A Cozy Little Cottage Christmas Home Tour With Decor Ideas and Inspiration

Come along as I take you on a little cottage Christmas tour, with plenty of vintage and farmhouse-inspired style decor mixed in. My favorites for this year’s holiday decor are greenery, small Christmas trees, garlands, and twinkle lights.

Christmas holiday home decor and stockings

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Living Room Christmas tour

I’m celebrating the fact that I FINALLY finished decorating for Christmas, and am ready to share my little Christmas cottage home tour with you. You’ll find neutrals and greenery throughout, with pops of red and turquoise.

I think there’s a rule about having turquoise in your home year-round if you live in a beach cottage.

wrapped gifts

I always love how the house looks once I have my Christmas decorating done. But I have to tell you, it seems to take FOREVER to finish these days!!!

I’ve always waited to decorate until the Friday after Thanksgiving every year. It just made more sense to celebrate the fall holiday without my Christmas decor already on display.

white slipcovered chair with Christmas decor

And then 2020 happened.

All the rules went right out the window. It seemed as if there was a different mindset this year, and so many people were decorating early.

I needed some Christmas cheer in my life and a reason to turn on the Christmas music and start watching the holiday classics.

mini Christmas tree decorated

Christmas Trees Done Differently

It all starts with a Christmas tree, doesn’t it? But in my case, it’s several small Christmas trees. Our house is 1600 square feet, so we do not have the luxury of being able to fit a large Christmas tree in our living room, or anywhere else for that matter. Instead, I go a little crazy with my cute little trees.

Decorated tree

I want to be one of those super creative Christmas tree designers. You know the ones. They have gorgeous trees with fabulous ribbons and bows, and they have several of them throughout their home, all with different themes.

Maybe you’re one of them. If so, it is so impressive. Seriously impressive.

rusty bell ornament

I’m one of those Christmas tree decorators who tries my very best to make my tree look pretty, but I don’t get too involved in the process.

There are no themes.

No bows.

As long as my trees have twinkle lights on them, it’s all good.

Christmas cottage tour in living room

If you could see some of the pictures I have from past Christmas seasons, you would be horrified. I thought more was better. I have to thank my friends over on Instagram and Pinterest for basically “slapping some sense into me”.

When you have a small house, you cannot decorate like the others, It doesn’t work. Trust me. You know the saying, “It looks like Christmas threw up in here”.

That is a thing! Wouldn’t those past decor mistakes make a great blog post? And the title would be “WHAT NOT TO DO WHEN DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS”.

Wrapped presents

Wrapped Presents as Decor

Using wrapped presents as Christmas decor is a simple way to bring some Christmas sparkle to your living room. And they don’t have to stay under the tree. Put them in a chair, on a table, wherever you need a little pop.

Wrapped presents

I love using fresh greenery and neutral wrapping paper, as well as some faux greens and berries tossed into the mix.

living room Christmas home tour
Christmas bottle brush trees on shelf

Other Fun Things for Christmas Decorating

Add a few bottle brush trees and a mini house or two for the perfect Christmas vignette.

Cottage Christmas home tour
Christmas pillow

I added a few Christmas decorative pillows with my neutral ones. Decorating with too many holiday pillows can get a bit cluttered, so be careful not to overdo it.

And if you’re not convinced, I will send you a picture! I have been there and done that.

cottage Christmas holiday home tour living room

We don’t have a mantel in the living room, so I use the glass cabinet to hang the stockings with care.

Santa Christmas vignette

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Cottage Christmas kitchen
Christmas cottage home tour kitchen

Open Shelving in the Kitchen

Open shelving in the kitchen is my favorite place to decorate for Christmas. I put my white ironstone on display with greenery, berries, and pinecones mixed in.

open shelving with Christmas decor

A hot cocoa station would be perfect for your open shelves. I am going to have one this season!

kitchen Christmas vignette
vintage kitchen Christmas vignette
mini tree in vintage crock

A tree in a crock is perfect for a cottage Christmas kitchen.

Christmas cottage kitchen home tour
boxwood wreath

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up the kitchen, add a wreath or two!

pomegranates and nuts in bowl with greenery

One of the easiest vignettes you can create in 5 minutes includes seasonal fruit and nuts. You can read more about simple and easy vignettes in this blog post.

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If you have any questions or additional suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below. And be sure to share this blog post link with anyone who may find these Christmas decor tips useful.

Until next time,

Merry Christmas!

A Little Christmas Cottage Tour

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  1. We lived on the water for many of our 59 years, but moved & have a charming smaller home in a nice community – but, we sure do miss the water – no matter what the day brought – whether sunny, rain, foggy or watching gorgeous sailboats of all sizes in front of our home. When I view your pictures, I can imagine the joy & contentment it brings you – how wonderful. Love all your ideas! So very glad I found your blog – it makes me smile & has brought me so many ideas. Your photos are GORGEOUS.

  2. I’ve been really sick for a few years. Home decor, home ownership, diy, gardening, animals, cottage shabby chic, rustic, vintage, farmhouse, etc…YOU GET IT ?❤️….all of these things blossomed into full blown passions of mine. Of course anyone with such interests, wants to DO. and being so sick (I just turned 35 (just filling in the picture I guess)) I haven’t been able to do much for a few years. I scroll thru my Pinterest, and often don’t click thru to anything—I get sad discouraged etc. anyway…tonight, I’ve been going thru my pins one by one, to get rid of broken links and to enjoy my “home tours” board. I saw shiplap and shells and lit up! I gasped and went “ !! Shiplap and Shells!!” Looking thru your amazing cottage home brings me such joy! and is a throw-back for me ? it’s tied to when I was feeling inspired, not depressed. And I’m so happy I ran into it tonight. Things have been gradually improving over the last six months. I’m not sure where I’m going w this message or how to end it succinctly. Just that…I appreciate your talent, your aesthetic, your work, the fact that you share it all with the world. thank you for genuinely inspiring me and even helping me to figure out what exactly I do like and don’t like; helping to guide and form my own personal aesthetic as I develop. Your contribution is valued by many. You’re Awesome! ?❤️ I guess I am feeling nostalgic and grateful, and I’m glad I got the chance to say thank you. Blessing / Best Wishes. Ashley.

  3. Merry Christmas, Kim,
    I love your cozy beach cottage. I would like to snuggle up in that big white chair and just enjoy all of your pretty decorations. I feel so much joy in your home. How about a nice warm cup of cocoa? Don’t forge the marshmallows!

  4. So cute! I probably would love seeing some of your older blog posts. My motto is “More is More.” To heck with what they are saying or showing on Facebook and Instagram. Be yourself. Do your thing.

  5. Oh dear, oops, somehow backed up and sent mail to the wrong site, but loved your decor as well. and i will be back here too. First time here too.

  6. Hi! First time visiting today (I’ll be back) and really enjoyed your Christmas decor. We grew up in the 50’s (hubby in St. Paul) and enjoy vintage so much. Wondering about the red-Checked?- ribbon on the shelf and on the tree. Is it crinkled wired ribbon? Did it come that way? or you did? so cute and creative. Thanks. Lots of ideas! I must now read back issues of your blog.

  7. Here from Thistlewood. Your decorating style and mine are similar …. so of course I love your Christmas-ey home! I still use my tall, skinny tree that I had back in my single-girl apartment days–it fits into my small home better. And I’m a rarity, but I prefer non-themed trees. I think they show more personality. Our tree ornaments are a walk down memory lane. 🙂

  8. I love your style and I can see you having fun shopping in antique stores. This is my kind of decorating. I live in a 1920s home and the rooms are cozy here too. Your trees and your packages are delightful. Love the touches of tan, muted green throughout, so pleasing to the eye. Thanks for sharing, stopping here from Thistlekeeping.

  9. Your home is so cozy and is wonderfully decorated for Christmas! I especially love how you used a large basket for your Christmas tree and filled with with packages!

  10. Kim, your house looks wonderful. I agree that you need to show restraint when decorating a small house. Even though my decorations are reasonably restrained, I still get the comment about ‘Christmas has thrown up in here’, but then that could just be a Kiwi thing as most Kiwis don’t tend to decorate much at all. Generally, just a tree. We are seen to be extremists in my neck of the woods!

  11. Well, Kim, I would never have known you live in a small cottage because there’s SO much lovely eye candy to enjoy in your home! I just love the trees, the presents, the pillows, etc, and I think you decorated just right for the size of your home. Not a thing looks out of place or too big/small for your space. I would never say you’re not a tree designer either because they look professionally done to me! 😉

  12. Your living room holiday decor is so charming. I can just picture you sitting there enjoying these sunny days – the view indoors and out, with Christmas music playing.

    I’ve put my small tree into a narrow basket before, but love your idea of it sitting in a large one. You’ve also given me some ideas of what to do with my woven wall pockets, combining with old shutters, windows, and boards that I have stashed away.

  13. Your have added just the right amount of Christmas to your cozy cottage! I love the how you have used several small trees here and there, and all the adorable touches in the kitchen. The seasonal fruits and nuts are so pretty too! My favorite touch is the little wreath on the chippy teal cabinet. Love it!

    So fun touring with you! Merry Christmas!

  14. Kim your cottage is so perfectly decorated for Christmas! I love the idea of wrapping presents as decor and putting them around the house where you need a little Christmas decor!

  15. Everything is so gorgeous. It is clear you have a passion for design. So much pretty detail in each and every room. I love all of your vintage goodies too!

  16. Kim your cottage is so cozy at Christmas!!! I love all of your decor and I think you did a fabulous job on your trees! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us! Merry Christmas!!!

  17. Kim, your cottage Christmas tour is delightful! I love your charming trees and festive accents in the kitchen! Have a joyous Christmas season! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. Thank you so much Cecilia. I so appreciate your kind words and love joining you and the other ladies on this hop.

    1. Thank you so much Cassie! It sure would be fun to have them hanging on a mantel. I just have to figure out to make room for one! Thanks for being here.

  18. Your cottage looks so festive in all its Christmas finery! I love how cozy your home looks and all the natural elements you use to make it extra special for the holidays!

    1. Thank you Anne. I really appreciate you touring my home, and had such a wonderful time enjoying both your decorated homes.

  19. Well, you know me.. .I can TOTALLY relate to having small Christmas trees! And I love yours! That basket that holds the presents and the tree is genius! Your shelf with the leaded glass window above it is so pretty… you may have inspired me with that one! And I’ve lovin’ your open shelving, too, Kim! Pinned to my Coastal Christmas board!

    1. Thanks Julie! Yes, you can relate to the small space issue for sure. I am thinking about doing a coastal Christmas next year. It sounds like so much fun!

  20. I loved seeing your cottage all done up for Christmas. I had to smile when you said to use presents as decor; I am in the middle of a wrapping frenzy and have a black trash bag in my bathroom with another box of gifts on top of that, several half filled shopping bags strewn around, And 2 boxes of stuff for grands in MN (I’m in Maine) in the front hall. Not what you meant, is it? It will all come together–not soon enough for my SO who gets extra points for patience!

    1. Oh my gosh! You are busy! Hopefully you will be able to watch a fun Christmas movie while wrapping your gifts. There is a lot to do this month for sure!

  21. I thoroughly enjoyed your Christmas cottage tour! Loved seeing all your wonderful vintage treasures tucked here and there:) And I spied an adorable picnic basket that has me turning green! We are space challenged over here too…5 big bodies and a 55 lb dog in 2000sf…I get it! That’s why I love to corral Christmas in certain areas and leave others totally blank; my eyes need a place to rest:) And I love putting it all away in Jan as I love pulling it out! So fun to be hopping with you!

    1. Thank you Lora. I felt the same way about your beautiful tour. I am the same way in January. Everything seems so much bigger and clean! But I will definately be enjoying all the trees and twinkle lights.

  22. What a gorgeously decorated home you created for Christmas! I love how you used a large basket for your Christmas tree and hid the tree stand with beautifully wrapped presents. Enjoy every second of Christmas in the cozy space you created.

    1. Thank you Paula. The basket I ordered was too big, so I had to add some things to it to make it look at least a little better! Can’t wait to see your lovely home.

  23. Kim,
    Oh my gosh! I loved every detail. I was pinning away. I’m so incredibly grateful to have you as a friend and thrilled to follow your gorgeous tour.

  24. The title of this post describes this perfectly – cozy! I can imagine sitting here with a warm cup of coffee and admiring the beautiful Christmas decor scattered about. It is just beautiful!

    1. Thank you Jennifer! Trust me, the Christmas decor was SCATTERED about for weeks. I appreciate your sweet words.

  25. Kim!! I totally used to just “throw up my Christmas decor” everywhere! Like projectile style! haha Then I married my husband and he went through 1 or 2 Christmas’s like that before he stepped in and said enough! haha Now I try to balance the simple Christmas touches with CHRISTMAS DECOR haha I loved your sweet home all dressed up for the season! You did a fabulous job and girl: you’re trees look gorgeous! 😉

    1. Thank you Aliya. I really need to learn how to do a better job organizing myself so I can decorate more efficiently. You would not have believed the mess I lived in for a week or two!

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