My Favorite Summer Flowers in the Garden from Breck’s Bulbs

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Breck’s Bulbs.

Are you looking for that amazing perennial that produces the most stunning blooms? I’m sharing my favorite summer flowers from Breck’s Bulbs that make the perfect addition to any garden.

Breck's Bulbs summer flowers Anna's Promise hybrid tea roses and greenhouse

I was so excited to start planting the bare roots, bulbs, and tubers from Breck’s Bulbs last April. I had never grown these flowers before so it was twice the fun to follow their progress throughout the entire growing process and into summer.

Are you ready to see what I planted?

Breck's Bulbs summer flowers Anna's Promise hybrid tea roses

Anna’s Promise Hybrid Tea Rose

Inspired by the Downton Abbey television series, Anna’s Promise Hybrid Tea Rose has a color combination of golden petals with a pink blush and bronze reverse.

They are double 4″ blooms that grow in small clusters and should reach anywhere from 36-48″ in height and spread 24-36″.

Hardiness zones 6-10.

Anna's Promise hybrid tea bare roots

The location in the garden where I planted the bare-root roses gets more than 6 hours of sunlight a day. But they would also be fine in partial shade.

Anna's Promise hybrid tea roses

Anna’s Promise roses will tolerate clay, loamy and sandy soil. They are disease-resistant.

Anna's Promise hybrid tea roses

Bloom times for these gorgeous hybrid tea roses is from late spring to fall. Anna’s Promise roses make wonderful cut flowers with strong blossom stems. Their fragrance is more of a fruity scent.

Anna's Promise hybrid tea roses

Eyeliner Lily

Developed in Holland, the Eyeliner Lily is a hybrid between an Easter Lily (Lilium longiflorum) and an Asiatic Lily.

This could be my favorite lily ever, with gorgeous white petals that are edged with nature’s own chocolate black eyeliner. Their leaves are long, lance-shaped. Even reaching 24-36″ high, this plant doesn’t have to be staked because of how sturdy the stems are.

Hardiness zones 3-8.

Eyeliner lily

I planted the bulbs in April in the garden where it gets full sun, but they will also grow in partial shade.

Breck's Bulbs summer flowers Eyeliner lily

Bloom times for these lilies are from early to midsummer. With its straight stems and heavy bulb count, this makes a wonderful cut flower.

Cafe au Lait Dahlia

This has to be my favorite dahlia variety of all. There is something so magical about the Café au Lait dahlia. Their huge, fully double, 10″ blooms open atop tall, sturdy stems and can reach 4′ tall.

Cafe au Lait dahlias have creamy-white petals with touches of tan and light pink-peach. This flower blooms from mid-summer to the first frost. 4′ tall.

Hardiness zones 3-10.

Breck's Bulbs summer flowers Anna's Promise hybrid tea roses and greenhouse

I hope you loved the summer flowers from Breck’s Bulbs as much as I did. They make the most amazing addition to my cottage garden.

I’d love to hear from you. Just leave a comment below.

Happy Gardening!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Breck’s Bulbs.

All opinions are my own.

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Breck's Bulbs summer flowers

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