Saltwater Sounds Weekly: Happy Easter and March Goodbyes

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tulips in raised beds
Happy Easter pin

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”

Lady Bird Johnson

This and That

The days are growing longer, and flower buds and blossoms can start to be seen outside. It’s the season of renewal and hope.

If Easter is a part of your traditions, I wish you a heartfelt Happy Easter! And for all my friends who follow along week after week, regardless of how you observe this season, I hope it’s filled with the warmth of sunshine, the promise of fresh starts, and the pleasure of seeing the first blooms in your garden.

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tulips growing in raised beds

Around the Garden and Greenhouse

We were only gone for a week.

When we got home from our boat trip, I couldn’t believe how much the plants and flowers had grown in only eight days.

I was most surprised by the tulips blooming in the raised beds. They were barely blooming when we left, and now 75% are in full bloom. I struggle with pulling them out for cut flowers to bring inside and share with friends.

I mean, that’s the reason why I grow them every year, but they’re so beautiful in the garden when there isn’t much of anything else adding color.

greenhouse and patio with daffodils at sunrise

The sunrise view of the greenhouse and water was breathtaking in person. I wish I could recreate it in this picture, but no such luck. You’ll have to trust me. Those daffodils are still looking as gorgeous as ever.

Once the daffodils die back, the allium will take over this outdoor patio space. There’ll be a lot of purple and white flowers in this space.

tulips growing in raised beds in early morning

Here’s an early morning view of the cut flower garden, which has different varieties of tulips and some daffodils. The summer seedlings transplanted here will replace the tulips in another couple of weeks.

hardening off trays of seedlings to acclimate to the outdoor elements

Have you heard of the hardening off process? It’s when you acclimate your overwintering plants and seedlings to the outdoor elements for a period of time so they won’t go into shock when they’re transplanted.

I started taking out every tray and container in the greenhouse on Friday. It’s a lot of work dragging them all outside and back in at the end of the day. This will go on for about two weeks.

hardening off geraniums that were overwintering in the greenhouse

And I didn’t forget my overwintering geraniums. Has anyone seen geraniums at Costco yet? If you have, let me know! I always get a few trays of them when they become available.

yellow daffodils and seedlings on patio in front of greenhouse

And if look closely in the picture above, you’ll see the wheelbarrow with fish compost. I can’t wait to add a layer to all my garden beds. They LOVE this stuff! Even though I call it “fish” compost, it doesn’t smell bad. However, I do need to keep telling my dogs not to eat the stuff.

We’ll dig up and divide our dahlia tubers in two weeks. Right now we’re cleaning up the garden beds, weeding, and dividing any perennials outgrowing their space.


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“You may not always end up where you thought you were going, but you will always end up where you were meant to be”.

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Wishing a wonderful week ahead,

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  1. Kim
    So glad you had a great trip. Your new ebook looks amazing. Can’t wait to see more. Thank you for sharing my flower pots. You’d have so many wonderful plants to display in them.

  2. Hi Kim! Your tulips look beautiful! When I clicked on the link for Neem Oil, several came up. Have you tried any of the cheaper brands? Also, what are you using for the fish stuff?

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