16 Thrift Store Finds for Your Spring Vintage Home Decor

Are you looking for ideas to give your home a pretty spring refresh without breaking the bank? This post highlights 16 of my favorite vintage thrift store finds to help you quickly spruce up your spring home decor!

There’s no better time to breathe new life into your home with the charm of vintage decor. Spring’s rejuvenating energy and bright color palette bring new beginnings and possibilities.

Thrift store finds are a great source of inspiration and one of my favorite ways to mix timeless vintage and antique pieces with my newer spring home decor. They are an easy way to add a unique touch when spring decorating without spending a fortune.

From charming, rustic accents to timeless, chic pieces, these finds will inspire you to sprinkle your spring vintage home décor with personality, history, and a classically curated sense of style.

spring vintage home decor: mini bird baths and greenery

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The Bremerton Vintage Flea Market

Discovering the perfect vintage and antique decor that brings character and charm to your home is an adventure. Whether you’re taking a stroll through an antique store or exploring online options, there’s nothing better than finding the perfect vintage piece with a story and a past life.

There are many great options when shopping for timeless vintage and antique decor and furniture pieces:

  • your local thrift store
  • flea markets
  • antique stores or malls
  • estate sales
  • garage sale
  • yard sales
  • online marketplace
  • online auctions
spring living room vignette with spring vintage home decor

Spend some time walking through your home and making a list of what vintage pieces you’d like to add to your home decor. This way, when you’re at your local thrift shop looking for unique pieces to mix with your existing spring home decor, you’ll know exactly what to shop for.

Follow along to see some of my favorite antique and vintage pieces for spring.

open shelves with vintage wicker baskets and fresh flowers

No matter what the season, I love finding thrifted baskets and incorporating them into my home decor. They are truly indispensable pieces every home needs.

A vintage basket is the perfect find for this spring season. Its natural materials and organic textures weave seamlessly with the fresh vibe of spring decor.

Its versatility and functionality make baskets not only a decorative item but a practical addition to your home. Here are just a few ways you can incorporate a vintage basket in your own home for spring:

  • Fill vintage wicker baskets with colorful spring florals, like tulips and daffodils, to create a bright, cheerful centerpiece for your dining table.
  • Display your breadboards or rolling pins inside a vintage basket on the counter.
  • Add a vintage wicker picnic basket to add height to any spring vignette. For interest, stack vintage books or dishes on the basket.
hanging wicker basket with forsythias
  • Hang vintage wicker baskets filled with fresh or faux flowers, like these forsythias or some cheery cherry blossoms, to create a whimsical spring-inspired decoration.
  • For a vibrant spring-inspired touch, place a vintage wicker basket filled with fresh fruits and vegetables as a centerpiece on the kitchen table.
  • Hang a vintage wicker basket from a hook in the kitchen and use it to store kitchen towels or utensils.
spring vintage home decor: glass cloche with bird and greenery

Originally used in gardens to protect young plants from cold snaps, these glass domes have found a new life in home decor, bringing a touch of historical charm and whimsy.

glass cloche with nest and eggs

Glass cloches are versatile and can be styled in countless ways to reflect the spring season’s new beginnings, making them the perfect vintage find to celebrate spring’s arrival.

There are many ways to decorate a vintage glass cloche in a seasonal spring style. Here are a few ideas you’ll have so much fun styling:

  • wreaths of greenery
  • a nest with eggs
  • faux flower arrangement
  • LED candles
  • seashells for a coastal style
  • food to display as decor
  • string lights
  • a bunny or two
  • great pieces like vintage clocks or tea cups

Valentine’s Day is over, but I had to share the cloches I styled for this romantic holiday.

spring vintage home decor: vintage window with hanging basket of spring blossoms

I have quite a collection of vintage windows. After replacing them ten years ago, we kept all the original windows from our 1920 house. But apparently, that wasn’t enough. I’m always buying these vintage treasures every chance I get.

Their weathered frames and unique panes create a charming backdrop to display your spring decor.

vintage window with hanging basket of faux flowers

I use these amazing architectural salvage pieces as unique hangers for baskets filled with seasonal flowers. They perfectly capture the spring outdoor vibe I always try to bring into my home.

I even repurposed a vintage window into a cabinet. Are you ready to be impressed?

spring vignette with vintage books and mini birdbaths

Need a great way to add height to a vignette? Use a stack of vintage books. These thrift store treasures can instantly draw the eye and create a visually interesting display.

Their weathered covers and pages, filled with stories from the past, bring a rich layer of history and charm to any space.

Vintage books can also add lots of texture to a room and be mixed and matched with other vintage items to create a unique vignette.

Create a beautiful centerpiece for your coffee table by arranging vintage books of various sizes and colors for a classic spring look. Display them on a bookshelf or stack them to serve as a makeshift pedestal for a vase of fresh spring blooms to add depth and character.

spring vintage home decor: green vintage spritzer bottles on cabinet

Another of my favorite pieces at a thrift store are old spritzer bottles, especially when you can find bright-colored pieces. Their old-fashioned design and delicate glasswork are the ideal vintage find for spring.

Easter tablescape

Whether repurposed as vases for spring blossoms or displayed on a sunny windowsill, vintage spritzer bottles add a splash of whimsy and color. Add a touch of vintage charm to your spring home decor by displaying them as decorative accents on a mantel, bookshelf, or above a cabinet to create interesting vignettes.

Adding bright and colorful vintage spritzer bottles to a dining room table is a great way to add height and color to any spring centerpiece.

spring vintage home decor: yellow rusty toolbox with succulents

Another fabulous vintage find is a rusty old toolbox, which brings a touch of industrial charm and character to any setting.

I mostly use them as repurposed planters to bring spring flowers and greenery indoors. The faux succulents look perfect in this spring vignette in my laundry room.

rusty vintage yellow toolbox with daffodils on mantel

Use vintage toolboxes as a unique storage solution for garden tools or kitchen gadgets, turning functional into stylish. No matter how you use them, rusty vintage toolboxes will add a rustic charm to your home decor this spring.

spring vintage home decor: Desert Rose vintage tablescape

Vintage dishes are a lovely spring find. They capture the season’s spirit with their detailed patterns, soft pastel colors, and timeless elegance.

These classic dishes add a layer of warmth and charm, perfect for springtime gatherings and meals. Whether displayed in a glass-front cabinet, arranged as a wall collage, or set on the table for a special brunch, vintage dishes are a beautiful reminder of cherished family traditions.

You can use vintage dishes to:

  • Create a spring tablescape.
  • Use them for a beautiful centerpiece on your dining or coffee table.
  • Make a unique wall display.
  • Display dishes on shelves, bookcases, or countertops for height in any vignette to add them to your decor.
spring vintage home decor: lemons in a vintage white ironstone scalloped dish

Vintage white ironstone dishes and accessories create a beautiful simplicity to your spring home decor vignettes.

The understated grace of white ironstone allows it to blend seamlessly with both contemporary and traditional decor, serving as a versatile backdrop for the colorful palette of spring flowers and foliage.

faux artichokes in a white vintage scalloped dish

Whether a beautifully set table welcomes a gathering of friends and family or your vintage ironstone collection is displayed on kitchen shelves, these pieces add a touch of timeless charm.

Filling ironstone bowls with faux or fresh seasonal fruit and veggies is the perfect way to use them for spring. You can also add decorative items such as dried flowers or moss balls to add a pop of color to your springtime space.

What better way to create a unique centerpiece than to arrange a few bowls of assorted sizes on the dining room table? You can also fill a white ironstone pitcher with your favorite spring blooms for a charming touch.

spring vintage home decor: enamel pot full of red and yellow tulips

I always seem to find good deals on enamel pots and trays at my favorite thrift stores and antique malls.

Let’s start with enamel pots. I use many of them outdoors in the garden as planters after drilling holes for drainage. But these vintage goodies can also be used for various indoor spring home decor options:

  • Place colorful flowers in enamel pots to create a pretty spring vignette on your kitchen island.
  • Display a single, large pot on your coffee table in your living room, surrounded by smaller pots filled with natural elements like twigs and moss.
  • Use a larger enamel pot in the center of your kitchen table filled with lemons or limes.
spring vignette centerpiece

Enamelware brings a touch of rustic charm and functionality to your spring gatherings. Their durable nature and easy-to-clean surfaces make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Enamel trays can be used to:

  • Display a variety of items, such as vases of freshly cut flowers, candles, and springtime cloches, to create a vignette.
  • Create a pretty seasonal centerpiece for your dining table or coffee table.
  • Use them in the living room to store your favorite books and magazines.
  • Serve snacks and drinks during spring gatherings.
spring vintage home decor: hanging vintage scale with greenery

Vintage scales can be found regularly in thrift stores, local vintage shops, and in all shapes and sizes.

This hanging scale is one of my favorite finds ever! I bought it to hang in my kitchen to store fruits and veggies while looking fabulous. But I quickly realized I didn’t have the space to hang it.

I decided to hang it in the laundry room, where I display faux flowers and greenery during the spring and summer.

plants and spring home décor on shelf

Smaller scales, like the rusty version on the laundry room shelf, can be used to display birdhouses, pots, springtime nests, birds, and anything that needs a little height is perfect.

These vintage scales are the most common thrift store finds and are usually priced to sell because there are so many out there.

spring vintage home decor: open shelving

I found this vintage scale for the kitchen while on a boating trip. I’m constantly changing what I place on top of it. I usually use it to show off my ironstone bowls.

spring vintage home decor: pink roses in a galvanized bucket

When displaying your seasonal flowers, using galvanized buckets and pails is one of the best ways to show them off. I love the rustic charm these spring thrift store finds provide.

Vintage galvanized buckets add the perfect industrial vibe to any outdoor or indoor space. Their weather-resistant nature makes them ideal for embracing the season’s unpredictable weather.

spring vintage home decor: spring patio with daffodils in vintage galvanized containers

These rusty thrifted finds have many decorative and functional purposes, from displaying bright spring blooms and functioning as charming planters for your garden plants, to being repurposed as rustic storage options for garden tools or household essentials.

Most of these galvanized vintage finds have holes in the bottom for water drainage. They’re often used for outdoor flowers and plants.

When using my buckets or pails as spring vases, I place mason jars filled with water inside to hold the flowers. The buckets above hold three jars each, keeping the fresh flowers hydrated and the stems upright inside the bucket.

spring vintage home decor: pots and vintage flower frogs

There’s something about vintage flower frogs that makes me smile.

They come in different sizes and are great for holding flower stems upright in a vase. They’re still used for that purpose, but I love using them in vignettes to add color and interest to my spring vignettes.

Try putting vintage flower frogs in a glass jar, bowl, or tray to display their unique appearance.

spring centerpiece with terra cotta pots with yellow pansies

Nothing says springtime like potted flowering plants and bulbs growing in a terra cotta pot.

Collecting vintage terra cotta pots and saucers at local thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets doesn’t take much money.

Terra cotta pots capture the essence of spring with their earthy texture and warm, natural tones. Over time, the aged patina on vintage terra cotta pots adds a layer of rustic charm and character to any garden, patio, or indoor space.

There are many ways to age a new terra cotta pot, but I’d rather find thrifted vintage terra cotta pots for my garden. I use them for spring tablescapes and vignettes in almost every room in my home.

vintage quilts in glass cabinet and roses in patina vintage flare can

An old quilt is a fabulous vintage find and a great way to add a touch of cozy charm to your spring home decor. Because my home has little storage, I keep my vintage quilts in a glass cabinet.

With their handcrafted patterns, each stitch and patch tells a story.

Draped over a sofa, spread at the foot of a bed, or hung as a piece of art on a wall,

Here are other ideas for using thrift store quilts as vintage home decor:

  • Hang a quilt as a wall hanging.
  • Layer one over a sofa or chair.
  • Spread at the foot of the bed.
spring vintage home decor: lilac tablescape with vintage quilt and ironstone tea set
  • Use a quilt as a bedspread.
  • Turn your vintage quilt into a tablecloth.

Vintage quilts come in a variety of patterns and different colors, so the possibilities are endless when decorating with them for spring and changing the look of your home.

spring vintage home decor: sea shells and vintage books and candlesticks in wooden dough bowl

A vintage wooden dough bowl represents the perfect blend of rustic charm and versatility, making it a wonderful spring home decor piece. These perfectly worn bowls have warmth and earthy tones that complement almost anything you put in them.

Spring vignette inside a vintage wooden dough bowl

Display a collection of seasonal decor pieces, faux or fresh spring fruits, or serve as a base for a vibrant floral arrangement on a dining table or kitchen island. These bowls will make quite a statement in any space this season.

spring living room cottage with green patterned vintage rug

You may not have much luck finding a vintage rug in good condition at a thrift store. But there are other places to find the vintage rug of your dreams.

Don’t you love the green patterns in my vintage rug pictured above? Vintage rugs have a story to tell and add a charming touch to your home decor for spring. I can’t think of a better way to welcome your guests with a fabulous vintage rug greeting them at the door.

I now have two vintage rugs from Revival and absolutely love them! They’re easy to store folded up in the box they came in.

spring living room cottage with pink patterned vintage rug

Vintage rugs bring warmth to any room in your home. Their detailed patterns and colors reflect the blossoming season outside.

These pieces add visual interest and a sense of history to your spring decor and create inviting spaces for gathering, playing, and resting, making them a perfect way to welcome the season of renewal into your home.

antique store

I hope my thrifting list of vintage favorites has inspired you to go shopping for your thrift store finds this spring. You’ll not only find unique and timeless home decor, but you’ll save money by looking for deals.

Look for my Spring Home Tour next week for more ideas and inspiration.

If you have any questions or additional suggestions, please share them in the comments below. And be sure to share this blog post link with anyone who may enjoy this post.

Until next time,

Happy Thrifting!

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