Vintage Shopping on Our Puget Sound Boat Trip

If you’re anything like me, you never miss an opportunity to shop for a thrifted find, no matter where you might be. Our 2 week Puget Sound boating trip last month was a great opportunity for vintage shopping at stores around the Pacific Northwest that I normally don’t get a chance to visit.

We went to many different towns while on our boat trip and found several local antique stores and quaint shops that offered vintage goods.

Read along as I share some of my favorite shops while on our vacation and the vintage finds I brought home with me.

Puget Sound vintage shopping: Saltwater Antiques

If you’re looking for a good deal on antiques or vintage home decor, some of the best places to check out are flea markets, antique malls, second hand stores, or even your local thrift store.

These types of places are few and far between when you’re on a boat and your shopping opportunities are only within walking distance.

So this post is less about getting the best deal and more about visiting vintage shops in some great waterside towns. They were fun to shop at, full of inspiration, and where I paid more than I wanted to most of the time.

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Puget Sound vintage shopping:  Saltwater Antiques

Saltwater Antiques: Poulsbo, WA.

When it comes to Puget Sound vintage shopping, this is one of my favorite stores for vintage treasure. Their Facebook profile states: “2000 sq ft of Vintage finds, Antiques, architecture, beach and farmhouse style. Espresso bar and truffles to keep you happy while shopping”.

I have NEVER left Saltwater Antiques without a car full of amazing vintage pieces. There are definitely some good deals here and some of the most unique pieces I’ve ever found.

How sweet is that mirror?

Saltwater Antiques shop

If you’re looking for a galvanized bucket, watering can, or even a vintage crock, they’ve got you covered.

vintage grocery cart

I took this piece home!

I was told it’s one of those rolling carts used for carrying groceries back in the day. This would be one of those items that I paid way too much for (I even erased the price from the picture because of the embarrassment).

But…I LOVE it! My plan is to fill it with my vintage croquet mallets or beach towels on the deck.

Saltwater Antiques shop vintage items

Do you remember the vintage columns we added to the opening in our home, between our kitchen and living room? I found those here. Actually, it was just one column that we cut in half.

I think next month’s vintage post will have to be about all the vintage finds from this shop and how I’ve used them.

vintage scale

I’ve always wanted a scale like this. But when you live in a 1600-square-foot cottage, it’s one of those pieces you come to visit and admire instead.

Puget Sound vintage shopping:  antique dresser

Isn’t this antique dresser gorgeous? I wish I had room for it.

vintage refrigerator

This refrigerator works!

Puget Sound vintage shopping: 
 Saltwater Antiques shop

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that this is a wonderful place that has some great antique and vintage pieces just ready to be taken home with you.

Saltwater Antiques shop vintage cabinet

In addition to the vintage cart, I brought home a white vintage stool, a mirror, a glass cloche, some ceiling tins, and a little shutter to hang on the wall.

Puget Sound vintage shopping: cream and green vintage cabinet

Details Home and Garden: Poulsbo, WA

I didn’t have to walk far to reach my next destination. In fact, Details Home and Garden is literally next door.

Details Home and Garden

When it comes to Puget Sound vintage shopping, this shop has a completely different vibe.

They do a great job mixing the most unique vintage items with new pieces. And it works well! This is such a great place for inspiration. I have gotten so many home decor ideas here, especially at Christmas!

The waterfront stores in Poulsbo have the most wonderful annual event to kick off the holiday season that I try to never miss.

Puget Sound vintage shopping:

I absolutely love the white vintage cabinet with the yellow pots.

vintage crackle cabinet and yellow vintage chair

I come to Poulsbo at least once a season.

We come here by boat, but it’s only an hour or so away from home so my girlfriends and I spend the day shopping and having lunch every so often.

Puget Sound vintage shopping:

And every time I visit this shop it looks completely different. The owner is the best at merchandising, displaying items, and of course, finding the most unique vintage furniture pieces.

Don’t you just love this one with all the drawers? I believe he found this piece at Round Top.

I bought my white buffet/cabinet in the living room, with the copper top, here a couple of years ago and am in love with how it changed the entire look of the space.

4th of July patriotic home decor

So if you’re looking for a vintage dining room table, a dresser, or a cabinet, you’ll find some pretty incredible ones here.

If you’re looking for a thrift store deal though, this is not the place you’ll find one. But as I said, there are some amazing one-of-a-kind pieces here.

books and baskets in a shop

In addition to the vintage pieces, Details Home and Garden carries other things as well such as candles, dish and glassware, cards, books and so much more.

Puget Sound vintage shopping: blue vintage cabinet

How cute is that blue vintage cabinet in the corner? Or the white dresser to the right of it?

white wicker rocking chair

I saw more than the usual vintage wicker pieces on this trip. If only I had room to take this white wicker rocker home.

Puget Sound vintage shopping:

Or this pretty piece?

white vintage wicker planter

Red Plantation: Poulsbo, WA.

Another wonderful place in Pouslbo is Red Plantation.

This shop was here way before the other two I just shared with you. It’s a treasure trove of vintage home decor as well as some new items offered by different vendors.

Puget Sound vintage shopping: hanging basket

This hanging basket may look familiar. I bought the one hanging in my living room from this store.

white vintage cabinet and glass jars

Don’t you just love these glass bottles? And how about this dreamy vintage cabinet?

Puget Sound vintage shopping: Funk and Junk Antiques

Funk and Junk Antiques: Friday Harbor, WA.

Next up on the Puget Sound vintage shopping trip is an antique shop in Friday Harbor, located in the San Juan Islands. We found Funk and Junk Antiques completely by surprise.

antique shop

This is one of those antique shops that had a little bit of everything. Crocks, enamel pots, fishing baskets, and even some vintage clothing.

Puget Sound vintage shopping:

Here’s a little section out back with vintage chairs and some garden tools.

antique shop

I loved the table here to the right but it would have been quite a workout carrying it to the marina so I passed on it.

Puget Sound vintage shopping:

There were plenty of great things here but nothing I couldn’t live without, and the prices were on the high side.

But we did have a good time checking everything out and it was a charming building.

Nasty Jacks Antique shop

Nasty Jacks: La Conner, WA.

The final vintage stop on our boat tour was Nasty Jacks in La Conner. We always make a trip to this quaint little town when heading to the San Juans.

I’m dating myself when I say that I remember getting to take a ride on the horse or elephant, or whatever was in front of the grocery store as a kid, but only if I had been good. This brought back a lot of childhood memories.

Puget Sound vintage shopping:

The 12,000-square-foot shop is where you can buy antiques, vintage records, and a small selection of home decor vintage pieces.

antique furniture shop

As you can see, this shop is known for its vintage and antique furniture. So if you’re looking for big pieces, they have some great things.

If you want smaller home decor items, there really isn’t much of a selection.

Puget Sound vintage shopping:

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Until next time,

Happy Thrifting!

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  1. I really enjoyed your shopping trip Kim, if I lived remotely close, I would be broke! I saw so many wonderful things I would love to have in our home, we also live in a 1600 sf cottage, space is kind of limited for all of the treasures I think I absolutely must get! We recently had the opportunity to purchase a large scale like the one you shared, but when I read it weighed 200 lbs, I wondered how on earth I could clean around it? I went back to see how much it sold for and was crushed to see it sold for $7.00! Who cares if I could not lift it or get it home at that price! LOL.

  2. Had been waiting for you to post your vintage treasures from your recent boating trip. You didn’t disappoint! Look forward to seeing how you styled everything.

    1. I had you in mind when I was writing it Nancy. I knew you were waiting. I’ll be sharing everything I’ve gotten at Saltwater Antiques and where I put my finds and how I used them. It should be posted July 18th. I can’t thank you enough for following along. Have a great week!

  3. Thank you for sharing your trip…sooo envious. I saw so many things I would have brought back…but that shopping cart …WOW….I would have had that …no matter the cost…well almost.. Love following you and the other gals.

  4. Kim
    The first thing I thought was, “We’re going to need a bigger boat”. LOL. So many great pieces I know you had so much fun. I love the shopping cart and would have most likely paid whatever the cost. That refrigerator reminds me of the one in our outdoor kitchen that’s over 70 years old and runs perfectly. Can’t wait to see how you decorate with your finds.

  5. What wonderful, inspiring shops! This makes me miss my shop; I loved creating big, amazing displays and buying a bunch of fun things to put in them. Home decorating is so limited in comparison:( You’re too funny that you blanked out the prices. Honestly those shop owners work so hard; they deserve those prices. I want to see what you brought home; you definitely need to share that next time! Thanks for letting us shop vicariously;)

    1. I always wanted to have a shop too. It was more about merchandising and displaying everything rather than going on the hunt because then I would have wanted to keep everything for myself. I was going to take a pic of everything but I somehow ran out fo time. I think I’m going to write a post next time about how I used everything I bout at the first shop. I have so much!

  6. I’m having heart palpitations!! I’ve spent about a zillion $$$ in my mind. It doesn’t matter how much that vintage rolling cart was…that’s one of those pieces that if you passed it by would have haunted you!! Now the important question is when are you going to do a vintage shopping boat tour for your friends???

    1. I think it would have haunted me, Jennifer. I never thought about having a boat/shopping tour but now that you mention it, that could be a lot of fun!

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