell people that I paid $20 for the bike pictured above and got the black one in the greenhouse garden path for free.


vintage bike basket filled with flowers in the garden

Flowers in a vintage basket on your bike are the perfect vintage garden decor.


rusty wheelbarrow with garden flowers

If you’re looking for a container for flowers, or want to stack pumpkins for fall decor, a rusty wheelbarrow is the perfect choice.

This is a very special piece to me. My client gifted it to me when he and his wife were moving into a senior living community. He knew I would take good care of it.

vintage garden decor: collection of vintage galvanized watering cans

Do you ever have one of those things in life that no matter how many you buy, you always need more?

I collect vintage watering cans. If there is a good deal to be had, I’m buying one, even though I don’t need it. In fact, most of them have holes in them and won’t hold the water.

It’s purely garden decor.


greenhouse garden with rusty vintage gate

14. Iron Gate & Fencing

This is one of those unique pieces I just had to have and it was a reasonable price.

Iron gates are great to have in the garden to tie tall flowers to so they are supported. But mostly I love them for the charm they add to any garden bed.


tulips in raised bed with white vintage headboard

These antique items basically do the same thing as a gate and add so much interest to any outdoor space.


greenhouse garden with vintage headboard

They’re also good for adding a border to a particular flower bed.

vintage garden edging fencing and perennials

I love garden edging, especially if it’s a rusty vintage piece.


vintage garden edging fencing and fall flowers

They’re perfect for adding a border but I love using them as a backdrop in my garden spaces as well.

white picket fence with vintage bike and pink phlox

Whether it’s natural wood or white picket fencing, this is a find that can transform a space as soon as you add it to the garden.

We found our pieces at the local architectural salvage shop.


fish pond with vintage fountain

My friend found this over-the-top rusty vintage can. Would you call that a can or bucket?

She repurposed it and now she has a water fountain for her pond. Be on the lookout for antique pieces that can be transformed into fountains, rustic garden planters, or anything else that your imagination can come up with.

garden potting bench

One of the easiest items to find is vintage accessories for the garden. Hunt for vintage tools like rusted garden forks or vintage stools that will elevate your decorative garden decor.

Consider repurposing an old chair as a whimsical plant stand or using an old bucket as a rustic vase for displaying freshly cut flowers.

vintage birdhouse

When it comes to birdhouses, there are so many different options out there.

You can find little birdhouse stakes for planters, or bigger ones made of old rustic wood. Leave them as they are or give them a new lease on life with a fresh coat of stain or paint.


vintage milk can

Vintage rusty milk cans are a perfect garden decor item. As you can see, I haven’t put much effort into this one, but you can add a planter to the top for a quick pick-me-up.


vintage window and wire basket with terra cotta pots

We live in a cottage that was built in 1920. About a year after we moved in, we had to replace all the windows in the house. I kept every last one of them.

Over the years I’ve found other vintage windows while shopping that were just so unique that I had to scoop them up. They make such a great backdrop for your garden areas.


vintage garden rake

Antique and vintage tools are great decor items for the garden.

Whether it’s an old rake or shovel, you can place them among the flowers for some added interest.


vintage garden fork

I could have combined the garden fork with the vintage tool category but I use forks differently to hold tall plants such as my sunflowers up.


rustic stool

There are so many vintage metal stools throughout my garden.

I use them as a plant stand, a place to sit, or just to admire on a walk around the garden.


orange vintage rolling stool with impatiens

I absolutely love this orange metal lower stool with rollers. It was one of those unique finds that I knew I just HAD to have it. Isn’t it the cutest? It’s my favorite plant stand.

birdhouse and vintage chair in the garden

There’s something to be said for an old vintage chair. Each one I display in my garden is unique in its own way.

The rustier and chippier they are, the more in love I am with them.


cut flower garden with terra cotta pots

I love hunting for old terra cotta posts. I will admit the pots I have in the garden are not all vintage, but many of them are so I mix them.

They look great just sitting in a basket or wooden crate. But my favorite way to display them is over the stakes in my cutting garden. That idea came from my friend and gardener, Stacy at Bricks ‘n Blooms. She’s so smart.


wire basket with terra cotta pots

Old wire baskets are easy to come by these days. They can be used for showing off pretty plants or storing your basic gardening items.


Incorporating your vintage treasures into your garden spaces will help you create the most charming and enchanting outdoor haven.

There are so many ways you can use these vintage items to add character and bring life to your garden. Just use your imagination.

white picket fence and arbor in garden

Garden arbors are one of the most beautiful things you can display in your garden. They’re the ultimate statement piece with flowers and plants wrapping themselves around each other.


vintage trellis in the garden

Just like arbors, trellises create the same cottage-style vibe with seasonal flowers climbing up them like sweet peas or clematis.


potting bench with vintage farm sink

30. Vintage Farm Sink

This vintage farm sink came from our kitchen. We actually built our new kitchen around this sink because we thought it was so amazing.

After several years we realized that a vintage sink was not really very realistic to have and the upkeep was expensive, so we opted for a reproduction.

Lucky me, I was able to have the sink built into the potting table and love it.


white iron table and chair set in the garden patio

31. Vintage Iron Table and Chair Set

No cottage garden is complete without a seating area to take in all the beauty your outdoor space has to offer.

Look for a vintage table and chair set for your garden. They are easy to fix up and paint if they’re not in the best condition.

You can usually find a good deal at garage sales.


vintage stool and wheelbarrow

There are many different sources for vintage shopping out there. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Thrift shops
  • Flea markets
  • Estate sales
  • Garage sales and yard sales
  • Antique shops and malls
  • Etsy
  • Online marketplaces
  • Antique fairs and shows
cottage garden with vintage bike

When it comes to creating a vintage garden decor style, hunting for antique and vintage items is an exciting adventure. There’s nothing better than finding unique vintage decor pieces that will transform your garden into a charming retreat.

From antique planters and vintage garden ornaments to rustic birdhouses and vintage accessories, each item adds a touch of history and character to your outdoor space.

If you have any questions or additional suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below. And be sure to share this blog post link with anyone who may find these gardening tips useful.

Each month my friends and I get together to bring you our favorite thrift store finds, vintage tips, and flea market ideas. Be sure to click the links below to see their blog posts for this month.

Until next time,

Happy Vintage Garden Shopping!


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vintage and antique garden decor ideas

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  2. My vintage-loving floral heart is so happy looking at all this beauty! Think the only thing on this list I “need” are some metal windowboxes; yours are gorgeous. Can’t say I come across those often, and if I have they’re pricey:( Now you’ve got me thinking of all the stuff I should be adding to my gardens! Beautiful ideas; now if I could just snap my fingers and get it all done!

    1. I’m sure you will find everything you want in kn time. And I bet you’ll even find a great deal on the iron window boxes. You have a gift.

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