Top Garden Blog Posts of 2020

As I’m revealing my top 5 garden posts of 2020, all I can think about is springtime, and how I will be starting to sow my flower seeds at the end of the month.

Top garden post: Summer greenhouse view with fresh cut flower garden.

I know I’ve already shared my Top 10 blog posts for 2020. But for all of you gardeners out there or those who just enjoy the beauty of flowers and the great outdoors, I’m sharing your favorite garden blog posts from last year.

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Top Garden Blog Posts of 2020

geraniums in the greenhouse

#5 Top Post – How to Start Geranium Cuttings

Not only are geraniums easy to maintain and grow, but they are also easy to propagate. Readers were happy to get some tips to start new geranium plants from cuttings.

cut flower garden in bloom

#4 Top Post – Seed Starting Basics

This was one of the very first posts I wrote, and I’ve learned even more as the year went by. I’ll be updating the post soon with some additional fun facts.

I’ll also be starting a blog series in early 2021 with lots and lots of fun information on starting a cut flower garden.

Top garden posts: Greenhouse with view of the Puget Sound and a stunning sunset.

#3 Top Post – A Greenhouse for Every Season

My greenhouse is a favorite on the blog and on Instagram. It makes me smile because it’s not the biggest greenhouse out there. In fact, I can’t even place any furniture inside. But it serves a purpose and there is plenty of character and charm inside and out.

This little greenhouse was in 2 calendars, 1 magazine, 1 photoshoot, 1 TV program, and a local newspaper. Pretty impressive!

I think the most favorite thing for people is the fact that my greenhouse and garden overlook the Puget Sound, which for those that don’t know, is a body of saltwater that flows out to the Pacific Ocean.

greenhouse with dahlias

#2 Top Post – Late Summer Garden Tour in the PNW

My dahlias were in full force at the time of this post. I took these pictures the same week that Cottage Style Magazine came to photograph my garden for the spring issue. Now that was a lot of fun!!!

dried hydrangeas

#1 Top Post – 3 Easy Ways to Dry Hydrangeas

Dried hydrangeas were found EVERYWHERE in my home for fall. I shared 3 different ways to dry them. These hydrangeas in the sink were the most beautiful color I have ever seen and were from 2 years ago. I wasn’t able to replicate the color this year.

Which garden post was your favorite?

What gardening topics would you like to see me write about on the blog this year? Leave me a comment below.

Until next time,

Happy Gardening!


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  1. Hi Kim, love your house,gardens, green house and you! I have a question….of course you know I love flowers so I decided to start seeds indoors…(I’ve also fallen in love with Floret Farms). You know my little house, so I only have one window that I think will get enough light. Do I need to buy grow lights and heating mats? I’m not sure what to buy and thought you might share what I need to get started. I think I’ve read too much and I’m confused! I Have my seeds! Thanks for your sharing, knowledge and friendship. Pam

  2. Super excited to see all these fabulous garden posts, Kim! I swear no one grows a garden like you and I’m beyond thankful you share your gifts and talents with us. You inspire me all the time! Hugs, CoCo

    1. That really means a lot CoCo! I was not a gardener at all when we moved to this house over 8 years ago. I am self taught so when someone gives me such an amazing compliment, I really appreciate it. Hugs back!

  3. Your photography is absolutely breathtaking. I can’t wait to get my garden started this year thanks to all of your inspiration!

  4. I love all of your garden related posts! The one I am currently obsessing over is the Seed Starting Basics. I got packs of seeds from Floret last year when I purchased the latest book. You outline the steps really well and I feel less intimidated to start. P.S. this is one of my favorite “year in review” posts!

    1. Thank you Marie. I am so glad it was easy to understand. I wrote the blog post last year when I first started the blog, and am hoping to update it. I really appreciate the compliment.

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