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14 Thrift Store Finds for Your Spring Home Décor

Are you looking for ideas to give your home a pretty spring refresh without breaking the bank? I’m highlighting 14 of my favorite thrift store finds to help you spruce up your spring home décor in no time!

Thrift store finds are a great source of inspiration and one of my favorite ways to mix timeless vintage and antique pieces with my newer spring home decor. They are the perfect way to add a unique touch when spring decorating without spending a fortune.

spring thrift store finds: mini bird baths and greenery

Two of my favorite things to do are gardening and thrifting.

I love spending the day thrift store shopping for those little touches of spring for my home and garden.

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antique store

The Bremerton Vintage Flea Market

Where Can You Find Vintage and Antique Decor?

There are many great options when shopping for timeless vintage and antique decor and furniture pieces.

  • your local thrift store
  • flea markets
  • antique stores
  • garage sale
  • yard sales
  • online marketplace
  • online auctions

spring living room vignette with vintage  thrift store finds

Spring Home Decorating Tips Using Vintage Thrift Store Finds

Spend some time walking through your home and making a thrifting list of what you’d like to add to your home decor. This way, when you’re at your local thrift shop looking for unique pieces to mix in with your existing spring home decor, you’ll know exactly what to shop for.

Here are some of my favorite things when it comes to antique and vintage pieces for spring.

open shelves with vintage wicker baskets and fresh flowers


It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, I love finding thrifted baskets and incorporating them into my home decor. I think it’s a home decor piece you have to own.

You can use vintage wicker baskets for so many things.

  • Fill vintage wicker baskets with colorful spring flowers, like tulips and daffodils, to create a bright, cheerful centerpiece.
  • Display your breadboards or rolling pins inside a vintage wicker basket on the counter.
  • Add a vintage wicker picnic basket to any spring vignette to add height. Stack vintage books or dishes on the basket for interest.
hanging wicker basket with forsythias
  • Hang vintage wicker baskets filled with faux flowers to create a whimsical spring-inspired decoration.
  • Place a vintage wicker basket filled with fresh fruits and vegetables as a centerpiece on a kitchen table for a vibrant spring-inspired touch.
  • Hang a vintage wicker basket from a hook in the kitchen and use it to store kitchen towels or utensils.

How to Force Spring-Flowering Branches to Bloom Indoors

spring thrift store finds: glass cloche with bird and greenery


There are so many different ways to decorate a glass cloche for spring.

glass cloche with nest and eggs

I use vintage cloches for every season, but spring has its own unique decor style. Here are some of the different things you can try adding:

  • wreaths of greenery
  • a nest with eggs
  • faux flower arrangement
  • LED candles
  • seashells for a coastal style
  • food to display as decor
  • string lights
  • a bunny or two
  • great pieces like vintage clocks or tea cups

I know we’re done and over with Valentine’s Day, but I thought it would be fun to share the cloches I styled for this romantic holiday.

7 Cloche Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day Decor – Pinterest Challenge

Spring thrift store finds: vintage window with hanging basket of spring blossoms


When it comes to vintage windows, I have quite the collection.

We’ve kept all the original windows from our 1920 house when we replaced them ten years ago. But apparently, that wasn’t enough.

vintage window with hanging basket of faux flowers

When it comes to vintage windows, I have a serious obsession. I seem to buy any window that’s a great deal whether I need it or not. Most of the time, I hang baskets of flowers from them.

I even repurposed a vintage window into a cabinet.

spring vignette with vintage books and mini birdbaths


Need a great way to add height to a vignette? Use a stack of vintage books. These thrift store treasures can instantly draw the eye up and create a visually interesting display.

Create a beautiful centerpiece for your coffee table by stacking various sizes and colors of vintage books.

Vintage books can also add texture to a room and be mixed and matched with other vintage items to create a unique vignette.

spring thrift store finds: green vintage spritzer bottles on cabinet


One of my favorite thrifted finds are old spritzer bottles, especially when you can find bright-colored pieces.

These bottles can add a touch of vintage charm to your spring home decor. Display them as decorative accents on a mantel, bookshelf, or above a cabinet.

Easter tablescape

Adding bright and colorful vintage spritzer bottles to a dining room table is a great way to add height and color to any spring centerpiece.

Creating An Enchanting Easter Centerpiece Using Flowers and Cabbage

spring thrift store finds: yellow rusty toolbox with succulents


Rusty vintage toolboxes can be used to add a charming vintage touch to your home decor this spring.

I mostly use them as planters to bring spring flowers and greenery indoors. My faux succulents look perfect in this spring vignette in the laundry room.

rusty vintage yellow toolbox with daffodils on mantel

You could also use vintage toolboxes as a unique storage solution for garden tools, kitchen gadgets, or anything else you can think of.

No matter how you use them, rusty vintage toolboxes will add a unique, rustic charm to your home decor this spring.

spring thrift store finds: Desert Rose vintage tablescape


Vintage dishes can make a lovely addition to your spring home decor. There are so many beautiful patterns and colors to choose from, and they are the perfect vintage find for every season.

Welcoming Spring with a Beautiful Blooms and Vintage Dishware Tablescape

You can use them to:

  • Create a spring tablescape.
  • Use them for a beautiful centerpiece on your dining or coffee table.
  • Make a unique wall display.
  • Add them to your decor by displaying them on shelves, bookcases, or countertops for height in any vignette.

spring thrift store finds: lemons in a vintage white ironstone scalloped dish


White Ironstone bowls can be used to create beautiful spring home decor vignettes.

Filling vintage bowls with faux or fresh seasonal fruit and veggies is the perfect way to use them for spring in my home.

You could also arrange a few bowls of assorted sizes on the dining room table to create a unique centerpiece.

Fill a bowl with decorative items such as dried flowers or moss balls to add a pop of color to your space.

faux artichokes in a white vintage scalloped dish

spring thrift store finds: enamel pot full of red and yellow tulips


I can always find a good deal on enamel pots every time I shop at my favorite thrift store. I use many of them outdoors in the garden, but they can be used for various indoor spring home decor options.

  • Use enamel pots to create a pretty spring centerpiece on your dining room table by placing colorful flowers in the pots.
  • Place a single, large pot on your coffee table in your living room with a grouping of smaller pots around it, filled with natural elements like twigs and moss.
  • Use a larger enamel pot in the center of your kitchen table filled with lemons or limes.
spring vignette centerpiece

Enamel trays are a great find and can be used to:

  • Display a variety of items, such as vases of freshly cut flowers, candles, and springtime cloches, to create a vignette.
  • Create a lovely seasonal centerpiece for your dining table or coffee table.
  • Use them in the living room to store your favorite books and magazines.
  • Serve snacks and drinks during spring gatherings.

spring thrift store finds: hanging vintage scale with greenery


Vintage scales can be found in all shapes and sizes.

This hanging scale is one of my favorite finds EVER! I wanted one to hang in my kitchen and store fruits and veggies in it while looking fabulous. But I have no wall space in this room.

I decided to hang it in the laundry room, where I display faux flowers and greenery in the spring and summer.

plants and spring home décor on shelf

Smaller scales, like the rusty version on the laundry room shelf, can be used to display birdhouses, pots, springtime nests, birds…anything that needs a little height is perfect.

These types of vintage scales are the most common thrift store finds and are usually priced to sell because there are so many out there to choose from.

spring thrift store finds: open shelving

I found this vintage scale for the kitchen while on a boating trip. I’m constantly changing what I place on top of it. I usually use it to show off my ironstone bowls.

spring thrift store finds: pink roses in a galvanized bucket


When displaying your seasonal flowers, using galvanized buckets and pails is one of the best ways to show them off.

I love the rustic charm this spring thrift store find provides.

How a Simple Vintage Galvanized Bucket Can Make the Perfect Flower Container

You may find that most of these vintage finds have holes in the bottom for water drainage. They’re used a lot for outdoor flowers and plants.

I place mason jars filled with water inside the galvanized buckets to hold the flowers. The buckets above hold three jars each, keeping the fresh flowers hydrated and the stems upright inside the bucket.

spring thrift store finds: pots and vintage flower frogs


There’s something about vintage flower frogs that make me smile.

They come in all different sizes and are great for their main purpose, which is to hold flower stems upright in a vase.

I also use them in vignettes to add color and interest. You can put them in a glass jar, bowl, or tray to display their unique appearance.

spring centerpiece with terra cotta pots with yellow pansies


It doesn’t take much money to collect terra cotta pots and saucers at local thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets.

Nothing says springtime like spring-potted flowering plants and bulbs growing in a terra cotta pot.

There are many ways to age a new terra cotta pot these days, but I’d rather find thrifted pots for my garden.

I use terra cotta pots for spring tablescapes and vignettes in just about every room in my home.

vintage quilts in glass cabinet and roses in patina vintage flare can


Vintage quilts are a great way to add a touch of cozy charm to your spring home decor. Because I have little storage in my home, I keep my quilts in a glass cabinet.

Here are some other ideas for using vintage quilts as home decor.

  • Hang a quilt as a wall hanging.
  • Layer one over a sofa or chair.
spring thrift store finds: lilac tablescape with vintage quilt and ironstone tea set
  • Use a quilt as a bedspread.
  • Turn your vintage quilt into a tablecloth.

Vintage quilts come in a variety of patterns and different colors, so the possibilities are endless when decorating with them for spring.

Creating a May Spring Table with Fresh Lilacs From the Garden

I hope my thrifting list of favorites has inspired you to go shopping for your thrift store finds this spring. You’ll not only find unique and timeless home decor, but you’ll save money by looking for deals.

My friends and I get together each month to bring you our favorite thrift store finds, vintage tips, and flea market ideas. Be sure to click the links below to see their blog posts for this month.

Until next time,

Happy Thrifting!

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