Top Blog Posts of 2020

2020 is over and I can’t wait to share your top 10 Shiplap and Shells blog posts of the year. I’ll also share my favorite post as well.

greenhouse with dahlias

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cottage garden

My Favorite Blog Post of the Year

Before I share your top 10 blog posts with you, I wanted to share my favorite post. I have never been able to recreate a summer evening in the garden quite like this.

I went out one evening to say hi to some neighbors who were riding their bikes down our street. I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the summer evening was, and how stunning the sunset was as it turned the sky a bright pink.

And then…the twinkle lights came on (they are on a timer) and the garden was magical. The rest is history.

This blog post may not have been in the top 10, but these pictures from the blog were the very favorites on Instagram. The captures from this evening were some of the best I have ever taken of my garden.

cut flower garden

#10 Top Post: Seed Starting Basics

This was my first blog post about starting a cut flower garden using seeds.

I’ll also be starting a blog series in early 2021 with a lot of information about growing a cut flower garden.

laundry room

#9 Top Post: Before & After: How I Refreshed My Tired Laundry Room

I had never shown my laundry room before, so it was really fun to share this refresh, and how we did projects in phases for the last 8 years!

I’m looking forward to sharing more before & after posts with you in 2021. There were so many projects we have taken on since we moved into our home. I have so many great “before” pics, and know you will love them!!!

Top post: Fall bedroom with bed and chandelier

#8 Top Post: Warm & Cozy Vintage Inspired Autumn Bedroom Tour

Here’s one of 3 seasonal tours from this year. This post was all about adding vintage accessories and decor throughout the bedroom.

Here’s a fun fact…We had to add built-ins to the room because it’s too small to place much furniture in it.

greenhouse in the evening

#7 Top Post: A Greenhouse for Every Season

My greenhouse is a favorite on the blog and Instagram. It makes me smile because it’s not the biggest greenhouse out there. I can’t even place any furniture inside. But it serves a purpose and there is plenty of character and charm inside and out.

This little greenhouse was in 2 calendars, 1 magazine, 1 photoshoot, 1 TV program, and a local newspaper. Pretty impressive!

I think the most favorite thing for people is the fact that my greenhouse and garden overlook Puget Sound, which for those that don’t know, is a body of saltwater that flows out to the Pacific Ocean.

Top posts: A galvanized bucket of lilacs and some lemons on a butcher block island

#6 Top Post: 10 Ways to Create a Charming Cottage Style Kitchen

Here I share the different elements we used to create a cottage-style kitchen. We spend a lot of time at that kitchen farm table, looking at the waterview.

dahlia with greenhouse

#5 Top Post: Late Summer Garden Tour in the PNW

My dahlias were in full force at the time of this post. I took these pictures the same week that Cottage Style Magazine came to photograph my garden for the spring issue. Now that was a lot of fun!!!

Top posts: Faux fireplace mantel surround with lilacs and mirror

#4 Top Post: How to Make a DIY Faux Fireplace Mantel Surround

This was the first DIY project my husband and I tackled and I think it turned out well! You can also see more here on the chippy finish we added for the character.

Top posts: Pink hydrangeas in an old farm sink

#3 Top Post: 3 Easy Ways to Dry Hydrangeas

Dried hydrangeas were found everywhere in my home for fall. I shared 3 different ways to dry them.

These hydrangeas in the sink were the most beautiful color I have ever seen and were from 2 years ago. I wasn’t able to replicate the color this year.

Top posts: Window seat and short white stool with a galvanized bucket of hydrangeas

#2 Top Post: Cozy Up to Fall Home Tour

There were pumpkins, copper accessories, and hydrangeas throughout my home during the fall season. I went for a more simplistic look this year.

Especially since I was decorating for a Cottages and Bungalows photo shoot last fall, and it was so much work. I wanted a break this year and was ready to sit back and enjoy the autumn season.

Top Posts: Cottage farmhouse living room decorated for Christmas

#1 Top Post: A Little Cottage Christmas Tour

And here’s another seasonal tour, the third and final actually.

You probably still remember this post, since it’s only been on the blog for a month. I decorated for Christmas with a more simplistic approach this year.

Even though I had more time on my hands this year, and started decorating earlier than the previous years, I just couldn’t find the motivation to go all out. But I ended up liking the whole “less is more” decor.

So do you remember any of these posts? Do you have a favorite blog post of mine?

Thank you so much for being here with me this year. I had so much fun and hope to get better and better at this. You’ll never know how much I appreciate you.

If you have any questions or additional suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below. And be sure to share this blog post link with anyone who may find these blog post favorites enjoyable.

Wishing you a year ahead with much peace, love, and joy.

Until next time,

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  1. hi Kim, Happy New Year, thank you for sending the inspirations and ideas that are really wonderful, I love that you have managed to have a few days of relaxation .. I have spent many hours singing to entertain us and to enjoy it with my family from a distance, I send you my affections and good wishes for this year. hugs ?Greta ???

    1. Happy New Year Greta! Thank you so much for the good wishes and the thoughtful message, I am wishing you peace, love and hope for the year ahead and so appreciate you being here. I only hope I can inspire you to keep coming back. I love that you sing to your family. That is a gift that I wish I had, I’ve always wanted to sing, but I do love music and feel that it is so important in our life. Thank you again for being here.

  2. Wow Kim what an incredible year you had! Every single post and picture brings so much joy with all of the color and beauty you share! What a blessing it has been to connect with you and follow along. Thank you for sharing your home, garden and knowledge! I can’t wait to soak up your posts about seeds and starting a garden!!!

    1. Thank you for just the sweetest message Kelly! I feel the same way, it has been such a blessing to meet you and get to know you through your blog. Looking forward to an inspired and creative year ahead.

  3. I love each and every post Kim! You inspire me so much! I am starting my first garden projects this year and am going to be referencing your posts often!!! I’m so excited to read your 2021 Cutting Garden posts!!!

    1. That is such a nice thing to say Kristin. You have inspired me so much as well. And I am so excited to see your garden! Hurry up spring!

  4. Easy to see why these are your top posts! So much good inspiration. More gardening posts work for me! Thank you so much for including my link ?

    1. Thank you Marie. It was fun to share your top posts today as well. So fun getting to know you and your amazing blog.

  5. Amazing pictures!!! I think my favorite is the shot of your mantel with the lilacs…just beautiful!! I think you should start putting a little book together in 2021.

    1. Thank you Jennifer! I loved taking pictures with the lilacs this year. I can’t tell you how fast I was running around the house with them, as they were wilting before my very eyes. Happy New Year my friend.

  6. I’ve enjoyed following you this year and soaking up all the beauty you share. Such a respite from all the ugly of 2020. Thank you and don’t change a thing in 2021!

    1. That is such a wonderful compliment. And it means so much to me. My blog has been such a huge distraction when I’ve needed it most. So glad you are following along.

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